How to Start Learning Java from Scratch for Beginners

How to learn Java from Scratch

Java is the axle of the IT industry. According to the TIOBE index, Java is the most popular programming language with a rating of 16.896% as of January 2020. Being a fast, reliable and secure programming language. Java is used in every nook and corner starting from desktop to dynamic web applications, smartphones to the internet, scientific supercomputers to gaming consoles, laptops to media players, etc. Hence Learning and mastering Java will open doors for you as a developer in India with the highest salary.

But are you confused about how to start learning Java to get in-demanded jobs without any prior programming experience? Don’t panic, this article would act as a prelude to learning Java from scratch for any beginners in very easy stepsIf you want to skip the reading and get hands-on with Java programming language, you can visit our java course, Learn Java from Scratch – Beginner to advanced.

What is Java?

Before diving in depth to know how to start learning Java easily. As a beginner, you must first understand what Java is and why you should learn Java today to kickstart your career as a Java developer.

Java is a Simple language

Programmers who know C++ can easily learn the Java programming language.

Java is a platform-independent language

Java, once compiled can then execute the program on any platform (OS).

This means software programs that are written in the high-level Java coding, after compilation, are transformed into an intermediate level language called the bytecode. Bytecode can then be executed on any platform (OS) using JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

Java is an object-oriented programming language

Java an OOP makes the complex program simpler by dividing it into a number of objects. So, we can easily modify data and functions as per the requirements of the program.

Java is a robust language

Java programming language can be used in both consumer and mission-critical applications. Hence java programmers must be reliable while programming.

Java programs can create applets

Applets are the programs that usually run in web browsers.

Java does not require any preprocessor

While creating any java application, it does not require the inclusion of header files.

Therefore, until now, Java is gaining popularity and running as a successful programming language in the IT industry.

Why Should you learn Java?

The highest number of questions that I get from beginners today who start their career as a Java developer is: Why should I learn Java and is there any scope? Yes, there is. Keep reading to get your answer-ready.

There is High demand for skilled Java developers

Even though there is a high competition for many new language programmers, the demand for Java developers still remains strong. Do you know? Java programming language is considered as the most in-demand programming language on the job market.

Evidence suggests that 90% of Fortune 500 companies today use Java programming language for building applications and back-end systems. So, there is no doubt, Java is everywhere and you are always in-demand by many top organizations.

Java learning ends in offering you a high salary

According to, Java programmer is financially a lucrative career option, with the average Java developer salary of $102,514 per year.

Java is a popular and easy to learnable language

Did you know? Java is the 2nd largest online community on StackOverflow and 2nd most-tagged language on GitHub. Therefore, there is a huge, mature community of support for Java programmers and learners.

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented, interpreted, secure, high-performance, and multithreaded language. It acts as a great start for absolute beginners’ to learn it has the first programming language.

Java deals with the real-world application

Oracle states that Java language is used in over 3 billion devices globally, because of its “write once, run anywhere” capabilities.

Besides, Java is also used by the financial service industry and NASA. Therefore, there’s no limit to the real-world application of Java in the world.

I hope, now you’ve understood why you should start learning Java to be one of the successful Java developers.  If you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to learn Java from scratch. Below listed are the top 5 tips for you to grab today to become a successful Java developer.

Top 5 tips on how to Learn Java Programming language from Scratch for beginners

1. Learn the basics of Java:

If you want to be successful in anything, it’s very important to know its base. Likewise, if you want to become a successful Java Programmer, first understand the basics of java.

So, be patient and don’t rush yourself. Primarily begin learning the basic concepts about the Java language. Get familiar with the environment, and gradually you will get used to it within no time.

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2. Take time to Practice Coding:

Learning Java can be overwhelming to the absolute beginners. But remember the best coders today are once the beginners. So it’s not a big deal for you to achieve your goal. Give it your time.

Practice coding regularly and brush up your skills. Real knowledge comes only when you implement the basics that you’ve read. So, take time to code more than you read. Remember “Practice makes a Man Perfect”. 

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3. Read sources of Java regularly:

Start exploring the Java programming language, like what you’re doing right now. This is because, as you continuously read about the various topics in Java. This will help you to maintain your interest in the Java language and keep you updated to become a skilled Advanced Java developer.

Start Exploring Java course

4. Learn Java in the group and ask questions:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that learning in isolation can help you to achieve your goal faster. But this can mostly lead to errors and a lack of planning.

Hence, Group study is a better way to learn something new. Moreover, Java has a really collaborative and active community online. So, Get to know a common group of people who are willing to learn java and read as many interesting things about java as possible. This probably gives you a chance to learn from others and ask questions as they come up.

5. Learn Java by joining a Java training Institute:

You can also join some unique training institution that offers the best Java training. As a beginner, joining Java training institutes can easily help you to grasp comprehensive training materials. Moreover, in some reputed Java training institutes, you will learn Java course material that is prepared by relevant industry specialists who still work on Java in IT companies. This will help you in balancing theory and practice and soon makes you become a successful Java developer.

Wrap up

Now you’re armed with the best ways and methods to help you learn Java the right way. Moreover, you can also download java from here, where you will find different versions of java available. Choose and download the version that is compatible with your operating system(OS).

Furthermore, why don’t you have a better career scope by getting Java training offered in the main cities in India? And especially, if you are put up in or around Chennai you can learn Java courses from scratch from reputed IT institutes.

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