What are Some Interesting Non Technical Courses you can Avail after Graduation

non technical courses after graduation

We all like to see some changes for the better. To this end, you can find some non-technical courses that exist apart from the technical ones. Doing these courses will help you to stand out in the job market competition.

With your graduation degree, you cannot compete in the job market just like that. Besides, lack of skills may deprive you of a good job. With fewer facilities for upskilling, colleges churn out graduates. 80 percent of engineering graduates in India are jobless.

The graduates can find many short-term, affordable non-technical courses. Doing these courses can help them find a job. Besides, you should be able to choose the right course.

We have listed some short-term, job-oriented courses for you.

Top Non-Technical Courses to pursue after Graduation

Finance / Investment

Forex and Treasury Management

treasury management


Forex and Treasury Management deals with money market, foreign exchange etc.. It touches on managing risks related to global business transactions and treasury operations. Besides, you will learn the concepts of,

  • Trading book
  • Liquidity and Interest rate risks
  • Securitization
  • Deployment of funds,
  • Credit derivatives etc.

In addition, having skills in forex and treasury management will fetch you jobs in,

  • Retail banks
  • Mutual funds
  • Trading and Research
  • Investment advisors
  • Wealth Management
  • Treasury departments etc.

You will be able to handle corporate treasuries and manage general risk exposure. Besides, certificate in Treasury Management will gird you with managerial and behavioral skills. In addition, it will also prepare you for the role of a treasury professional.

Pay Scale: A Treasury Manager on an average will earn Rs. 9,00,000 per year.

Financial Accounting

financial accounting

Financial Accounting is the study of accounting and its concepts. It also deals with measuring underlying financial statements for the use of stakeholders. In addition, you will learn,

  • Accounting
  • Auditing and taxation
  • Business law
  • Management etc.

Besides, scope in this area increases with socio-economic changes. Graduates learning financial accounting will get employment in,

  • Public practices
  • Business advisory services and
  • Audit

In addition, skills in this sector will fetch you jobs in

  • Accounting
  • Investment banking
  • Insurance firms
  • Pension management
  • Private society bodies
  • Public sector companies etc.

Pay Scale: A Financial Accountant on an average will earn Rs. 3,20,432 per year.

Investment Banking

This is one of the best non-technical courses. It enables you to start a career in investment banking or in private equity.

It covers concepts such as,

  • Capital markets
  • Advisory
  • Asset management
  • Trading and
  • Brokerage

Investment banking has two main lines of business, the buy-side investment firms and sell-side firms.

Buy-side investment firms include,

  • Mutual funds
  • Pension funds and
  • Public investment

Whereas, sell-side firms include,

  • Investment banks and
  • Security firms


investment banking

Pay Scale: The average salary of an Investment Banker is Rs. 6,91,200 per year.


These are some of the top courses in finance. You can do it upon completing your graduate degree. These courses train you to have a career in,

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Auditing and tax functions
  • Corporate law
  • Financial risk management
  • Cost and management, etc.

Indian statutory laws have made certain auditing compulsory. Therefore, Chartered Accountants (CA) are in great demand. Besides, with CA, you can start a company with ICAI’s permission.

A Chartered Financial Analyst takes timely decisions for companies, stocks, and industries. This is for the purpose of creating profit for a corporation or an individual.

A Cost and Works Accountant collects, assimilates, collates and analyzes financial information of an organization. A Company Secretary practices in corporate law, finance, and other legal matters.

Picking the right course from the above depends on your interests and area of specialization.

Pay Scale:

A Chartered Accountant earns an average salary of Rs. 7,26,100 per year.

A Chartered Financial Analyst earns an average salary of Rs. 6,88,025 per year.

A Cost Accountant earns an average salary of Rs. 4,64,527 per year.

Marketing / Advertising / Communication

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) / Management

MBA course has become a popular choice among degree and engineering graduates today. The reason is, companies prefer hiring candidates with strategic thinking. MBA graduates have business analytics skills. Usually, one needs to exhibit good communication and analytical skills. Work profile includes,

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Conceptualizing
  • Developing strategies and
  • Implementing marketing campaigns.

This field tends to be competitive due to the limited number of marketing roles. To do MBA in a good institution, you need to perform well in competitive exams like CAT/IIFT/XAT/MAT, etc. Upon completion of MBA course, you need to develop good aptitude and communication skills. This will place you in a good job. Your roles will be in,

  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR
  • Financial services
  • Public relations
  • Banking
  • FMCG
  • IT
  • Manufacturing, etc.


mba management


Pay Scale:

A Sales & Marketing Manager can earn an average salary of Rs. 5,35,799 per year.

A Human Resource Manager can earn an average salary of Rs. 6,13,085 per year.

Sales and Business Development

This is an evergreen career. The demand for business development professionals keeps growing. Every firm irrespective of their size require sales professionals. Industries like FMCG, IT and manufacturing have business development roles. They hire candidates at an entry-level and train them.

This profile will suit you if you are good at interacting with people. This profile will boost the chances of budding entrepreneurs who would like to expand their business.


business development

Pay Scale:

A Business Development Executive can earn an average salary of Rs. 2,74,184 per year.

A Business Development Manager can earn an average salary of Rs. 5,35,799 per year.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines in business. There are about, 3 billion users using digital media globally. The role of a Digital Marketer lies in fulfilling business objectives such as,

  • Marketing
  • Research and
  • Product development

Digital marketing consultants, create strategies and execute campaigns on digital channels like web, mobile, email, and social networks. This enables in providing information, building awareness and driving conversions.

Besides, a huge number of companies are investing in digital marketing. This gives a positive scope in the job market. There is nothing like a one-size-fits-all solution for digital marketing. You need to undergo a rigorous training in digital marketing fundamentals and advanced concepts. You also need to master some tools and platforms to gain expertise in this field. In order to become a Digital Marketing Expert, you need skills in the following,

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media
  • Web analytics and
  • Email

Enroll in our Digital Marketing Course today. You will learn the latest trends and future tactics to boost your business ROI. Our strategies are tested and proved in the market.

digital marketing course enroll


Pay Scale: A Digital Marketing Manager can earn an average salary of Rs. 4,12,492 per year.

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Content/Technical Writing

content writing

Right from text messages to social media and YouTube videos, the internet is all about content. It is the content writers who make most of these possible. Every article you read online is written by a content writer or proofread by editors. The forms of content writing include,

  • News
  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Website contents
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Advertising copies and
  • Business agreements

All companies need professional writers or content developers. You may write contents in English, Tamil, Hindi or other regional languages. Content writers are paid well for their exceptional work.

Pay Scale:

A Content Writer can earn an average salary of Rs. 2,43,264 per year.

A Technical Writer can earn an average salary of Rs. 4,66,967 per year.

Other Jobs

Hotel Management

hotel management

There is a constant growth for trained professionals in the hotel industry. Graduates can do postgraduate program in Hotel Management like,

  • PG Diploma in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service
  • Certificate Course in Hotel Catering Management
  • MBA in Tourism & Hotel Management
  • International Diploma in Hotel Management etc.

Doing these courses will fetch you jobs in restaurants, airlines, railways, offices, clubs, shipping industry, etc.

Pay Scale:

A Hotel Manager can earn an average salary of Rs. 5,80,650 per year.

A Sales Manager in the Hotel/Hospitality industry can earn an average salary of Rs. 6,62,000 per year.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and Tourism is another flourishing industry with promising job prospects. There are a lot of diploma courses that you can pursue in tourism industry including,

  • Master of Tourism Administration (MTA)
  • Advance Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
  • PG Diploma in Tourism (PGDT)
  • Diploma in Destination Management
  • PG Diploma in Tourism Management (PGDTM), etc.

Upon completing these courses, you will have opportunities in,

  • State tourism
  • Customs and immigration
  • Travel agencies, etc.

Moreover, along with the work, you may get chances to go around the world.


travel and tourism


Pay Scale:

A Travel Consultant can earn an average salary of Rs. 3,09,216 per year.

A Travel Desk Manager can earn an average salary of 6,22,883 per year.

Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most creative fields in the non-technical industry. The Indian Textile and Clothing industry (T & C) is the second largest employment generator. In addition, it contributes to more than 6% of the nation’s GDP.

You can get into fashion and textile designing, two year PG course or 1-year diploma. A PG management course concentrates on,

  • Textiles
  • Accessories
  • Apparels and
  • Footwear

In addition, specialization in fashion designing course includes areas like,

  • Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Brand Management
  • Merchandise
  • Supply chain management
  • Market research, etc.


fashion designing


Pay Scale:

A Fashion Designer can earn an average salary of 3,58,011 per year.

A Textile Designer can earn an average salary of 3,71,878 per year.

Interior Designing

If you are interested in creating appealing designs for houses, apartments, and offices, this course is for you. You must be able to draw or sketch and coordinate well with people like painters, architects, and related experts. The interior designing course includes topics like,

  • Design
  • Lighting
  • Art and graphics
  • Construction, etc.

The job of an interior designer involves designing spaces for the client within a given time-frame and budget. Besides, place of work may vary from project to project like,

  • Architectural firms
  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Real estate development
  • Event management companies
  • Educational institutions and
  • Government organizations


interior designing


Pay Scale:

An Interior Designer can earn an average salary of 2,94,903 per year.

A Project Manager in Interior Design can earn an average salary of 6,93,199 per year.


Are you a photo geek? Do you want to go beyond just the automatic mode? Digital photography is the right course for you! You will learn everything, right from foundation, types, and structure of lenses and command modes found on DSLR cameras. Additionally, it helps you to apply techniques in order to turn snapshots into great photographs. There are a lot of short-term, non-technical courses in photography.

Eventually, doing photography course will,

  • Help you to confidently participate in photography contests and exhibitions
  • Document cultures, traditions, and folk art via blogs and social media




Pay Scale:

A Photographer can earn an average salary of 3,45,727 per year.

Beauty Care

Do you spend hours watching hairstyles and make-ups? Then, you may consider a career in Beauty Care. The beauty industry is growing at a fast pace. This offers bright job scopes. To become a beauty therapist, you must have some basic skills like,

  • Creativity and artistic ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Time management
  • Passion for working with people and
  • The willingness to work even at odd hours

Many small institutes offer part-time and full-time courses on beauty care. This includes,

  • Facial
  • Waxing
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure and complementary therapies like aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, nail technology, lash extension, etc. There always will be clients who will pay to have themselves look perfect in selfies, formal wears and wedding attire. These sated desires will continue to create more jobs.


beauty care


Pay Scale:

A Beautician can earn an average salary of 1,83,126 per year.

Here, we wind up the brief, short-term, non-technical course guide. Doing these courses will help you to settle in a career of your choice. Match the courses with your field of interest. As a graduate get the needed upskilling through short-term, job-oriented courses.

Have we missed any course that interests you? Do let us know through your comments!



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