Lessons for Brands from a Chief of Facebook Marketing


Even Gary Briggs, a 29 year old marketing examiner and CMO of Facebook has some things to learn. In his speech on the stage of the San Francisco for Ad Age’s Digital Conference, he mentioned following three points he learnt in the social network.

1. Stories that turn people speak to moments are not really surprising.

Briggs said that even the simple moments of our lives can be an extraordinary moments at a certain point. Over the past few months, Facebook highlighted such moments with advertisements in the visitors newsfeed.

2. Stories from their own lives is a matter for the people.

As a 10th anniversary celebration, the company Created “Look back ” video for Facebook for every user which take some jiffy to share someone’s  share and complies them into a short film. Briggs shared his thought as that idea came as an important driver of positive sentiment and cultural moment.

3. Determination of unique contribution for global events.

Not everyone on the Facebook share their thoughts regarding a particular topic with their self-interest. To put them in the conversation, the company recently created a character “Facebook Ref” who posts real time updates and video comments on his own page. This led to more than 700,000 fans and 11 million video views. So, According to Brigg, Giving the brand a personality along with the humor will be a great combo and unique endowment around public and shared events.


  • Surendar

    August 5, 2015

    Do you offer any fast track kind of social media course for Facebook marketing? I am interested to join!


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