Incredible Scope Of Content Writing In Non-Technical Field


Content writing is not a new buzzword, as we are communicating information via various types of content in all these years.

In the last two decades, our way of communication and platforms for communication have changed exponentially. 

The main goal of a content writer in a non-technical field is to communicate or share information through original content to a wide range of audiences effectively.

However, professional content writers in the non-technical field need expertise in something more. 

Content writing for business has evolved since the 18th century by Benjamin Franklin and later 2000’s SEO copywriters changed the insights of content writers.

Google encourages original and quality content, so there is a huge demand for professional content writers in various fields.

The national average salary for a Content Writer is INR 3,26,218 in India. 

What is the role of Content Writers?

  • Content writers need to research various topics to gather information. Content writing requires equal time for researching as well as writing articles.
  • Content writers will have to conduct interviews or read scholarly academic papers to find relevant resources unavailable online. Content strategy is the key to writing in a non-technical field.
  • Sometimes, Content writers must be content curators. This means that they must have knowledge of interesting and credible information. As they can arrange them in one place for readers to repost them accordingly.
  • Content writers will have specialization in various platforms. As the role of content writers is to create content for business blogs, websites, corporate communication, PR articles, product descriptions, and many more. 
  • Content is written for videos and podcasts because of the popularity of social media platforms today.
  • Content writers will have specialization in specific niches such as e-commerce, technology, health & beauty, finance, etc.

Scope of Content Writing in Non-Technical field 

As we discussed earlier, there is an increasing demand in marketing for content writers. So, many agencies hire content writers for their businesses. 

If you are an aspiring content writer, planning to make your career path in the most profitable field. 

Content Writers can work either as full-time writers or freelancers for  MNCs, start-ups, and institutions.

Some career opportunities in content writing available in India are:

  • Content Creators/ Developers
  • Content Strategists
  • SEO Content Writers
  • Copywriters
  • Proofreaders
  • Editors
  • Brand Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Instructional Designers
  • Academic Writers or Researchers
  • Technical Writers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Video Content Creators

Consider the below statistics to find the importance and scope of content writing in India.

  • Content writers can drive 7.8 times more traffic than other marketing strategists according to Neil Patel
  • IBM digital survey reports that 56% of marketers trust that customized content marketing can drive high engagement and increase brand name drastically.
  • According to the demand metric, Content marketing is less expensive, (when compared to traditional marketing it’s 62% less and affordable).
  • Companies who invest in content marketing forecast 6X high conversion rates.
  • 73% of companies hire professional content writers to create quality content.

All these stats will give you clear insights into the high demand and tremendous opportunities for content writers in India.

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Importance of Writing Quality Contents 

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving and it changed the ways of traditional marketing. The major work of the professional content writer is to create the most engaging content that drives visitors to take up action and increase conversions. 

As content writing is the foundation of digital marketing in the non-technical field. Nowadays, marketing strategies don’t include high investment in print ads or banner ads, as people ignore it. 

Moreover, marketing strategies consider creating quality content that provides valuable information to customers.

Content writing is like the veins of digital marketing today, as many companies want professional content writers to create valuable content to promote their products or services to customers.

Attributes of Quality Content

After knowing the demand and opportunities, you will be eager to know the indicators of quality content. 

Informative and factual content can reach more audiences easily. The main quality of a good content writer is to create lucid content even if it deals with complex subjects.

Here are a few attributes that help to curate great content in the marketing strategies.

  • Credible – Content must be plagiarism free and deliver factual information. As he/she needs to provide statistics and all the sources of content clearly.
  • Interesting – Content has to deliver good command and attracts audience attention to businesses.
  • Personalized – Content must always be direct and deliver the message effectively to the target audience. As the content represents the brand and its message to its customers.
  • Engaging – User engagement can be measured via an increase in the number of shares, likes, and comments on the post. However, creating valuable content is the key that makes readers share it with friends or family.

Additional  Skills

There are few additional skills that help website content writers to create valuable content using SEO and link building that ensures your content to rank better in search engines. 

As a content writer in a non-technical field, you must have knowledge in copywriting for better results. 

Moreover, content writing is an essential part of content marketing, and it’s essential for content writers to know marketing strategies, and to forecast inbound sales.

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The Future of Content Writing

Content writing has a bright future across the nation, with the advent of technology and the internet across various businesses. As there is a huge demand prevailing in the industry, it’s the best time for new content writers to kickstart their career path successfully. 

Here is what the future holds for content writers as follows,

Visual Content


In recent days, people prefer visual content more than any other format because of gadgets and technologies available today. 

However, visual content will include videos or infographics, for example, YouTube videos which record more than 3 billion searches every month.  Also, infographics are 3x times shared more on social media platforms.

That’s the reason why many content strategies include short videos in their blogs instead of text posts. 

However, the content presentation only differs here, but the quality and efforts of content writers remain the same in writing content.

The knowledge of storyboard presentation and video production is an add on advantage for content writers to create extraordinary visuals.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is leveraging all types of businesses, and it’s believed that AI will replace most of the functions in near future. 

Therefore, AI also deals with content writing and it will evolve the future of content writing better. 

However, there are solutions available like Spinnerchief which creates articles within some time. 

Also, they scan website articles to provide the best keywords that can boost up the ranking and proceed search optimized articles.

Content marketers don’t prefer this software currently because it’s not up to the credibility of human readability and content quality. 

Also, there are few content writers who use this software to support their research and SEO strategies. However, we can find AI will support content writing to a great extent in the upcoming years.

 As content writers need to improve their abilities to create the most engaging and creative content that reaches a wide audience in the world.

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Content Is The King


The content writing career comes with endless opportunities and challenges. As content writers are always in huge demand with the advent of technologies and the internet.

Therefore, at Zuan Education we have a comprehensive Content Writing Course that helps beginners to start their careers successfully.

A career in content writing is highly competitive, you have opportunities endlessly. In fact, many full-time content writers with (6-10 years of experience) are making more than INR 10 lakh per month.

How to Become a Content Writer?

Content writing is a great field with endless opportunities and career paths, as there are no defined qualifications or graduate degrees needed for it. 

Anyone with good written communication can take up content writing as a career at any stage of their professional life and work as a full-time or part-time content writer. 

Most companies prefer to hire content writers with degrees in literature, journalism, and mass communication, and also they recruit master’s degree holders for any specialized writing such as life sciences, physics, engineering, and psychology, etc.

However, good writing skills and an analytical mind is the key to an ace content writing career.

Here are a few exceptional ways that can help you to start a content writing career,

1. Freelancing


Content writing offers a wide range of freelancing opportunities than any other field. Many multinational companies also look for freelancers to outsource their projects and you can find multiple job opportunities in platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, WorknHire, Upwork, etc.

As a freelancer, one can work independently and build their own expertise and portfolio within a short time, and set the benchmark in career growth.

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Advantages of Working as a Freelance Content Writer 

  • You work independently and have great flexibility in working.
  • You can decide your projects with complete freedom and work on them.
  • You have no deadlines or pressure to work for any fixed hours per day.
  • You can take care of your responsibilities, along with a good income.
  • You can also do other part-time businesses.  

2. Full-Time Content Writers


To become a full-time content writer, you need to have strong research skills, and a passion to learn many new skills daily. You can apply to various content writing roles in job portals like Linkedin, Indeed, Monster Jobs and Glassdoor, etc.

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Advantages of Working as a Full-time Content Writer 

  • Consistent income
  • Career Growth and team management skills
  • Opportunity to learn new skills from your colleagues and seniors
  • Advantages of working with great companies and brand
  • No stress in managing project proposals.

3. Internships

Even if you are a student, you can kickstart your career as a content writer by doing internships with organizations either online or offline. 

There are internships available in various leading magazines or newspapers, in which you can contribute columns with attractive content based on your interest.

There are multiple job opportunities available for content writers, you can make an extra living by doing such projects along with your full-time jobs too. 

4. Blogging


Nowadays, you can find many bloggers, especially teens who write about interesting topics that catch a wide audience. 

As you can start your website for free, it’s helpful for budding content writers to write and publish in their own blogs. 

You don’t need education qualifications to start blogging, as writing style and voice are only important to communicate your content to your target audience. 

By the time you get popularity make sure to monetize your blog and start earning. Even if you can’t monetize, still you can use it as a portfolio to boost your resume while applying for jobs.

5. Certification Programs

As content writing is in huge demand and highly competitive, With the right certification and skills, you will stay one step ahead of others.  

As content writing is a vast field, many people want to start their career in it. You need to enhance your skills by taking short-term courses and learning from expert trainers. 

You can find various digital marketing courses like blogging, electronic rhetoric, technical writing, copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), CMS (Content Management System), WordPress, Keyword Research, Social Media Fundamentals, etc.

At Zuan Education, we provide short term courses with certifications in Content writing that can improve your writing skills and competence professionally.

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Tips for Budding Content Writers

After reading all this, now you have clear insights on content writing and your patience in reading proves your interest to ace the dream of becoming a professional content writer. 

For aspiring content writers, we have listed a few things to keep in mind, which will help you to succeed in the long run as a content writer. 

  • Keep Reading more – Instead Of writing always, practice to read more as a beginner in content writing. A voracious reader can surely write masterpiece content that engages the audience and infuse them in your writing.
  •  Build Your Networks – You can attend seminars, workshops to build more contacts and learn the latest trends in the industry. This will increase your potential in the professional marketplace.
  • Build Your Research Skills Strong- Before writing articles, make sure to research well, and write in the most interesting way. Ensure to spend more time researching than you spent time writing the whole content. Research is most essential for non-technical writing as well as technical writing too.
  • Have Strong Social Media Presence- Networking is important for any field, it’s important for content writing also. Make sure to build networks in popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Medium (especially for writers), and Twitter, etc. Social media has the power to grab the eyes of the audience into your content predominantly.
  • Expand Your Horizons- Ensure to write in various niches, as it will make you learn many new concepts. The Internet can help you to learn everything easily, and never miss any opportunities.
  • Stay Tuned For Updates –As the format of content changes from time to time, and needs of social media or trends. From writing written format content to writing for video content and chatbots is revolutionary these days. Make sure to embrace every opportunity and learn as many skills as you can to achieve your goal. 

Final verdict 

Every aspiring content writer needs to keep all these opportunities and challenges in mind. If you are still passionate about setting your career path in content writing, congratulations you have made the best decision. 

As writing is a medium of strong communication to express your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and emotions.

Therefore, if you wish to see your future in content writing, with no further delay kickstart your career plans today. 

All you need to have is a strong interest in learning new things and a passion for writing content. 

Don’t step back, take the leap and stay ahead by enrolling in our professional content marketing courses, and learn from our career experts.

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