8 Oracle DBA Skills on Resume To Get a Job in 2021!

oracle skills on resume to get a Job

Of course, without any doubt, we all know today Oracle DBA job is growing one of the hottest tech jobs. Further, the Database administrators are considered as the backbone of many companies and services, there is an increase in the demand for oracle professionals who possess the necessary oracle DBA skills required for Oracle jobs. But, many of you are confused about what Oracle Skills do the employers are actually looking for? Hence, to help you all to get a job in hand, I came up with the essential 8 Oracle DBA Skills on resume that aids every beginner and experienced to get a job in 2020.

Before diving into the skill sets that you just have to get an Oracle job. First, understand what exactly an Oracle DBA does on a day-to-day basis – further you can develop the relevant Oracle DBA skills.

Oracle DBA Job Responsibilities on a Day-to-Day Basis:

Oracle database administrators (DBAs), generally organize and store data of a company using Oracle’s database software solutions.

Further, many top Businesses and corporations mostly depend on Oracle database administrators to manage their data securely and efficiently. Hence, your daily tasks include,

  • Evaluating database server hardware
  • Managing all aspects of an Oracle database including installation, configuration, design, and data migration.
  • Performance monitoring, troubleshooting, security, backups, and data recovery.
  • Installing, patching, maintaining and monitoring Oracle databases
  • Create and maintain SQL and PL/SQL queries and shell scripts
  • Providing maintenance support for database systems.
  • Data Extraction, transformation, and loading
  • Perform routine security and authentication measures

What are the 8 Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to get a Job?

I hope from the above discussion, you understand what will be your daily job duties.

Therefore, below is the checklist of eight Oracle job requirements in which a candidate is hired by companies.

Oracle DBA (Database Administrator) needs to be skilled and practically trained in almost every arena of the Oracle Software such as,

1. Installing and Configuring Oracle, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

There are different  Operating Systems — Linux, Windows Server, Unix, to name a few. All these platforms have their own peculiar and specific requirements. Therefore, as an Oracle DBA, you must have a strong practical experience in Oracle installation procedures.

2. Basic Monitoring and Tuning, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

There are so many different issues that can affect the performance of a running Oracle database. Therefore, as an Oracle DBA,  you must have the ability to monitor the type of problem that may occur and be able to find solutions to those bottlenecks.

3. Backing up and Recovering Databases, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

One of the significant responsibilities of an Oracle DBA is to make sure the continuity and availability of the database.

4. Basic Understanding of Database Security Issues, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

If you’re new to the Oracle DBA Job, you are expected to have a basic understanding of  Oracle database security and having knowledge of SQL Injection will be an added advantage.

5. Database design

The Software development teams frequently interact with DBAs to detect faults in database design to avoid costly modifications in database structure.

Therefore, as a DBA, you should be familiar with DB normalization, at least up to the third normal form. Hence this is considered as one of the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job in 2020

6. Good knowledge of DBMS series of packages, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

As a new Oracle DBA, you must understand the purpose behind the DBS series of packages that come together with Oracle. Because, without knowing these packages, you were not able to use PL/SQL with many standard Oracle features.

7. Command over SQL and PL/SQL, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

Besides, being strong enough with SQL knowledge,  it is also important for the DBAs to have knowledge of PL/SQL in order to create jobs or stored procedures or to query underlying system tables.

Furthermore, it will also allow a DBA to read scripts written by programmers and to fine-tune their queries.

8. Wizards & GUI vs. command line, among the Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job

Both Wizards and GUI tools that come together with a DBMS and are great for increasing productivity and obtaining quick results. 

Therefore, as an Oracle DBA, you should know how to roll up the sleeves and productively use the PowerShell command line.

Technical Oracle DBA Skills on Resume to Get a Job in 2020

Some of the technical skills an Oracle DBA must have are:

  • Experience with Oracle Exadata and Golden Gate.
  • Experience in MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Experience in troubleshooting databases for performance.
  • Experience with the UNIX operating system
  • Experience in creating and maintaining UNIX shell and Perl scripts.
  • Basic programming languages such as HTML and XML

Soft Skills Also Matters:

Apart from having technical skills, soft skills are also important for a DBA. Since you tend to work in small teams and in close contact with other team members, excellent communication skills will go far. Quick thinking and careful analysis also make for a great DBA.

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How to Become a Skilled Oracle DBA?

Thinking you’re lacking some above-mentioned Oracle DBAs skillsets to write on a resume to get a job. Oracle DBAs generally require a bachelor’s degree in CS, IT, or Information Systems management.

Moreover, there are many reputed Oracle DBA training Institutes, which also offers several Oracle Database certification course paths that can make DBAs more marketable as a candidate to a recruiter.

These certifications cover Oracle products in subfields, such as applications, enterprise management, operating systems, and databases.

Oracle certifications –

  • OCP
  • OCM

Hence, doing Oracle Certification Training in a renowned Oracle DBA training institutes, you get benefits such as,

  • Access to better opportunities
  • More credibility
  • Right to use Logo for Oracle Certified Professional
  • It helps you to stay distinct
  • It Increases your visibility in the organization
  • Oracle DBA certification course promises you a better pay

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Job opportunities for Oracle skills:

Employment of database administrators (DBAs) is projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

So, once you complete the Oracle DBA course training, you get different job opportunities like

  • Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Technology Architect
  • Information Technology Manager

Furthermore, the Oracle Skills are most often met in these job titles

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Java Developer
  • Consultant
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer

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The Salary that You Make as an Oracle DBA at Different Stages

The national average salary for an Oracle DBA is $105,000 in the USA. Those at the top of the scale make above $150,000, while those at the bottom of the scale make below $80,000. Hence, if you are in a,

Junior-level: The average salary you make is $80,000

Middle-level: The average salary you make is $105,000

Senior-level: The average salary you make is $150,000

Further, the average salary for a freelance Oracle DBA amounts to $121 which when extended to an 8 hour day totals $968 per day.


Now start writing your resume listing out the skills mentioned in this article. As you write the resume you will gain confidence in your own skills and talk about it emphatically to the employers.

Oracle DBA Training to get a Job
Oracle DBA Training

Best wishes!

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