Just graduated? Here are the key skills employers look for

Are you a Fresher trying to figure out what employers really want in graduates?

Actually, Skills depend on the role you are applying for. But there are certain qualities which are suitable for every position and it’s not easy to develop but will surely be worth your entire life.

Top skills for graduates

These are the top skills that employers will look at in freshers when hiring as follows:

  • Commercial awareness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management
  • Confidence
  • Self-awareness
  • Decision-making skills
  • Work under pressure
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creative problem solving
  • Adaptability

Hard skills vs Soft skills

Hard skills are majorly trained by skilled professionals, based on your role you must have technical expertise in the subject.

For example coding ability, and foreign language skills.

Soft skills can be taught, but it’s your attitude that depicts the outcome of your experience. In every industry, soft skills are targeted by major employers to analyze the candidate’s potential. You can learn soft skills from institutes and keep applying throughout your life.

For example interpersonal skills, leadership, and adaptability.

Most employers will select you based on hard skills to some extent and decide whether you will fit in this role or not. But majorly about freshers, employers will analyze soft skills that will compliment you and find you suitable for the role.

Which types of skills employers are looking for?

The fact is you will need hard skills for certain positions that you can’t get a job without one. But the truth is without soft skills you can’t get placements in any field. So soft skills are very important for every role.

Why do freshers need soft skills? This is because as a fresher, students will not have a strong foundation in entry-level jobs. But employers can train them to do so.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be qualified with every skill, but it is most important to show the employer that you have the ability to learn new things and excel.

You will need these skills especially when you apply for jobs not related to your degree. The employer will hire you even without technical knowledge but he/she will look for a potential learner.

So you may get a question, how to get jobs with Soft skills?

You can read the job descriptions and shortlist the jobs that don’t require hard skills or relevant degrees in general. A Certain position needs technical skills l. Which you can master by joining a top institute.

One of such is Zuan education, we have a professional expert trainers team, in the depth course syllabus, and live projects for 30+ courses.

You can easily get a job that requires passionate learner’s or soft skills expertise by joining in our complete soft skills training course.

Do I need transferable skills?

Yes, transferable skills are important to get placements in reputed companies almost in every industry. Employers consider these skills more valuable and you will have a high chance of getting hired.

You can gain transferable skills from your hobbies, education, work or even at the home. As you can’t show as proof for your roleplay, but you can make employers believe that you’re a good fit for the position.

Transferable skills are getting famous in recent days, as because of the competition graduates may not get a job in their education field. And without any previous experience in the relevant field, they find work to be very hard.

However, the skills can help the graduates to uplift their career. Here are some examples of transferable skills:

  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Delegation
  • Listening
  • Communication

How can I develop my skills? 

Everything is possible with sincere preparation and expert training. I recommend you to take up the required courses to meet your industry requirements. But make sure to learn from the best training institute and have a positive attitude.

As certifications alone can’t help you to get the job. More practical knowledge is needed for every industry. Technical skills can be related to any type such as software development, IT skills, or non-IT skills.

You get the perks of live projects to add in your portfolio by doing courses at Zuan Education. Which is a perfect add on for fresh graduates to stand out from the existing crowd.

But don’t worry it’s never too late to learn something new and expand your knowledge.

Here are some tips to develop your skills:

  • Take a course
  • Volunteer leadership skills
  • Get some work experience
  • Do an internship
  • Make the most of professional skills

How to add skills to your Cover letter or Resume? 

Now, you know what are the important skills that employers look for in fresh graduates. It’s time to pen down every key skill to catch the eyes of your employer in the CV.

Here are the dos and don’ts to follow when mentioning problem-solving skills on your CV/Resume:

  • Do: add relevant skills alone as mentioned in your job description
  • Don’t: add your real-life experience
  • Do: situational approach and task-oriented
  • Don’t: use clichés or informal things
  • Do: focus on how to show up your profile unique for the job vacant
  • Don’t: Being vague or dull in your profile will not show you fit for any industry.

More key skills that recruiters check

So you have mastered all the above skills, now how to make your profile, even more, better with soft skills include people skills, personality traits, listening skills, and communication skills. To never face any job rejection, you need to learn additional work ethic as follows,

  • Manage ambiguity

Try to manage ambiguity, in the fast-changing world you should be more skilled to get your dream job. Especially if you are looking for jobs in the retail sector. This is an important skill that you can develop by knowing little facts about the job markets.

  • Resilience

Employers look for this skill to analyze the graduates whether they can perform well in work pressure or environment problems.

Make sure to convey that you have this skill to perform well under any pressure which can guarantee a successful recruitment process.

  • Analytical skills

Analytical skills are usually analyzed by conducting aptitude tests based on your industry. If you got the best analytical skill in your field. Then no one can stop you from getting hired. Employers look for this analytical power in every applicant in a job search.

  • Enterprise & Entrepreneur skills

Have no idea about Entrepreneurial skills?

Actually, most of the candidates will be having this knowledge that fresh graduates will be coming with new ideas and technically updated. To suggest new ideas to business is Entrepreneur skills. Employers look for these skills to develop new ideas to survive in the market.

  • IT skills

You can show up your IT skills from your education, work experience, or extra activities. The best approach is to demonstrate that you have implemented the skills in your projects, business, or other activities. Just explain how the skill was useful to you.

Bottom Line

Getting placement can be tough at times as a fresh graduate. You will not have relevant work knowledge in the industry.

So always try to learn relevant skills that are needed for your career. Join in our Soft skill training program for 100% placements.

Our mentors can shape you up as the most desired candidate in the employment process.

You can even become a Soft skill trainer in human resources by taking up the course. As a Soft skill trainer, you can earn from 25-30k for freshers.

Enroll now to the best training institute in Chennai to expertise in Soft skill.


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