Is WordPress Developer Certifications Needed? |10 Facts & Benefits

The fact is developers don’t have certifications often and they will be working with their experience and knowledge in the desired field. But if you are a beginner and enthusiast to make a career, you need certifications.

The advantage of getting certifications is vast and in every field. It will open more doors and will give more chances of getting placements in a reputed company.

Not only with WordPress hosting, but every course also needs certifications and proper knowledge with in-hand experiences is mandatory to make a career depending on Niche.

In this article, you will learn about WordPress certifications and 10 facts & benefits one should consider.

The WordPress certifications can boost your career and help in achieving your goal.

Let’s get started with WordPress!

What WordPress Certifications Are?

WordPress is a popular platform, so making a career in it is always a good idea. All you need to do is learn the WordPress users course with a professional training institute.

People all over the world use this platform in more numbers. To download WordPress and install WordPress is easy. You can learn dedicated courses and become professionals by building up your resumes and gaining immense skill sets.

At the end of our courses, you’ll get a certificate and you can use it for your future job interviews or even start doing freelancing with high profiles.

WordPress is an open-source platform. So you can always have a collar up feel with the added advantage of owning certifications and credentials among your competitors.

Here are 10 major facts and benefits of WordPress training.

1. Save Money on Future Projects

You may have or may not have a site for you on WordPress and learning the WordPress developer course will help you to gain the skills you needed.

If you learn new tools, it’s an added skill to benefit your company’s future projects. You don’t have to rely on an outside developer for your company’s WordPress works, and as you can create, update, and manage your company’s website builder in your team itself.

2.  Invest in WordPress training.

Taking WordPress training itself is an investment, it’s an investment. Like learning other courses, one should consider WordPress seriously as it has been a huge success. WordPress is going to pay dividends for you and your company in the future.

As you will be making all the enhancements to your website or blog with real-time experience, it will save your time as well as your money.

3. Effective Development Process

As a developer, you can save time and money by directly working with your WordPress. This will eliminate the extravagance of spending on phone calls, mailing lists, and scheduling meetings with outside developers for the block editor.

Instead, you can join our training program and we assure you to make your goals into reality.

In our WordPress training course, we ensure to create value for your company within a shorter period of time. We also have free demo sessions, in that you will get a clear idea about our strategies. So get in touch with our expert mentors team.

4. Develop Your Digital Strategy

You can become a digital marketing and WordPress expert with the course knowledge. It will gain the utmost value for your company.

By learning WordPress, you will get astonished to know how everything connects with digital marketing and how creating an online presence plays a vital role in taking your company to the next level.

With many years of experience in web development and digital marketing development, training, Zuan Education has the knowledge and experience in leveraging how every digital content is creating a valuable online presence for your business. We help you to learn each and every aspect of it.

5. Mobile Website optimization

You will learn how to create a mobile responsive website with WordPress software.

With a traditional website, we can show you ways to optimize your mobile website. A responsive and mobile-friendly website is an effective tool to succeed in your digital marketing strategy. It is essentially important for creating an online presence.

6. Social Media plugins

Social media plugins can sometimes slow down your site, you have to know how to balance with social media plugins, for this, you have to choose the one which has less number of features. So you could provide a hassle-free user experience.

Some of the best free social media plugins are,

  • Social Warfare offers faster loading speeds, which helps your page to rank higher in Google. It is available in free and also a pro version. The free version offers everything for the popular social sharing platforms. But for Reddit share buttons or twitter share counts,  pro options can help.
  • Many start-ups use WordPress to Buffer plugin to save time. This plugin helps to share your social media content in one place. You can schedule your post and do social media sharing without publishing your blog post.

7. SEO of the website

You also gain SEO knowledge and increase online traffic in your site running WordPress.

Gaining essential knowledge in search engine optimization will help your business to rank better than others in most popular Google search engines.

If customers failed to find your website, then there is no point in making it look very attractive with the WordPress themes and plugins.

SEO strategy is important to be followed for any website and it will enable potential customers for your web page.

If you are a student, learn SEO optimization and It will help you to make a successful career in WordPress and Digital marketing.

8. Research and Data Analysis

Learning WordPress will curve your ability to discover things and shape your future progress steadily with the gained information.

Every feature or WordPress blog, post, and pages that you create will require one or two Google search minimums. Finding good articles to start with learning “how to” is just a beginning point.

Therefore, the WordPress website will give related ideas and refine your thoughts more quickly.

WordPress training will make you learn how to use data in your research. This is a trending skill set for every industry. In most jobs related to technology, data will be accessible and readable.

WordPress training will prepare you to analyze everything and transform them into actions.

WordPress allows you to create, experiment, measure the search results, and improve your interaction with the website by using google analytics.

This will help you to show your goals to the employer and he/ she can review your results or progressing achievements.

9. SEO Plugins

Every WordPress website needs an SEO plugin. In SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is the most popular and widely used option. After installing Yoast SEO, you can access it very easily in the WordPress dashboard. 

Another most popular SEO plugin is, All in One SEO Plugin, which helps to optimize single posts and pages. You can add an SEO title, meta description, and keywords for every post you publish.

Our mentors can teach you in-depth about various SEO plugins that you should learn and it will help you to set up your website.

10. Influence

The training will help you to sell or influence people with your ideas which are valued by employees in the industry.

One doesn’t have to be an expert in marketing or sales all the time to influence and redirect required things to be done.

You can either be a job seeker or you are running a website, you should influence people to see success in your field. You’re influencing people to view your creation, your professional work, or read about your ideas and thoughts.

10 Benefits of Zuan WordPress certifications

1. You will have solid proof stating that you meet all the requirements of the position you are applying for in a job interview. And you get high chances of getting a placement.

2.  It will instantly boost up your CV and attract your employer to consider your job proposal.

3.  Learning courses for certifications will improve your knowledge and expertise to be a better fit for your role.

4.  You can easily get placement options with the help of our institute and also you will gain contacts from your mentors at the same time.

5.  You will get the chance to create a portfolio of your project. This will open many doors when you apply for a job or else you can even start freelancing.

6.  We give real-time projects from our clients to uplift your knowledge and you will have a beforehand experience on the project.

7.  You will have hands-on practical learning sessions and only theoretical learning will not work often. So we believe in learning everything in action.

8.  Students will get working knowledge of WordPress and it allows them to access and work with features of the website.

9.  We have the latest updated course syllabus and our mentors are professional experts in the desired field.

10.  We have trained 800+ professionals who are now successfully working across IT companies around Chennai.

Wrapping up

The biggest benefit of WordPress training is that we will train you with on-hands experience and real-time projects.

The course will allow you to gain more knowledge and expertise to make your career with a bright future.

Our course will help you become more hireable and we also help with 100% placements, Enroll now in Zuan Education to increase your earnings.

Do you have any questions about WordPress certifications or WordPress training in Chennai? Contact us today, or leave queries down below! We will reply to comments.

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