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AngularJS is an excellent Javascript framework that can be utilized to build robust and dynamic web applications. It also includes the building of complex client-side applications. Since its release in 2009, AngularJS has been extensively used by multiple web developers for its comfortable extending of custom HTML tags and directives. So, there are many resources available to learn AngularJS online.

AngularJS is one of the most prominent languages utilized in front-end development. Due to its smooth learning, various resources accessible to learn AngularJS online. If you are looking at developing front-end solutions fast, with insufficient resources, robustness and high scalability, then AngularJS should be your choice. Its utilization of dependency injection makes it simple to be modularized, tested and revamped upon. AngularJS has turned into a prominent choice for the web developers universally, which rushes to respond to updates and different interfaces and supports in building a comprehensive web application.

The IT industry has warmly acknowledged AngularJS, and most of the MNC companies are hiring people having the knowledge of AngularJS. Due to the shortage of skilled professionals, there is a huge demand in the market and experts are getting paid more than industry standard. Nowadays, people need to learn AngularJS online and they prefer a video-based tutorial or a more advanced learning website with particular discussions and demo.

Here, we are listing some best websites to learn AngularJS online and enhance your knowledge by watching training videos and course materials. Some websites are more focused on beginners only and cover the basics whereas some offer great advanced videos and materials for the more traditional web programmer.

Best Way to Learn AngularJS Online

1. Zuan Education

The AngularJS course from Zuan Education helps beginners to learn AngularJS, along with understanding the JavaScript concepts, how to design custom directives, and how to create single-page web applications. It offers both online classes and classroom training for AngularJS. It provides soft copy of course material which includes the step by step learning process. If you are willing to join AngularJS online training, you need to have a computer or laptop, uninterrupted internet connection, Skype ID and Teamviewer software.

zuaneducation angularjs

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2. Year Of Moo

Year of Moo is the best way to learn AngularJS online. It will guide you the very basics of how AngularJS works and what it can be used for. Year of Moo includes all the essential parts of AngularJS: Modules, Dependency Injection, Routes, Services, Directives and more. It also provides tips and tricks of AngularJS. This website gives you a brief explanation of AngularJS usage with MooTools and jQuery.


3. Codecademy

If you like to learn AngularJS step by step with a complete guide, then this website is suitable for you. In this AngularJS online course, you will learn the Angular basics, controllers, services, filters, and directives. In every topic, you will get the explanations and instructions on some challenges which will solve within the editor.

4. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is the best resource to learn AngularJS online. It offers a well-structured AngularJS online course and separates each Angular component into particular sections. In addition to learning the overview, environment setup and MVC architecture, the people can also know essential elements like Directives, Expressions, Controllers, Filters, Tables, Modules, Forms, AJAX and HTML DOM. In the meantime, they can likewise check the examples of applications developed utilizing HTML, CSS, and AngularJS. Here you will get the basics of AngularJS from Setting Up the Environment until Internalization. There is additionally a Quick Guide that condenses all you should about AngularJS.

5. Thinkster

Thinkster gives you a different method of learning AngularJS. They split up all of the AngularJS subjects into 12 parts. In every part, you will see a concise topical explanation took after by tick-able helpful readings. This curriculum is outlined as the best way to learn AngularJS online. It is accurately guiding you by each of the AngularJS core concepts altogether with an extensive presentation of high-quality content. At the end of this AngularJS online training, you will be able to build large-scale applications.


6. AirPair

In AirPair, Todd Motto (A Google Developer Expert) was composed a 10,000-word AngularJS tutorial. It is an excellent resource to learn AngularJS online, and its tutorial will guide you the basics of AngularJS concepts. It also includes 14 subjects which depend on engineering concept, form validation, templating with Angularjs and more. Toward the finish of every topic, you will find related helpful resources for additional reading.


7. Egghead

Egghead is likely one of the best website to learn AngularJS online. It gives 190+ free AngularJS tutorial videos for learning AngularJS in a straight and simple way. All tutorial videos differ from 2 – 10 minutes only. The code, discussion, and summary are accessible underneath the video. There are additionally PRO subscriptions to improve your knowledge beginning at $14.99/month.


8. Code School

Code School is one of the best resources to learn AngularJS online, and it offers a complete free interactive AngularJS online course for beginners. It explains basics of AngularJS, directives, services, and forms through video tutorials, exercises, and downloadable text tutorials. So, the tutorial is dividing into 5 levels which have around 12 videos and 27 challenges. There are 6 earnable credentials on the off chance that you finish all of the levels. Besides, this AngularJS online training benefits JavaScript programmers to determine Built-in Directives, Forms, Custom-Directives, and Services.

Code School

9. Udemy

The AngularJS online course from udemy encourages beginners to learn AngularJS step by step. Alongside learning the JavaScript concepts were driving it, how to design custom directives, and how to build single-page web applications. It also includes 55 lectures and 7 hours of video content. Any people with a fundamental knowledge of HTML and JavaScript can join this course to learn different components of AngularJS. However, the learners need to pay $99 to take the AngularJS online course.


10. MediaLoot

This website gives unlimited access to more than 1500 AngularJS resources. It additionally sends tutorials, blogs and design tips to every student through emails. However, the text-based tutorial is designed by keeping beginners in mind. Any people comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can join this AngularJS online course to learn different features of AngularJS application development.


11. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is likely the first spot to look at in case you’re keen on taking AngularJS online course. It also has a splendid collection of series that are appropriate for beginner through intermediate Javascript or AngularJS developers. If you have some fundamental Javascript knowledge, at that point this course is a great place to begin.

12. Codementor

Codementor is one of the best ways to learn AngularJS online. It provides many tutorials, videos, guides, and tips and tricks from experienced AngularJS developers. Regardless of whether you have issues knowing directives, seeking for more AngularJS tips, or don’t have thoughts of what to build, Codementor will assist you to obtain a superior understanding of the framework. It also has accumulated a broad list of AngularJS learning resources to support beginners to become an expert in AngularJS.



There are many AngularJS online training available today, these are a few of the best among them. Hence, the beginners must refer to multiple resource sites to learn various aspects of the Angular JS. It is also necessary for learners to choose resource sites that help them understand the new features and functionality added in the most recent version of AngularJS.

Learn AngularJS Online

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