Lockdown is a Great Time to Start a career in Cloud Computing (5 Preparation tips from Home)

Preparation tips to start a career in cloud computing during lockdown

Cloud computing is one of the hottest technologies with a high demand for qualified professionals today. So you can be working professional thinking of switching your career or a student who wants to start a career in cloud computing. Can you get the right time than this lockdown to get prepared yourself for top Job Roles in the Field of Cloud Computing? If you think no, then start preparing today with my top 5 preparation tips from home…

However, it is not the easiest of jobs to acquire because it is a specialty area. Hence to make your dream come true, I came up with 5 easy and simple preparation tips from home, which helps to land in a lucrative career.

But before knowing the preparation tips for Cloud computing jobs, you must know why it is important to get into the field of Cloud computing today.

Why start a career in the field of Cloud Computing?

In today’s modern age technology, where cloud computing became a critical aspect of many businesses. 

Be it part of a hybrid solution or full-fledged migration to hosted services; Cloud-based infrastructure and cloud computing have become a vital part of the digital economy. 

Top Cloud Computing Applications across Industries include marketing platform, file storage, citizen services, communication, backup and recovery, social networking, disaster recovery, chatbots and application development.

Hence, several businesses are starting to adopt cloud computing. It is also expected to become a $300 billion business by 2021 globally. 

All this results in making cloud computing one of the sought-after skills.

Furthermore, Cloud has become the second-largest driver of demand for technology skills, with the job opportunities expected to grow 1 million by 2022 in India.

Hottest Job Roles You Get in Cloud Computing after Your Preparation

1. Cloud System Administrator:

Some of the biggest companies hiring Cloud System administrators are Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Accenture, and Microsoft

The average salary for a Cloud System Administrator is over $97,000 per year.

2. Cloud developer:

Some of the biggest companies hunting Cloud developers are SAP, CISCO, DELL, Standard Chartered, and American Express.

The average salary for a Cloud developer is over $125, 000 per year

3. Cloud Engineer:

Some of the biggest companies hunting Cloud Engineer at Google, 

Cargill, Genpact, EY, and NUTANIX.

The average salary for a Cloud Engineer is over $128, 800 per year

4. Cloud Solution Architect:

Some of the biggest companies hiring Cloud Solutions Architect are Mindtree, Wipro, Bosch, salesforce, HUAWEI.

The average salary for a Cloud Solutions Architect is over $152, 000 per year

5. Cloud Security Architect:

Some of the biggest companies hiring Cloud Security Architects are TechMahindra, HBO, NISSAN, ERICSSON, and Deloitte.

The average salary for a Cloud Security Architect is over $167, 000 per year

Top 5 Easy and Simple Cloud Computing Job Preparation Tips from Home

Let’s get back to the original question? Everything you’ve read here so far leads up to one significant question: What are those preparation tips from home to get the cloud computing job or start a cloud computing career? 

Follow these 5 effective steps from home, and you’ll be on your way to achieving Cloud computing expertise and embarking on an exciting new career!

Here are five steps that I would suggest.

Step 1: Create a solid foundation

Cloud computing is a vast field that covers a wide range of topics, vendors, and technologies.

 So, before starting your career in cloud computing, it is advisable to take a deep overview to understand how cloud computing works, the key concepts, the main advantages of using it, etc.

All this helps you to acquire a solid foundation before starting your career. 

How it works: First, it will help you understand if cloud computing is the right path for you to start a career.

Second, to start your career, it helps you in understanding the baseline of the foundational concepts before going deeper.

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Step 2: Understand the field and the Competitors

Take some time to look at the Cloud computing market; its leaders, the technologies that are in demand. 

How other organizations, industries are using cloud computing and what are the current trends in the field? 

What are some high paying job positions in cloud computing available in your country?

What are some basic skills that you need to develop to get a job in the cloud computing field?

Therefore, take yourself some time to deep dive into the industry. This will help you identify the areas of expertise that you may want to focus on.

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Step 3: Learn more about a specific domain

There are many job roles to consider within cloud computing such as security, developer, operations, engineer and so on. 

Therefore, you must make sure which job role or area of specialization suits for you to start building your expertise.

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After analyzing the ideal job role for you, start learning more about the chosen domain and the services available within the different platforms. 

You can also choose to master your skills in a dedicated platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure or Google.

Step 4: Get certified through online training classes

To start building your career in Cloud computing, you should consider getting certified. 

Due to this lockdown, many reputed professional IT course training institutes started teaching online Cloud computing Classes since coronavirus shut down.

This enables you to learn more about Cloud computing and make you an expert in the field. 

Therefore in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic, Zuan education started to provide online Cloud computing training in return to make you gain the knowledge required to successfully pass the AWS Certification.

This is because AWS(Amazon Web Services) certifications are among the most in-demand certifications in the cloud computing platform.

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Furthermore, if you’re just a neophyte in cloud computing, I would recommend the Cloud practitioner and Solutions Architect Associate from AWS and the training, which covers many of the basic concepts you will need to know across domains.

Hence, getting certified will increase your credibility and will show potential employers that you have industry-recognized skills.

Therefore, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get trained. Getting online training in this situation is necessary for you to prepare for and pass the exam.

Additionally, it is also the best way to build skills and get hands-on practice even without previous experience.

Step 5: Start applying to your ideal Cloud computing position

So, what’s next, if you build your skills through online AWS training, you pass your first exam. 

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Then, it’s time to find your first cloud computing job in the top MNC company with your updated resume along with certification.


Regardless of which path you choose to get started in cloud computing, a solid strategy will always remain the same. 

Building a solid foundation of key concepts, learning more about the market, and getting specific skills for working with the technologies and platforms in your target domain.

Furthermore, the vast field of cloud computing continues to blossom into one of the most exciting disciples in the corporate world.

Therefore, the lockdown is a great time for anyone who wishes to start a career in cloud computing regardless of education or experience or professionals. 

AWS online training
AWS online training by Zuan

Set a goal and achieve it through Zuan education AWS online learning. 

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