List of Non-Technical Jobs in Google that are in Spotlight

List of Non-Technical Jobs in Google that are in Spotlight

Google is a job seeker’s No.1 fantasy, as it is considered as the Fortune’s Best Companies for Working. You may wonder if you can possibly get a non-technical job with Google. 

Yes, behemoths like Google and Facebook tech giants think outside of the box and hire non-technical employees who can take them into the future.

With no prior knowledge of technical skills, you can still score a job at these firms.

According to research by Glassdoor, 43% of job openings at Big tech companies were reported to be non-technical roles in areas such as business operations, legal, marketing, and sales.

If you are dreaming of making a career at Google, this article can help you to get your fantasy job.

Keep reading to know the list of non-technical jobs in Google. You can also find tips on how to ace Google job interviews.

However, this article is the one-stop solution for all the aspiring non-technical Google employees.

Different Types of Jobs at Google

Google offers jobs in the following three categories.

1. Engineering: Most probably Technical roles in Google, which includes software engineering, STA engineering, application development, product management, and many more.

2. Business: Non-technical jobs in Google include quantitative business analysis, business operations management, sales strategy, and etc.

3. Design: It also offers non-technical roles like UX/UI designer, UX writer, visual designer, UX researcher, etc.

Are you thinking about who these Non-technical Google employees are? And most importantly, how did they get a job at Google?

To answer your question, let’s have a look at the top non-technical jobs offered in Google as follows:

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1. User Interface (UI Designer)

This is related to UX designing, but user interface designers (UI) need to focus more on the designing interface.

UI designers create the look and structure of a software’s interface. The UI designers job responsibilities are given below:

  • Visual designing in each stage by brainstorming ideas.
  • Clearly communicate the ideas and definitions to users with wireframes, story boards, and sitemaps.
  • Analyze the interface completely by designing each and every website or web app elements to ensure they all could work together.

National Average UI Designer salary: $61,308

2. User Experience Designing

User experience designers role is to create products by keeping the user in mind. Their main goal is to increase user satisfaction.

The UX designer’s role can vary significantly in each field. When some UX designers focus on user research, other designers will be more involved in prototyping products.

The key responsibilities of UX designers include:

  • User research: Must understand the user needs through interviews and sort listings.
  • Information architecture: find the effective ways in structuring the website or web app content.
  • Data-driven design: To design based on analyzing every data.
  • Wireframing and prototyping: Create test versions of websites.

National Average UX Designer salary: $72,780

3. Software Quality Testers

Software quality testers ensures the software product’s quality before its launch. This field is a part of quality assurance and quite different from it. 

SQT’s role is to check various functionalities and stress analysis across multiple customer situations in an effort to break the software. Their main goal is to eliminate bugs and improve the quality final product.

National Average Software Quality Tester salary: $53,646

4. SEO Specialist


Search engine optimization, often works with the marketing team, as their focus is to increase ranking in search engines. They keep analyzing and optimizing up to date with algorithms.

SEO specialists most often collaborate with developers and designers teams. Ensure the best practices of SEO get implemented across the website.

The major responsibilities for SEO specialists include:

  • Do keywords research
  • Work with content marketing teams to drive better SEO results in content creation.
  • Optimize copy on pages for improving search engine ranking.
  • Track, report, and analyze website analytics and campaigns.

National Average SEO Specialist salary: $40,750

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5. Data Analyst

Data analyst jobs are suitable for one who possesses affinities for data set analysis and spotting trends. 

They must have a strong ability to convey his/her findings in layman’s terms. A data analyst must have strong analytical skills to perform their role. 

It is essential to have deep knowledge in organizing and collecting large sets of data according to the descriptions. Some companies will look for programming skills in data analysts.

National Average Data Analyst salary: $52,981

6. Web Analytics Specialist

Web analytics is related to digital marketing and SEO. These web analytics specialists need to focus on site traffic measurements, and set goals for website elements. 

Visualizing user experience through Google Analytics, and monitor site changes with A/B testing.

Web analytics specialists mostly work under agencies that represent multiple clients. Which handles multiple websites, depending on their business size and flow of work.

National Average Web Analytics Specialist salary: $62,464

7. Enterprise Software Sales

Enterprise software sales is a highly lucrative career for the right individuals. In a sales job, a candidate’s performance will get rewarded with commissions and bonus points.

Top performers in the largest global companies such as Google are making an annual income of $400,000.

Software as a service sales is generally termed as ‘SaaS sales’ which functions primarily as a business to business (B2B) service.

You can make huge profits with a sales role but you also need to put extra effort to get rewarded.

You need to travel a lot in a sales role. Ensure you got the skills to kickstart your career in this field.

National Average Enterprise Software Sales salary: $72,325

8. Growth Hacker

A growth hacker is popularly known as a user acquisition specialist, they fall under marketing sectors in companies.

Their role is to combine marketing, business development, and technologies according to user acquisition.

They are solely responsible for developing and implementing onboard strategies, experiment, and measure results based on consumer engagement.

This role requires flexibility and agility in executing processes successfully.

National Average Growth Hackers salary: $74,369

9. Support Specialists

Fur non-technical support jobs, you don’t even require a degree. One of the major benefits of this field is its flexibility. 

Most of the support roles acquire knowledge in scheduling and allow work from home.

If the support specialist is able to engage customers with effective solutions, Google offers flexible incentives for professionals.

The employee needs to have wide knowledge in handling the products with strong communication skills. Strong communication skills can take you a long way in this field.

National Average Support Specialists salary: $40,335

10. Non-Technical Recruiters

Non Technical recruiters often serve as the gateway for organizations and non-technical employees.

They don’t need to perform coding and hands-on tasks, a fundamental understanding of every non-technical role is important.

A confident personality and strong communication skills are an extra bonus to shine in this field.

National Average Technical Recruiters salary: $45,064

11. Copywriter

Copywriter has an important role in communicating the company functions.

Their language and tone must be able to represent the brand identity. They will work in writing complex terms into an easy understanding format.

Depending on their experiences, the copywriter’s responsibility ranges from creating customer manuals, user guides, and product descriptions.

If you already have experience in writing, this is a great choice to transition your skills by using your previous knowledge.

You don’t need to have the technical knowledge and coding expertise to boost your career as a copywriter.

Copywriting is best suitable for individuals who:

  • Likes to write professionally and making a living already
  • Curious and excited about the latest trends
  • Creative and full of new ideas
  • Likes to communicate and work with various departments 

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12. Account Manager

As an account manager, you will be responsible to manage and nurture current customer relationships.

You need to actively look for new relationships and opportunities to uplift their business revenue.

And explain the specific solution to meet your customers’ needs efficiently.

Account management is best suitable for individuals who:

  • Have great interpersonal skills and are comfortable talking with different parties
  • confident in multi-tasking and handling  different projects
  • excited to build new customer relationship 

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Important Tips to Get a Job at Google

  • Brush up on your non-technical skills and practice regularly to participate in Google contests.
  • Your GPA is just one of the criteria considered, it does not majorly influence your career.
  • Recruiters focus more on the candidate’s experiences and achievements, it’s essential to showcase your portfolio.
  • Make your job application more attractive as possible for Googlers to review it. Mention your open-source projects, create your own blog, etc. Which proves your passion apart from your 9-5 work.
  • Many people have a misconception that Google asks, brainteaser type of questions in their interviews. This is not true, you don’t have to think about how many soccer balls can fit in a bus anymore.

Google Certifications

Google has mentioned that their certification is the pathway to get jobs. At the end of successful completion, the company will get access to top performers.

It’s essential to bike their certification to be job-ready for high demand non-technical roles. Google offers the best salary packages for their employees, and the median annual salary for non-technical employees records $50,000.

Google’s certificate courses can be easy to learn on a short term basis, and you get certification for successful completion.

Importance of Google certifications

The main advantages of Google certification are that they value it equivalent to four-year college degree courses. All their courses were developed by Google that switches candidate’s careers.

Google offers a scholarship for potential learners and offers specific non-technical jobs directly.

Most of the Google certifications don’t require prior knowledge and any degree requirements. Research says, 61% of Google learners don’t hold a four-year college degree. 

Their certificate could be a perfect fit for beginners who want to start their career in the IT field. The certification courses are not free of cost, you need to pay fees for them.

Most of their certification courses cost $49 per month which ranges between 3-6 months duration.

How Zuan Supports to Get Certified 

At Zuan Education, we provide short term certification courses that train people with practical skills. We can assist you to gain Google certifications successfully.

All these non-technical skills and certifications will play a crucial role in supporting your career.

Such certificates will help you to stand ahead of the crowd with the necessary niche skills. It’s more affordable than other traditional college degrees.

We provide hands-on projects for your students to make them job-ready and excel in any field.

What to expect from a Non-technical job at Google?

Google is making history by managing to stay one of the top 100 companies across the globe for over a decade.

The company has 4 companies in India including, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

It offers the best benefits for its employees, a few of which are free food, recreation rooms (nap rooms, meditation rooms, video games, indoor games, etc).

Which is constantly updating with innovations and the latest technologies. Its core value is to provide best in class benefits for its employees.

Google is experimenting to meet the challenges, and has developed a program called ‘Googler to Googler’.

This program allows its employees to collaborate with each other on management, and public speaking skills.

Google has the most flexible working hours for its employees. It has no fixed schedules and allows employees to work based on their own terms.

These are a few of the reasons that prove Google to be the best place to work. This flexibility encourages its employees to think creatively without being burdened by work pressure. 

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How To Apply for a Non-Technical Job at Google?

Applying for a non-technical job at Google is not easy, they receive huge applicants every year.

With the right preparation, skills, and confidence, you can make it succeed.

Here are few best ways to apply for non-technical roles at Google: 

  • Apply online: Google careers is the best way to apply online directly on its website. The application process is very simple in Google, just add your preferences, location, and relevant skills.

Google will shortlist your non-technical jobs based on your preferences.

  • Employee referrals: Try to know someone who works at Google, as employee referrals help you to put forward your application.

You can use platforms like LinkedIn, to get in touch with employees and fast track your job application. 

You can request them to refer for job opportunities, try to gain their attention with an outstanding Non technical Resume.

Final Thoughts 

Working at Google is a beautiful experience as you get opportunities to learn more. You can improve your non-technical skills, and progress your career by working as a team.

Google has fun activities with excellent facilities such as gyms, and gaming areas, etc. If you wish to work in Google, this is a great time to upskill non-technical skills.

Zuan Education has some exciting non-technical courses for aspiring learners. Never miss this golden opportunity, enroll today for a better career tomorrow!


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