How to Kick start my career in Software testing [Future Scope & Trends]

Learning is a never-ending process, and hopefully, it’s a lifelong journey.

If you are a professional in any field then you should constantly update your knowledge in a specific field.

Software testing is the most demanding subject, many people aspire to become one- if you are struggling from where to start? Continue reading this article and kickstart your career in software testing.

Are you a fresh graduate? or someone looking to switch careers, even if you don’t hold a computing or engineering background, still you can kickstart your career in testing.

Here are some tips to become a successful software tester this year.

This article will give you every aspect of software testing. To build a career in software testing, here you go!

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What is Software Testing?

Software Testing helps to verify a computer program and check whether it has all the requirements and gives the needed results.

If you identify bugs in software products, Software Testing can produce a quality product by fixing all the bugs.

Software Tester skillset

I will share about the Technical and Non-Technical skills to shape you as a Software Tester


Non-Technical Skills

The important skills to becoming a good software teste are given here. It will let you know whether Software Testing is a good fit for you.

  • Analytical skills:

Analytical skills are the most essential. Analytical skills help to break complex software into small ones and understand test cases better.

  • Communication skill:

The software tester should have both verbal and written communication skills.

The testing artifacts such as test cases, strategies, bugs, and reports should be easy to read.

The developers require all diplomacy to fix the errors.

  • Time Management:

Testing is a great career especially when the new code gets released.

A software tester should be able to manage all his workload and time management skills.

  • Great Attitude:

The software tester must have a great attitude.

An attitude to test in detail, readiness in learning, and show good improvements.

In the industry, technology will be evolving at high speed, so software testers must be upgrading their technical skills with the new and trending technologies.

You should take ownership of your task and complete it without any supervision.

  • Passion:

If you wish to excel in any profession or job, the main ingredient is to have a significant passion for it. A software tester equally should have passion in his field.

But how to determine whether you have a passion for software testing?

You can try it out and if software testing excites you then switch to take it as a career. You can book for demo classes in Zuan education to find your interest.

Technical Skills

  • Basic knowledge of Database/ SQL:

Software Systems will have a large amount of data in the background. This data will be stored in different databases like Oracle, MySQL, etc.

 So, you will get situations to valid all this data. In such cases, simple/complex SQL queries will help to check proper data in the backend databases.

  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands:

The software applications like Web-Services, Databases, Application Servers are basically deployed on Linux machines. So testers should have knowledge about Linux commands.

  • Knowledge of Test Management Tool:

This tool is an important aspect of Software testing. If you don’t have proper test management techniques, the software testing process will be a failure. Test management means managing your testing artifacts. 

For example – Testlink can track all the test cases. There are other tools for Test Management. 

So, you should have the knowledge and working experience of such tools as most of the companies use that.

  • Knowledge of Defect Tracking tool:

Defect Tracking is the key feature of software testing. It is critical to manage defects and track them systematically. 

Defect tracking is essential to check defects of managers, developers, and testers. To clear defects, Bugzilla and Jira tools will be useful.

  • Knowledge of Automation tool: 

If you become an “Automation tester” after a year of working on manual testing, then you will master a tool and get in-depth, hands-on knowledge of automation tools.

Note – The knowledge of any Automation tool is insufficient to crack the interview, you must be having good hands-on experience, so practice the tool to achieve mastery. 

Knowledge of scripting language like VBScript, JavaScript, C# is needed for a tester to get a job in automation. Few companies will be using Shell/Perl scripting, and there is always a huge demand for testers with knowledge of the same. 

Again, it depends on the company and tools used by that company.

There is a lot of scope for performance testing tools because of testing applications performance as a part of non-functional testing.


The pay scale of software testers varies from company to company. Average salary in India is Rs 247,315 – Rs 449,111.

Also, as a software tester, you will have perks of health insurance, bonuses, and gratuity.

What Does a Software Tester do?

Typically you will be busy dealing with test case documents such as creating, executing, reporting, retest bugs, attending meetings, and other team activities.

Software Tester Career Path

Your career progression as a software tester will look like the following but it may vary from company to company

1.      QA Analyst ( for Fresher)

2.      Sr. QA Analyst (with 2-3 years, experience)

3.      QA Team Coordinator (with 5-6 years, experience)

4.      Test Manager ( with 8-11 years, experience)

5.      Senior Test Manager (with 14+ experience)

How to Become a Software Tester

For a complete beginner, here is our suggestion to learn Software Testing.

You start learning from the basic principles of Software Testing. After that, you can apply for freelancing jobs.

To gain practical knowledge and fortify the concepts you learned.

Next, you can proceed to the Selenium – Automation tool, JMeter – Performance Testing tool, and TestLink – Test Management Tool.

At Zuan education, we assist with 100% placements in reputed companies. Don’t forget to check where our Alumni are working now on our site. For further queries, you can send your email to

Software Testing Certifications

Software testing certifications tend to secure a preferable position for the candidate over other competitors with software testing abilities.

  •   ISTQB Certified Tester


This American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) offers ISTQB Certification to add the credentials at the Foundation and also Expert levels. 

We can assist with you in holding certifications as a Test Analyst, Agile Tester, Technical Test Analyst, and Security Tester.

Best Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai

Zuan Education is one of those well recognized in offering software testing courses to become a professional software tester.

Despite your educational background, we have a well-defined course structure for training the non-IT background students.

We assure you to turn you into the best test professionals in the industry.

For students and professionals who need career growth, we offer both online and classroom training in Chennai.

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Bottom line

If you are interested in taking up software testing as a career, you can enroll now! We have ample information, resources, and trainers available in our institute.

Set your goal in this most challenging year to become a software tester, all you need to do is have a desire and start learning from our professional trainers!

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