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real-world training in Digital Marketing course

Hello everyone out there! I hope everyone is staying comfortable in the digital-driven world. Moreover, the digitized world made everything easy for us to access anything at any time online with just a few clicks. Be it service or product everything is readily available on the internet. 

Additionally, today the number of Internet users in India is growing enormously which tends to increase the competition out there in the market. 

Internet Users in India

So, to withstand this cut-throat situation, companies, and the employees over there, need to gain some better marketing tactics and customer retention programs to attract existing and new clients in the digital world rather than relying on traditional marketing tactics.

As a result, one such promotional activity that makes it possible for the companies to woo their customers is Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the industries which are both ever-evolving and fastest-growing in today’s marketing world. If we look at the demand for marketing talent in 2018 and comparing it to other forms of marketing methods, digital marketing is currently in huge demand and beyond has a great presence in every sector.

Demand for Digital Marketing compared to other marketing methods

What is Digital Marketing?

Are you aware of Digital marketing? Where to start and how to start? If not, then in this article we will guide you where you can do a digital marketing course that provides you 100% hands-on experience for a great future.

To put it in short, digital marketing is the form of marketing strategy that is presently adopted by many industries to market or sell their products and services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, desktops, tablets, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Moreover, today digital marketing is adopted by many big brands and organizations to grow their online presence in this competitive world of marketing.

Furthermore, approaching the digital marketing strategy, you can reach a large number of audiences in real-time. At the same time, it generates a great ROI compared to field marketing.

However, we are not insisting that digital marketing is replacing other forms of marketing methods but we can assume that it is the most advanced way to market your business to your target audience at very less cost and time.

Work-Life Balance of a Digital Marketer:

If you want to be successful as a digital marketer in the industry, it is important to have a hands-on experience rather than gaining knowledge on theory.

Why is it so? because as a digital marketer your day to day responsibility involves a lot of practical tasks. This includes,

  • Updating and Managing Social Media Pages such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+.
  • Website management and Search Engine Optimization
  • Project and Content management
  • Responding to questions on Quora 
  • Monitoring competitors’ social media updates
  • Developing contests to promote a business or product
  • Analyzing Google Analytics
  • Measuring search engine optimization results
  • Performing competitor keyword analysis
  • Review social media metrics, like Facebook Insights
  • Running reports to track growth, response or ROI
  • Writing sales follow up a copy
  • Developing video content
  • Running retargeting campaigns
  • Publishing video to YouTube
  • Running ads on LinkedIn to promote the business
  • Publishing video to a company website
  • Writing ad copy
  •  Running ad campaigns in Google AdWords
  • Researching the latest digital marketing trends & tools
  • Choosing anchor text for backlinks and so on.

Digital Marketer

You may think that it was a long and winding task to do, but digital marketing is a very fascinating industry to be a part of. If you are really passionate about it, you can never get bored. 

So, Where can you Start Learning a Digital Marketing Course?

I think now you understand the work of a digital Marketer. Gaining practical training experience can only help you to pursue in the market for a longer period and stay ahead in the competition.

But, where you can get the right practical exposure to expand your marketing skill-set?

Zuan Education provides real-world training. Starting from training in everything from PPC to SEO to content marketing. Additionally, students receive personalized career coaching and mentorship from a real-world industry expert.

Are you looking for reviews to help you in choosing our institute to join for pursuing a digital marketing course? You are not alone. We understand that committing to an institute for pursuing a career is a time taking decision. There are lots of choices you get when you look up on Google.

However, surfing through the internet to choose the right digital marketing training institute may feel overwhelming.

This is why we will try to help you in making a decision or make you consider how to choose an institute in your journey.

Before I get to the reviews, consider the following factors to choose an institute:

  • Check the Google reviews and youtube student testimonial videos on the institute website 
  • Check what are the different programs the institute is offering.
  • Look at the years of experience of the trainers.
  • Contact professionals and ask them for recommendations.

Moreover, all institutes promise to offer 100% practical and placement opportunities. However, the learning and overall experience are what sets an institute apart. Here you can find some of our student reviews.

Summing up:

I hope you got more clarity now. We are the most preferred Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai and we do have the stats to show for that. Want to experience the future with us? Get a free demo today on digital marketing by enquiring us at +91- 9025-500-600 and see how Zuan Education can change your career path for the better.

Here is one of my famous line from one of our favorite poets Robert Frost,

‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.’

The question here is, do you want to make a difference in your life? Then, Zuan Education is there to make it happen!

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