Top Ways To Use Snapchat For Business In India

Snapchat worldwide is a craze of millennials, so it is in India. Especially few brands have experienced their hands on Snapchat. Brands in India, do not in fact desire to shift from Facebook, Twitter and at the present Instagram and LinkedIn – sooner or later impressions,

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a mobile application to share Images, videos, and text. It is free of charge app accessible to download and send messages. It has turn out to be very trendy within a short time particularly with teenagers. The trait that makes it unique from the added texting or sharing applications is that the Text will be deleted itself within 10 seconds from the receiver phone.

Why incorporate Snapchat in your marketing strategy?

Just like Facebook and Twitter appeared strange to most users when they got out, Snapchat yet appears different to most businesses. A group of people will question in India how a photo and a video messaging app can give an advantage to their business. Here’s a little that will make you rub your top, there are above 12 million Indian Snapchat users also a maximum of them consisting of generation group of 18 to 30, which implies examined the difficult part to learn for any marketer.



But, there are numerous benefits of utilizing Snapchat and the best way to do you stand out from your race, is to study and try to include this policy by the surfaces of your business.

Snapchat Advertising: Free Methods



Even though Snapchat requires a bit new effort than the special status update on Facebook or Twitter, it’s still probable to bond with and grow up a Snapchat following with no an extensive investment.

If you’re looking to connect with your group of people in a new-fangled way, without raising your advertising financial plan, think to implement one or more of the subsequent four strategies:

#1 Share behind the scenes footage

What’s going on in the place of work, for the period of the holidays or after hours? Snapchat users feel affection for getting elite insights into the brands they follow – so offer that to them!

Share the traits at the back of your brand to your Snapchat users and you’ll be able to connect and expand long-term, momentous relationships with some of your a good number excited fans.

#2 Offer coupons and discounts

Snapchat is the ruler of flash sales. Get lead of the ability to make a post that fades away within 24 hours to unique offers, coupons, in adding up to discounts to make followers onto your website or into your store.

If followers turn into comfortable to getting regular deals throughout your Snapchat account, they will surely check in on a regular basis – making it easy to share added insights concerning your brand and products and put up client commitment and trustworthiness.

#3 Tell stories

Snapchat Stories consist of quick videos that remain evident for 24 hours on a public newsfeed. Hence, each story has the capacity to go viral as supporters will be excited to give anything they believe implies enjoyment or fun.

As a business, you can get the utmost of this trait by producing short video dramas, how-to’s, or information of the interesting content to entertain your fans. This isn’t a spot to overtly advertise, simply a humorous video about your product simply sway go viral.

#4 Sending Discounts and Promotions

at the same time as this is one of the trendy traditions a lot of Indian brands influence, in their plan as it workings finest with the performance of Indian customers and as well somewhat that is an element of a shopping fashion. For companies that include an e-Commerce or store occurrence, this can be capable of a big way to take advantage of on the fleeting nature of Snapchat, despite the fact that also appealing to users on the new display place. Because Snapchat doesn’t permit you to send snaps to users who haven’t added you back, you are already dealing with an extra engage user base. This can be capable of assist you return devotion points as well as help you make up your viewer’s base on the social app.

Snapchat Advertising: Paid Methods


If you hope to increase a bit new grip from your Snapchat account, in that case, there are quite a lot of great paid advertising options on Snapchat with the aim of are very platform-specific.

#1 Snap Ads

Snap ads are perhaps the largest long-established technique of paid advertising throughout Snapchat and might be compared to turn around ads on YouTube.

Fundamentally, flanked by stories, a 10 second Snap Ad video will play – and the client has the selection to swipe up if they would be fond of to find out more by visiting a longer video, article or app. Snapchat claims that these ads change at a rate 5 times privileged than usual banner ads – making it an extremely useful advertising option.

#2 Snapchat Sponsored Lenses

Snapchat offers you amusing filters, identified as lenses that you are able to add to your videos and imagery – from pup ears to funny specs, to blizzards. Whether you would like to be an emperor or a racecar driver, Snapchat has lenses that can lend a hand to your ideas come true!

Businesses contain the alternative to supporting lenses that users can use when intriguing videos and pictures. For example, Starbucks produced a drink image that can be added into any Snapchat, Gatorade made it complete for anyone to acquire close to dunked and Taco Bell give users the chance to twist their heads into tacos!

The regular user interacts in the midst of a brand’s lens for 20 seconds – and frequently shares images and videos using the lens. This makes lenses a very noticeable and interactive promotion tactic.

#3 Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat’s Geofilters allow Snapchat users to add specific location filters and frames to their post – providing that they’re in that exacting area. This offers an unusual method to “stamp” a picture with evidence that you were really at the confirmed location.

Businesses can support Geofilters, allowing users to put in their frame or filters to pictures that they take while at or near the business.

Geofilters can cost anywhere from 200 Rupee to hundreds of thousands for national campaigns. However, an on its own day nationwide campaign can reach 40-60% of Snapchat users – creation it another highly impactful marketing chance!

what is snapchat


How will you implement Snapchat?


Lastly, despite the fact that Snapchat is still demanding to add more features and improve this platform, while looked from a business point of vision brands have a huge chance to set up themselves as ‘further on the game’ and get to their millennial audience . In short to do a Snapchat campaign brands now need an imaginative plan as it is equally cost effectual and simple to put into practice. One has to be original on Snapchat, forever and determinedly and push the confines of imagination. Getting outcome despite the fact that is not going to be a one day matter of a time. One has to plan, compute and then work towards exciting their brand through Snapchat.


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