Learning Digital Marketing Course is More than You Think – A Deep Ocean to Dive-in!

digital marketing course

If you decide to start your career as a Digital Marketer, the important thing that you need to know is learning a digital marketing course is more than you think-a deep Ocean to dive-in.

Digital Marketing is a vast concept and many of them think it is just marketing a product or service online sitting at a place but it is more than that. It includes different channels like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics.

So, before we get into choosing a Digital Marketing Course from a leading Digital Marketing Training Institute, there are certain things that you must know to start your journey of learning a Digital Marketing course.

Further, you will also get a better idea of what you will be learning in each module (Sea) of Digital Marketing (Ocean) to become a Successful Digital Marketer.

Learn Digital Marketing Course in Detail -Get Deep Dive into the Ocean!

1. SEO Course:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the utmost important course modules in Digital marketing which brings the right audience in a natural way to your website.

If you end up on top of search results for your customers, you can easily expect higher activities on your website, more brand visibility, brand awareness and conversions.

Moreover, SEO Marketing is a crucial part of learning Digital Marketing Course that will teach you SEO methods and tactics.

Finally, in this Digital Marketing Course Module (SEO), You get knowledge of

  1. SEO friendly domain
  2. Learn SEO through Best SEO Tools
  3. Link building
  4. SEO friendly designs
  5. Mobile SEO
  6. On-page and Off-page SEO
  7. SEO Site Audit & Google Algorithm Updates
  8. SEO Analytics

Hence, with this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can easily leverage your brand’s online presence.

2. Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing? Sound’s good right? Before stepping into the Digital Marketing course, we all know social media platforms were only used to connect with friends and share one’s personal thoughts and feelings with the world.

But do you know? It is one of the most important components of digital marketing. This helps brands to engage with their audience by bringing forth the attractive image and catchy message in a trendy way.

So, just don’t think Social media marketing is as easy as just scrolling down Facebook or Instagram and posting whatever one feels like. 

The Digital Marketing social media course helps a business align its business plans with its Social Media Activities

Finally, in this Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing (SMM) course module, You get an understanding and knowledge of 

  1. Community Building & Developing Facebook Marketing Strategies
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Twitter Marketing & Types Of Twitter Ads
  4. LinkedIn Marketing In B2B Businesses
  5. YouTube Marketing
  6. Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat & Other Social Media Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing Analytics

3. Email Marketing 

From your perspective, you just know email is the oldest version for communication purposes.

But in Digital Marketing, Email marketing is an efficient way to get deeper relationships and noise-free targeting with the audience.

Moreover, Emails can give a business 6 times the click-through than tweets. Further, people having Email Accounts are 3 times more than having Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Some of the major reasons a business uses Email marketing are for Announcements, Marketing offers, newsletters, and Event invitation.

Lastly, in this Digital Marketing Email Marketing course module, You get an understanding and knowledge of 

  1. Mailing List & Organizing The Mailing List
  2. HTML & Text Emails
  3. Writing Newsletters Announcements & Event Invitation
  4. Writing CTR based Copywriting Content  & Landing Pages
  5. Email Marketing Spam Compliance & How To Avoid Spamming
  6. How to Avoid Being Blacklisted In Email Marketing
  7. Email Marketing Service Providers, Automation & Metrics
  8. How to Follow Up, Tools & Email Marketing

4. Content Marketing

In Digital Marketing practices, Content Marketing is what makes everything possible- that attracts a large target audience and converts into customers.

Furthermore, having high-quality content on your page in different forms like blogs, videos, images increase visibility by the search engines.

Hence, in digital marketing, one of the effective modules is content marketing- where one has to know what type of content should be published on different online platforms and how to curate high-quality content and use content management systems.

Lastly, in this Digital Marketing Content marketing course module, You get a deeper understanding and knowledge of 

  1. Content Creation & Targeting Customers
  2. Blogging 
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Content Promotion, Analysis, and Reporting

5. Search Engine Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing is the other paramount form of Digital Marketing Advertising methods and it involves both paid and unpaid advertisements.

The advertisements that display on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are called Pay per Click ads.

It is eye-catching marketing to grow one’s business and promote products.

Finally, in this Digital Marketing Search Engine Marketing course module, You get a deeper understanding and knowledge of 

  1. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Glossary
  2. Parts Of PPC Ad
  3. PPC Landing Pages
  4. Bidding In PPC
  5. Google Search Marketing
  6. Yahoo & Bing Search Marketing
  7. Measuring Results

6. Web Analytics 

Whatever the product/service that we market online, you are supposed to analyze

performance, Data Flow, and Visitors’ behavioral preferences in order to measure ROI. 

Hence, the digital marketing Web Analytics Course helps you Track and Monitor Online Campaigns performance that will translate into more leads, better sales conversion and boosted online presence.

Here, you will get to learn different analytics tools that you can use to collect, track, measure, analyze and report your website data.

Generally, With digital marketing web analytics course module, You get a deeper understanding and knowledge of 

  1. Web Analytics Dashboard
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Key Metrics In Google Analytics
  4. Web Analytics Conversions
  5. Segmentation In Google Analytics
  6. Social Media, Ecommerce and Mobile analytics

So, Where Can You Start Learning a Digital Marketing Course?

I think now you’ve understood that Digital Marketing is not just simply learning on your own to globally market your product/ service through a digital medium.

It’s a vast area, where you want to become an expert in digital marketing to sell your products at ease sitting at home.

But, where can you still get the right practical exposure to elaborate your marketing skill-set?

Zuan Education provides real-time practical training. Starting from training in everything from SEO to Content marketing to web analytics. Additionally, candidates can receive personalized career coaching and mentorship from a real-world industry expert.

Are you looking for reviews to help you in choosing our institute to join for pursuing a digital marketing course? You are not alone. We understand that committing to an institute for pursuing a career is a time taking decision. There are lots of choices you get when you look up on Google.

However,  browsing through the internet to choose the best digital marketing training institute may feel overwhelming.

This is why we try to help you in making the right decision or make you consider how to choose an institute in your journey.

Before I get to the reviews, consider the following factors to choose an institute:

  • Check the Google reviews and youtube student testimonial videos on the institute website 
  • Check what are the different programs the institute is offering.
  • Enquire about the trainer’s years of experience in the digital marketing field. 
  • Contact professionals and ask them for recommendations.

Moreover, you see all institutes promise to offer 100% practical and placement opportunities to aspirants. However, the learning and overall experience are what sets an institute apart. Here you can find some of our student reviews.

Summing up:

I hope you got more clarity now and what should be your Digital Marketing Course Content. There are also several Google Digital Marketing Courses that can help you learn digital marketing.

Moreover, if you want to learn and master all the modules shared in this post, the Digital Marketing Training Courses can pave the path for you.

We are the most preferred Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai and we do have the stats to show for that. Want to experience the future with us? Get a free demo today on digital marketing by enquiring us at +91- 9025-500-600 and see how Zuan Education can change your career path for the better.


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