How to Start a Career in PHP in India?

How to Start a Career in PHP in India?

Hope, you love building  dynamic websites, web based systems, Web content management systems, e-commerce applications and so on. But you know all these are created using PHP programming language.

So, if you want to create all the above and wish to be great developer and also want to earn more? Then, you must know PHP programming language.

Now , a lot of questions runs in your mind, like how can I start my career in PHP in India, what should be my educational qualification, whether I need some years of experience,scope in PHP, and so on.

Hence, by reading this article, you will get a solution to all your questions in PHP.

  1. Why to choose PHP?
  2. What is the Eligibility to become a PHP developer?
  3. How to become a successful PHP developer?
  4. What are some Career opportunities after learning PHP?
  5. What is the Pay scale of PHP developer in India?
  6. Future Scope of PHP developer

1. Why to Choose PHP?

In the digital world of Websites and applications, PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used open source, server-side, scripting language for many popular web development.

According to the Research, the PHP is the primary language for many famous web portals like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Flickr .

So starting a career in PHP is really a good option for the fresher and experienced candidates, especially those who come from an IT background.

Below are some important reasons for forming your career in PHP

PHP as a Web Development tool:

Recently, PHP platform is widely used as a tool for many web developments. For an aspiring web developers, PHP would be very promising career.

To be notable, Websites with different domains, including, e-commerce, CMS and CRM are structured in PHP.

Easy to learn:

You could be in the confusion of how to start a PHP career? Having doubt like whether learning PhP language is really a harder one to achieve my goal? The answer is definitely not, Learning PHP comes with an easy sail as it’s syntax resembles Java, C, and Perl.

Thus, PHP scripting is the easiest to learn, and there are several realistic examples that demonstrate the functions of PHP.

Open Source:

PHP is the programming language that is 100% open source application that too free.

Thus, as a PHP Developer, you delve into numerous open source software such as MySql, Linux system, and Apache. Even PHP frameworks are also free of cost.


To be pointed Joomla, Magento, and WordPress are the platforms that use Object Oriented Programming Language. 

The above mentioned examples use the OOPS programming concept and was introduced by PHP5.

Dynamic and Flexible:

PHP provides security, apart from it can also be scaled easily and can be encrypted. THus, PHP enables the options of self-customization by users.

Also, being a free product, PHP is feasible to bring out special effects and graphic design and also the code can be written by any editor.

2. What is the Eligibility to become a  PHP developer?

Are you in the uncertainty of how to start a PHP career in India? Primarily know the Eligibility requirements for the position to be a PHP developer.

As a PHP developer, you are responsible for developing websites, applications, and programs with the use of PHP programming language. Hence, you must possess a 4-years bachelor’s degree in computer science. Additionally, Master’s degree in computer education (M.C.A) will be very helpful for the longer term.

In case, you do not belong to a computer science stream, but you love coding and programming that is much adequate to grow in this field.

3. How to become a successful PHP developer?

So, if you have an eagerness to learn a programming language and to be a successful PHP developer. Look at the following questions and if any one of them sounds right for you. Then you would  probably perfect for the position and also can become successful in your career.

  1. Are you looking for a high level of independence in your work to grow?
  2. Do you love learning different coding languages to create dynamic websites?
  3. Are you sure about your technical knowledge and creative spirit?
  4. Finally, do you enjoy visualizing and capable of mapping the complex problems?

Therefore, if you satisfy any one of the above criteria and if you are a  great self-motivator? then you can achieve anything not only as a PHP developer but anything in your life.

4. What are some Career opportunities after learning PHP?

Invariably, there is a global increase in demand for PHP developers at both national and international level to create attractive and dynamic websites.

So, don’t want to worry about your career, as there are many  number of web development companies preferring developers, who can develop a website using PHP over the other platforms to save their development costs and efforts over time.

Hence, proper PHP training will give you a good chance in your career ahead. so, always prefer to go for a reputed PHP training institutes that provide live project training with the guidance of industry experts. 

So, once you have the Knowledge in Programming, you can also opt for other alternative careers like software Engineer, Web developer etc.

5. What is the Pay scale of PHP developer in India?

According to survey, the average pay for a PHP Developer in India is INR 243,983 per year. Additionally, the skills that bring you high income for this job are Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Drupal, Model-view-controller (MVC),  jQuery, and MySQL.

Besides this, your experience in the field will sorely influences the earnings.

Moreover, having hands on Experience and Knowledge on AngularJS, Joomla, Magento can fetch a person good salary in any other country or city.

6. Future Scope of PHP Developer :

In Recent days, PHP is being the fast-emerging and popular web programming language employed all over the world. Moreover, every MNC companies in India, hiring PHP developer every month due to the skill for developing dynamic websites and applications.

As per the findings of Latest Survey Report, It is found that PHP is almost utilized by 84% of the major web server. Thus, Currently PHP Developers are amongst the most ardent professionals in the programming world.

So, Why are you waiting for? Start your career in PHP , but before that  develop your technical skills to face the interview with confidence. Get training from the right PHP training institutes and reach greater heights in your life. Good Luck!

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How to Start a Career in PHP in India?
Start a Career in PHP in India