Microsoft Unveiled Windows 8.1 Update and Available on April 8

“Microsoft will launch this update in next week and it will improve the experience for Keyword and mouse users.”Windows 8 is released 2 years before and it all update are getting to closer in the completing stage.According to Microsoft, main goal of the company is filling the gap between legacy desktop mode and modern tile based interfaces.

Windows detects some problems on running laptop and desktop that is automatically navigating to the desktop mode when unlocking the computer. But tablets need to unlock into the tile based start screen.

Here the list of updated feature over that comes in the upcoming week.

Fixing the start menu

Bringing more options on start screen, both users and Microsoft also stuck on finding shutdown button and search button on the start menu. Now it is available on right portion of the start screen, so that users will be able to shutdown their systems without get into their menus.

With help of search button users can able to buy straight from the start menu without get into the windows store.

More additionally user can able to right click the app and create shortcut icon to the start page most likely windows 7 and windows XP start menu.

Same app experience across the devices

Apps that are using universally in windows has big deal on windows 8.1, Microsoft working to make it integration across over the different devices includes phones and tablets. The new runtime will helps to solve this problem.

From now on words user can able to access any windows phone app in their desktop version and the screen size exactly fixing with the 24 inch monitor size.

Prodigal desktop view will return

Windows-8.1The above image is the screen shot of the new windows 8.1 desktop view

Here’s above screenshot clearly notifies the windows laptop and desktop view in the upcoming version.

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