Need Info? Non-Technical Jobs In IT Companies

Need Info? Non-Technical Jobs In IT Companies

Looking for non-technical IT jobs? Top IT companies are hiring non-technical professionals under various job postings advertised online. 

As the demand for non-technical professionals is high, many firms are ready to offer high salaries for non-technical roles.

When you think of jobs in IT companies, you will imagine a developer, data scientist, or engineering professionals with technical skills in short.

IT companies aren’t hiring technical professionals alone, they have large openings for non-technical roles like marketing, designing, etc. 

IT companies always require professionals with multiple skillsets, as a result, you get better job opportunities with non-technical skills. Glassdoor reports 43% of their job postings to fall under non-technical categories. 

Why should I work in IT companies?

We can say, IT companies are best for freshers, who don’t have prior experience and want to build a successful career. 

However, we will discuss the immense opportunities in IT companies in this article. For now, let’s see the top three reasons to do non-technical work in IT companies:

Work Opportunities Unlimited 

Non-technical jobs are predicted to be one of the fast-growing professions and are in demand due to digital advancements. 

According to a recent study, more than 5 million non-technical jobs are expected to be added by 2027 across the globe.

Highest Paying Career

Highest Paying Career

If your aim is to boost your savings and build a strong career, jobs in IT companies can help you to achieve this dream quickly. 

The IT industry pays a high salary when compared to other firms; Glassdoor reports that on average non-technical jobs earned £20,000.

A Happy Workplace & Smart Peer Group

A Happy Workplace & Smart Peer Group

As a job seeker, everyone’s aim is to be a part of an ever-evolving industry and build a bright future. 

Most of the professionals quit their job because of boring routines and limited opportunities. Whereas in IT companies you have new emerging technologies and enthusiastic peers to work with than any other industries. 

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What non-technical jobs could I do?

Tons! Yes, you have many options to make your next career move fabulous. We have created a list of in-demand and most popular non-technical jobs in IT companies for you. Every job will have its role description, responsibilities, and salaries here.

1. Business Analyst

A business analyst has to assess the process, system, and business models to get clear insights on an organization’s technology integration. 

This job role is related to devising better solutions that fit into the business model and needs based on technology and investments. 

Responsibilities of Business Analyst: 

  • To determine and find sales trends
  • Analyse competition in the marketplace 
  • Interact with customers and their clients
  • Understand user needs and their preferences
  • Provide personalized service for customers 
  • Drive operational efficiency for high performance and revenue

Salary: The average business analyst salary in India is INR 607,209.

2. Market Research Analyst

It’s one of the highest paying non-technical jobs. Market research analysts have to design and plan strategies for advertising products and services of an organization in the market. 

They can do full-time jobs or work in marketing teams or else choose independent consultants for contract-based jobs. 

Responsibilities of Market research analyst: 

  • Test data collection methods include questionnaires, surveys, opinion polls, etc. 
  • Interpret data, perform statistical analysis, and organize information in tables and report formats.
  • Present their reports using charts, graphs, and other visual content. 
  • Assist customers and executives to make informed decisions on product introduction, modification, and other marketing initiatives
  • Visualize the existing industry trends and do the competitive analysis for showcasing the future of specific product offerings
  • Measure marketing strategy and campaigns effectively 

Salary: The average market research analyst salary in India is INR 354,447.

3. Digital Marketing Strategist

The role of a digital marketing strategist is aligning business objectives for online marketing channels and platforms. 

It’s one of the highest paying non-technical jobs, a digital marketer needs to have basic knowledge in marketing objectives, content management, strong internet, and social networks skills.

Responsibilities of Digital Marketing strategist: 

  • Create an action plan for launching products or services in the market
  • Designing detailed content strategies to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Work on SEO to create brand visibilities and reach
  • Manage process according to inbound marketing, PPC, and AdWords
  • Analyze results from each digital marketing campaigns and channel
  • Assess the alignments of strategic objectives with the digital marketing strategies periodically 

Salary: The average digital strategist salary in India is INR 724,138.

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4. Social Media Manager

Social media manager helps marketers to reach customers in a cost-effective way across various platforms. 

In India, there are more than 326 million people who are using social media actively. This role involves creating the marketing strategies and contents to reach social media platforms(such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Quora, etc.)

The main focus of social media marketing is to create brand awareness and high user engagement. Which is a potential driver of customer services and user satisfaction. 

Non-technical jobs in IT companies are one of the fastest-growing fields with high paying jobs in India.

Responsibilities of Social media manager:

  • Create, execute, and manage the social media strategies of a company
  • Determine social media KPIs and analyze content
  • Team with copywriters and designers for maintaining the quality of social media posts
  • Keep the best practices and latest trends in social media technology 
  • Evaluate the growth of social media campaigns and create recommendations for optimizing the strategies 
  • Present senior leadership results and update social media marketing within advertising budgets

Salary: The average social media manager salary in India is INR 344,137.

5. Marketing Manager

One of the high paying non-technical jobs in India. Marketing managers are in demand to promote and sell branded products or services. They are the backbone of the marketing strategies in an organization. 

Responsibilities of Marketing manager:

  • Estimate budgets for marketing campaigns
  • Work along with advertising agencies, negotiate or finalize contracts
  • Build great relationships with media outlets and managing third-party vendors
  • Reviewing advertisement material for television commercials, print, and online ads
  • Analyze returns from marketing campaigns and report them to high management

Salary: The average marketing manager salary in India is INR 701,976.

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6. Business Development Manager

Business developers are the major point of communicating materials with their existing as well as new clients. 

They also provide information regarding the organization’s offerings and develop new contracts, to earn high rewards significantly. 

On average, the entry-level business development roles could earn around INR 24,000 per month in India. 

The salary for senior-level and higher positions will range up to INR 1,00,000 per month. Also, it’s one of the highest paying non-technical IT jobs and a fast-growing field in India.

Responsibilities of Business development manager:

  • Identify sales and leads
  • Conduct product and service offerings for prospective clients
  • Maintain a good working relationship with clients
  • To over check marketing strategies and prepare reports
  • Provide feedback for decision-makers in the company

Salary: The average business development manager salary in India is INR 600,480.

7. Management Consultant

Management consultants provide their expert knowledge in solving problems in business, improve performance, and maximize growth. It’s again one of the high paying non-technical jobs in India. 

The non-technical professionals with an interest to learn new things have a wide range of job opportunities . 

Responsibilities Management consultant: 

  • Derive a comprehensive study and analysis of the companies (data collection, secondary research, client interviews, etc.)
  • Analyse business proposals and presentations. 
  • Partner in strategy making, implementation, and evaluation
  • Managing projects and lead workshops
  • Identify business problems and suggest innovative solutions for them.

Salary: The average management consultant salary in India is INR 1,149,770

8. Advertising and Media Professional

Advertising and Media Professional

The advertising and media firm is highly competitive and most rewarding at the same time. The average annual income for professionals is INR 420,000, which can increase with qualifications and experiences.

Responsibilities of Advertising and media professionals:

  • Prepare plans for advertising and reach the targeted demographics or locations 
  • Research marketing trends, collect data and find meaningful insights 
  • Designing print, audio-visuals, and digital ads when required 
  • Select media to implement the ad campaigns
  • Maintaining good relationships with media firms
  • Evaluate and test ideas repeatedly to know their effectiveness

Average Salary: INR 8,35,865 per annum.

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9. Legal Consultant

A legal consultant is most probably a person who helps an organization with respect to information regarding the law.

Responsibilities of Legal Consultant:

  • Work as a legal expert in times of compliance issues
  • Draft templates on employment policies, planning documents, governance, and administration
  • Identify issues and updates to notify the same information to internal as well as external clients

Average Salary: INR 7,86,138 per annum.

10. Graphic Designer

graphic designer

Graphic designing is a creative career opportunity for Non-technical individuals in IT companies. 

They have to correlate with text, images, and visual content for communicating ideas to the target audience. 

Responsibilities of Graphic designer:

  • Develop the overall templates and layout of communications for outreach materials
  • Designing and producing advertisements, corporate reports, brochures, magazines, etc. 

Salary: The average graphic designer salary in India is INR 299,417.

11. Technical Writer

technical writer

Technical writing is one of the highest paying non-technical jobs in India. It consists of collection, documentation, and distribution of content to customers, designers, and manufacturers. 

Professionals with a discipline in engineering, computer science, and information technology will be the best fit for this role. 

Responsibilities of Technical writer:

  • Write complex topics into easy, for understanding information better
  • Creating white papers, journal articles, instruction manuals, and reference guides
  • Writing technical reports for updating C-suite executives

Salary: The average technical writer salary in India is INR 486,985.

12. Content Manager

In modern organizations, content managers have to handle tasks like managing online content and media strategies in most cases. 

Responsibilities of content manager: 

  • Manage content in organizations, include  contributions to individual copywriters
  • Engage in building the online communities of a brand
  • Track communities activity and execute the content plans accordingly 

Salary: The average content manager salary in India is 509,938.

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13. Quality Assurance Manager

QA analysts or managers have to maintain the internal and external standards of organizations before they reach customers. 

Quality management is important for providing customer satisfaction as well as brand management in IT companies. 

Responsibilities of QA manager:

  • Set rules for quality assurance process 
  • Help in directing to quality control personnel
  • Updating the product manager about any problems which may arise
  • Analysing quality control reports
  • Finding avenues for efficiency enhancement

Salary: The average quality assurance manager salary in India is INR 1,172,101.

14. Customer Relationship Manager

Professionals with a strong background in business administration or disciplines related to communication can take up this career as a customer relationship manager. 

You also have a lot of appraisals and promotions in this job role with high salaries.

Responsibilities of Customer relationship manager: 

  • Maintain sales and relationships with customers and prospects
  • Resolving customer and client issues and deliver timely responses
  • Expanding customer base using upselling and cross-selling techniques
  • Keeping customers on track of new product developments
  • Reviewing business performance from the CRM programs contexts

Average Salary: INR 7,19,214 per annum.

15. Product Manager

The product manager is a position that delivers product offerings of IT companies beginning from concepts planned from its launch. 

Product managers have to be experts in handling the cross-functional team and communicate with them in the right direction. 

The product managers have a great scope in the field of the IT industry as there is always huge demand and less competition.

Responsibilities of the Product Manager:

  • Developing product development strategies
  • Creating the roadmap for products 
  • Specifying functional features and requirements
  • Guiding the products throughout its complete process 

Salary: The average product manager salary in India is INR 1,677,971.

Skill Sets for Non-Technical Jobs in IT Companies 

In India, the IT companies provide many non-technical jobs for graduates in business, marketing, and management fields. 

As the number of graduates(freshers) is increasing every year, employment opportunities are also increasing in this field. 

Non-technical jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in India. Which requires freshers to pursue exceptional skills in IT companies related to marketing, business, finance, and management.

Professionals with a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, and sales or any other relevant field can apply for these jobs. 

The most essential skill sets required for applying to non-technical jobs include, 

  • good communication skills
  • analytical skills
  • business skills
  • creative skills
  • sales and marketing skills 
  • leadership skills
  • decision-making skills.

Job Requirements for Non-Technical Roles 

There is a wide range of opportunities available for professionals from non-technical backgrounds, in the dynamics of both industries and employability reasons. 

Most of the professionals pave their career in entrepreneurship to start their own businesses. By developing a good knowledge of soft skills and practical experience in relevant skills, anyone can master this field successfully. 

If you are looking forward to making lucrative careers in non-technical fields, ensure to develop your knowledge in articulation, problem-solving, and collaborating abilities. 

Moreover, it’s always advisable to keep focused and learn things in a systematic approach. You can join Zuan Education to upskill your skills and set a successful career journey. 

You will get expert training and certification to put you ahead of job seekers. By joining our courses, you get to work with different functions of an organization and simultaneously showcase your portfolio projects to clients.

Today, we have a huge competition in every field, especially for freshers, it’s really hard to ace the non-technical interview successfully. 

With advanced certifications and industry knowledge, you can definitely differentiate yourself and prove your skills to the recruiters, and land your dream non-technical IT jobs in India. 

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Wrapping up

In a nutshell, you have many more career opportunities in non-technical roles. I hope, now you know that the IT industry is not only for developers, engineers, or data scientists as it has more scope for non-technical professionals. 

This article’s main focus is to provide information on non-technical jobs in IT companies that pay high salaries for professionals. 

We also gave you an overview of different job roles and salaries that every candidate wants to know before stepping into that career.

With the above references, you can explore career opportunities in many other fields that match your background or expertise too. In short, make use of this guide for your preparation and contribute to your professional growth.


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