Professional Marketing Courses for Commerce Graduates

Professional Marketing Courses for Commerce Graduates

Hi friends! Just now you completed your B.Com, BBM, BBS, BMS, BBA, BA (Commerce) or their Masters equivalent. Waiting for your university degree certificate. Meanwhile, do you know there are some professional marketing courses that can be done in 1 or 2 months?

So what? Just now you spent your money on a degree course. No more again. Yep, I understand. But it is important to have a certificate in professional marketing courses.

What worth will that be for me? It will help you set foot in a career in marketing easily. Won’t my degree courses be enough for that? Not fully though.

You need to have a professional certification. This is especially important for online marketing jobs. Companies look for key marketing traits while you apply for a marketing position.

Some of those skills are, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, content curation and creation, email marketing, or more.

Furthermore, there is a saying in Tamil, “Ilamayil Kal”, i.e., “Learn While You Are Young”.

Moreover, another Tamil saying is, “Ilamaiyil Sombal Muthumayil Varumai”, i.e., “If You Are Lazy In Your Youth Days, You Will Suffer From Poverty When You Become Old”.

Therefore, let me promise you, learning short term courses in marketing is really fun and one that guarantees you a job.

Short-Term Professional Marketing Courses

Let me help you skim through some short-term professional marketing courses that you can do after completing your commerce graduation.

Digital Marketing, the key among professional marketing courses

In this course you will learn,

  • To do marketing through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • To apply Google search engine principles
  • Earning through online advertising
  • Web Analytics
  • Marketing your website contents like blogs etc.
  • Furthermore, doing marketing through your mobile
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing etc.
  • How to increase your sale of eCommerce products and
  • Other Digital Marketing fundamentals.

Therefore it is an important among professional marketing courses for commerce graduates like you. This professional education is offered by leading digital marketing training institutes in Indian cities.

Significantly, doing this course will help you in core essentials like marketing strategy, customer experience, understanding digital channels etc.

Social Media Marketing Course

Earn using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. It sounds interesting!

What will you learn?

  • How to attract customers?
  • Retain the customers and develop your brand
  • Run targeted campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Furthermore, know the range and risk of social media
  • Eventually, build your goals using appropriate social media strategies, etc.

With social media playing an important role in everyone’s life you can take the advantage of marketing through the respective networks. Therefore it is important among professional marketing courses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course, important among professional marketing courses

This is the most popular course among professional marketing courses after your commerce graduation. You should please two things for your website or any content to be ranked in the first 3 pages of Google Search. They are,

  • Human beings and
  • Google Search Engine.

Therefore, you have to get specially trained for this. You cannot simply host or post content online and wait until people find your content and take actions. Significantly, you need the help of SEO in this.

So you will learn about,

  • Search Engine types
  • Keywords
  • Competitor analysis
  • Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)
  • Search Engine Crawlers
  • SEO tools and mechanism
  • Link building etc.

Therefore it is compulsory for you to learn SEO after your graduation degree. This will help you survive in the online market competition.

Email Marketing course

Next to the posting of your letters in that Red Post Boxes came the SMS. Concurrently, you also had the Courier Service to send your parcels.

Telegram was a great visitor to all of the houses in the past.

Then came the email. It all started of in India with Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Rediffmail etc. People started sending personal and business messages through email.

Yes I mean you can promote your business through email. Things you will learn in the email marketing course are,

  • How to send customer friendly emails
  • How to send targeted emails
  • Moreover, at what time of the day you should send emails to your customers
  • How to run email campaigns
  • How to get the maximum number of email subscribers
  • Furthermore, learn about different email service providers and different frameworks
  • Create valuable email content that will be relevant to each customer etc.

Email marketing is very important among marketing plans.

Web Analytics Certification Course, vital among professional marketing courses

Analytics is the key driving factor of Digital Marketing. Therefore, it holds a prominent place among professional marketing courses.

Things you will learn in this course are,

  • Google Analytics
  • Analyzing and Reporting from Google Analytics
  • Analyze bounce rates and traffic sources
  • High traffic keywords and Google Ads
  • Tagging for online marketing etc.

Pay-Per-Click Course

This is significant among professional marketing courses after your commerce studies. Instead of doing a diploma course you can do this PPC course and earn money quickly.

Let me give you a rough idea about what is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? Have you seen ads popping up on the top, bottom and side of a web page. This course deals with such ads.

This course has immense job opportunities in small companies. Significantly, the PPC technique is used by marketers who want to advertise their products/services online. Furthermore,

  • PPC is one of the greatest ways of doing Direct Online Marketing.
  • Particularly, PPC results are quicker when compared to SEO operations.
  • Significantly, PPC is best for startup businesses who are planning to attract more customers.
  • Furthermore, you will be hired as a PPC expert with a high paying jobs in MNCs and corporates.

Markedly, as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Analyst, you will earn an average salary of Rs. 233,306 per year.


Final thoughts. The above courses are equal to a diploma in professional marketing. Significantly, it may not be wise to do these courses through online learning or distance learning or learning from marketing cim or in a college of marketing.

Therefore, it is best to learn these courses in a private IT institute to get hands-on training and other practical experience.

Furthermore, you can also do a short-term course in content marketing. Markedly, these professional marketing courses add weightage to you resume.

Significantly, you can bravely attend your face to face interviews and rightly claim your salary and job after learning these professional marketing courses.

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