5 Fastest and Simplest Ways to Learn Magento Development for Freshers!

Fastest ways for Freshers to Learn Magneto Development

Do you have a passion to build user-friendly e-commerce websites with Magento? At the same time, are you new to learn Magento?  Don’t panic, because I could see that you’re more strong enough and enthusiastic, hence by clicking the blog to learn Magento Development in the fastest ways. Continue reading the blog to get seated in a top-paid IT company in India and start building your own online shopping websites.

Do you know? Today in India, Magento has become one of the fastest evolving and favorite e-commerce platforms for every developer. This is due to the extraordinary features that offer to developers.  This include,

  1. Magento is a popular open-source e-commerce platform built using PHP.
  2. Magento was created to be every developer’s favorite e-commerce platform that is easy to use and work with.
  3. Compared to other eCommerce platforms, Magneto has an advantage that can be easily integrated with ready-made apps and plugins from other developers.
  4. With Magento, there are no more hosting related restrictions.
  5. Magento is named as the best e-commerce platform because of the high efficiency it offers.
  6. Moreover, Magento itself offers default Responsive design like image scaling, Grinding, AV capabilities, drag-and-drop, gesture controls to users.

Also Note: Magento is one of the world’s best mobile-friendly and leading e-commerce platforms that offers almost 160,000 merchants across the globe. 

Hence, becoming a Magento Certified Developer in today’s online shopping world is a great career choice. Moreover, Magento developers are in high demand and it will also continue to grow as there is an increase in no.of internet portals in India.

You may think, becoming a Professional Magento Developer takes time, commitment and money. But in return to your mind, this blog content is all about offering you the best 5 easy ways that can shorten your learning path and make you a Magento Expert.

Below are the 5 fastest and Simplest ways to learn and become a Magento Developer in a Month.

1. The best way is first to learn the basics:  

As a fresher, before you start learning anything new you must know its basics to further deep dive into it. Thus, your foremost step to becoming an expert Magento developer is to lay a good and strong foundation by getting familiar with Magento programming to be a better programmer. For this, you can also refer to the following helpful Magento websites and resources.

For more details, have a look at the following websites to get the best practices and useful Magento Developer information.


2. Enroll in Magento Certified Developer Course:

The other way to reach great heights in your passion for building responsive e-commerce websites is to enroll yourself in a reputed Magento training institute. This is because taking up a Magento course from a training center and gaining the Magento Certified developer certificate will highlight your career. 

This is where you will Learn and Read Magento Interview Questions And Answers prepared by industrial experts and the tricks to pass the Certification Exam. Furthermore, you will also learn other interesting things about Magento such as building extensions and Magento best practices.

Do you know? To become a specialist in eCommerce web development, it is essential to obtain a Magento Certification. Magento U offers the following certifications: Magento Certified Solution Specialist, Front End Developer Certification, Certified Developer and Developer Plus. These certifications will be very helpful for beginners who start their careers.

On the whole, when you search for jobs in top IT organizations, it will add to your credibility and it will show that you have a professional level of ability that others lack.

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3. Learn by Action:

This is an important part of the above two ways. Here, the best way to learn and shine in the Magneto industry is to put your Learning into practice what you have gained so far. Thus, doing freelance work can make you knowledgeable through practice. 

This is because learning itself does not lead to progress, new knowledge does not necessarily drive new results.

Thus, it’s time for you to work right now. Where you can try creating themes or building modules or creating themes with a live demo. Furthermore, find companies that are developing a Magento extension, choose one of the extensions and try to recreate the same features with an online demo.

Then compare your every single line with the original one, read the comments, and look at the documentation for it, if available. You can also make the same with Magento themes. Attend particular workshops, find tasks on freelance platforms.

4. Attend Magento events and Conferences:

Don’t miss out to attend Magento Events and conferences conducted by leading magneto experts.  Always be a part of different Magento events that happen at different times of the year. Hence, regularly checking out the Magento websites for any news about upcoming Magento events is good practice.

This creates opportunities to develop Magento developer skills by meeting and interacting with other Magento developers, exchange thoughts and ideas and learn more about Magento.

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5. Read Magento blogs and follow Magneto Experts on Twitter:

The next big thing you can do to keep learning to become a Magento developer is to constantly read Magento Blogs, follow magneto Experts on Twitter and watch Magento videos on youtube. For instance, Max Pronko who have two Youtube channels for Magento Training. One of the youtube channels’ names is Magneto DevChannel that delivers the content of how to customize and work with the Magento 2 e-commerce platform.

The other YouTube channel name is Ask Me Anything Showwhich is a great weekly Youtube show for learning Magento. Here, Max Pronko takes questions across the social media networks and provides answers to them one by one. You can also submit your questions here for free to get your answers ready.

Final thoughts:

Grab the above easy ways to learn and achieve your passion to become a popular Magento Developer in India to build user-friendly, interactive and responsive mobile-friendly e-commerce websites.

So, why are you waiting for? Develop your skills from any one of the above ways today to earn $69k per year

Best wishes!

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