How To Prepare For a Successful Career As an AWS Solution Architect?

Career in AWS solution Architect

Are you in confusion about starting a career in AWS solution Architect as a fresher? No worries, it’s obvious! However, we’re here to guide you to start a successful career as an AWS solution architect.

30-second summary:

  • Currently, there are many aspiring IT professionals who have a desire to start a career with one of the major cloud service vendors in the market.
  • But, their desire to start a job at AWS is often enclosed with lots of questions that arise from a lack of answers.
  • Therefore, the following discussion would serve as a guide for IT professionals and freshers who are searching for answers on how to become an AWS architect.

Any candidate who wants to become an AWS Solutions architect should first understand the career path perfectly. 

The career path only provides you the required information to become an AWS solutions architect.

The path includes the education, skills, certification exam, and the AWS solution architect roles and responsibilities clearly to prepare effectively for their career.

So, without delay, let’s get started with the most important answer-why choose an AWS Solution Architect career!

Why Become an AWS Solution Architect?

Before deep-diving into how to start a career in AWS as a solution architect, let us initially know the reasons why to become an AWS solution Architect!

Currently, the cloud computing market has two important competitors for market share, i.e., Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

According to the Gartner report, it is predicted that AWS occupies around 47.8% of the public cloud services market.

The market share of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is over three times more that of its nearest rival, Microsoft Azure at 15.5% market share.

Therefore, companies on the cloud adoption market are consistently looking for employees who are skilled in AWS and cloud computing.

Besides, the AWS cloud platform is currently the backbone of many businesses in over 190 countries.

The rise of the number of job listings for AWS certified candidates has been tremendously increased over the years.

The promising trends in salaries for AWS solution architecture fresher professionals also drive the interest of many candidates.

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Who is a Cloud Architect?

As a fresher stepping into the solution architect job, initially knowing the definition of cloud solutions architect will provide you some clarity about the job role.

The cloud computing architecture is made of the front-end platform, back-end platform, a network, and cloud-based delivery.

The cloud solutions architect role is to change the technical requirements of a project into an architecture and design ideal for the final product.

Thus, the AWS Solution architect role is to reduce the key gap between complex problems and solutions.

An AWS Solutions architect professional has the essential skills and training for validating organization needs for making recommendations on architecture for implementing and deploying applications on AWS.

AWS solutions architects also demonstrate commitment and promising fluency in AWS knowledge. Moreover, using the AWS platform, AWS solutions architects have a clear impression of the architecture of application and servers.

Basic Skills Required for an AWS Solutions Architect

The most important aspect of how to become an AWS cloud architect refers to basic skills.

The awareness of the basic skills required for an AWS solutions architect can help individuals address their job roles and responsibilities in an efficient manner.

Here are the basic skills that are needed for an AWS solutions architect.

  1. Should have fluency in at least one operating system such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu, or Unix. The preferred operating system experience for aspiring AWS solution architect fresher candidates is Linux (Ubuntu or Red Hat).
  2. Besides, having prior experience as a solutions architect or administrator in any of the operating systems is also promising.
  3. Basic understanding of scripting languages or specific programming languages like Java, Python, or C#.
  4. High-level knowledge of networking concepts such as IP addresses, HTTP, DNS, and TCP/IP.
  5. Comprehensive knowledge about key security concepts such as firewalls.

Role-specific Skills for AWS Solutions Architect

A candidate must also focus on the job-specific skills for an AWS solutions architect. 

These skills are also necessary for addressing the needs of different AWS solution architect roles.

  1.  The important aspect of the job of an AWS solution architect fresher is to communicate with both sales and customers. Therefore, interpersonal skills are vital for the job of an AWS solutions architect.
  2. The other major responsibility of an AWS solutions architect is to deal with solving problems for addressing customer needs and business goals.
  3. Aspirants who are eager about how to start a career in AWS as a solution architect should also have adaptability skills. AWS solution architects are supposed to face varied tasks such as writing scripts, troubleshooting, or working on migrations. Hence, adaptability is an essential role-specific skill needed for AWS solution architects.
  4. The other major aspect to consider as an AWS solution architect is time management. Therefore, aspiring candidates who apply for the position of  AWS solution architect job role must have time management skills such as day-planning and task prioritization.
  5. The last but not the least important role-specific skill for an AWS solution architect fresher is to stay up-to-date with constant improvements in AWS. Therefore, always have a proactive learning and research skill as AWS solution architects.


Next, when it comes to starting a career as AWS Solutions Architect, you’re must have a master’s degree in computer science, IT, network technologies, or a related field.

Furthermore, certification will add value to you as a professional. AWS Certification is the top cloud computing certification in comparison to Azure. 

Therefore, AWS professionals are in high demand with certification in solution architect-AWS.

Certifications Needed for an AWS Solutions Architect

So far, we have covered the basic information on AWS solution architects, their education, and the specific skills needed to become one. 

But, now, let us find out the AWS certifications that can help you in starting your career as an AWS Solution Architect. 

There are two certifications that help you in starting a career as an AWS solutions architect

The first certification, i.e., AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate, it is the go-to option for freshers. 

After passing this certification, aspirants can choose to pursue the AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional certification exam. 

Let us find some of the general details about these two AWS certification exams in the career path for AWS solution architects.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate certification is the best option for AWS Solution architect fresher candidates without any confusion! 

The certification needs one or more years of practical experience in designing distributed AWS systems with higher availability, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

The certification exam is available in four different languages- English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

The duration of the certification exam should be 130 minutes, i.e., 2 hours and 10 minutes. Candidates are supposed to appear for the certification exam at a testing center of their choice. 

The exam format includes multiple-choice questions. The AWS associate solutions architect certification exam is to test the following abilities of candidates.

  1. A comprehensive demonstration of knowledge about architecture and deployment of secure and high performing applications using AWS technologies
  2. To define solutions depending on customer needs by gaining architectural design principles
  3. Providing guidance to the organizations for the deployment of a project on the ground of best practices throughout the project lifecycle

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

Once you clear the AWS Solution Architect-associate level, the next level in your career path is possible through the AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional exam. 

You can opt for this certification after serving for two or more years as an AWS Solution architect.

The certification exam is available in 4 different languages- English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese languages. 

The duration of the exam is around 170 minutes, i.e., 2 hours and 50 minutes. 

Candidates must appear for the certification exam at a testing center of their choice.

 The exam format of questions would be in multiple-choice and multiple answer questions. The certification exam is to test the following abilities of candidates.

  1. Design and implement of dynamically scalable, reliable, fault-tolerant, and robust applications on AWS applications.
  2. Choosing the appropriate AWS services for designing and deploying applications.
  3. Transfer of complex and multi-tier applications on AWS.
  4. Deployment of cost-control strategies.
  5. Designing and implementing enterprise-wide scalable operations on the AWS platform.

Job Description of the AWS Solutions Architect Role

Now, let’s discuss what is the role of AWS solution architect

An outline of the AWS solution architect’s roles and responsibilities can help you in getting AWS Solution Architect jobs for freshers. 

The primary newbies among AWS solution architect responsibilities and roles include the following.

  1. Identifying the right technology solutions for present business problems.
  2. Describing structure, characteristics, behavior, and other software terminologies to project stakeholders.
  3. Defining the requirements, features, and phases in the solution.
  4. Providing specifications for defining, management, and delivery of the solution.

Below are the basic responsibilities and roles for the following AWS Solution architect.

  1. Performing architectural evaluation, analysis, and also the design of enterprise-wide systems.
  2. Implementing the right design best practices and design tools such as IBM Rational.
  3. Development, enhancements, and maintenance of established processes of service design for perfect and creative design.
  4. Working together with a high-performance solution architect team to assist in the development of the enterprise-oriented project.
  5. Accountability for present practices and suggestions.
  6. Making sure the sustainability of configuration management.
  7. Understanding the customer requirements, analysis of alternatives, and product recommendations related to the platform, software, and network configurations.

AWS Solution Architect Salary

AWS Solution architect as a fresher role, you can find a number of AWS Solution Architect jobs in the job portals.

Also, it is noticeable that candidates have chances to get a good salary even as a fresher at the AWS Solution Architect role. 

According to the IT Skills and Salary Survey, it is estimated that an AWS certified solutions architect can get an average annual salary of $130,883 in the United States and Canada. 

On the other hand, if a candidate can even expect more salary with experience, advanced skills, and getting the associate-level and professional-level certification.

Final words:

I hope you got all your answers to the question to start a career as an AWS solution architect. 

Furthermore, the career option for an AWS Solution Architect fresher is pretty straightforward.

Here, you have an associate-level certification exam by AWS for fresher level entry as an AWS solution architect. 

Candidates also have the opportunity of upgrading their credentials to the professional level in the future.

In addition, you also have a promising salary and bright career scope in AWS. So, don’t wait anymore to become an AWS Solutions architect. Grab the opportunity, right now!   

As an AWS Solution Architect Fresher, we advise you to evaluate your skills with the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification exam. 

If you are aspired to become certified, check out our AWS Solution Architect Associate training courses and get ahead in your career

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