How to Become a Web Developer in 3 Months


Do you want to be a web developer? Since the field of web development is engaged with new technologies, there is a significant demand for people who are technical savvy. So you have to take some efforts. If you want your career to be in this field, you need to learn some skills which are involving coding languages, editing a graphic work and marketing. It is not merely about writing codes; it is also finding jobs you can consider them. Entering a new area is always hard. Hence, you need a burning desire to excel in solving creative problems. And it will lead you to be master of the web development.

Do: What is Required

Many companies like to have a web developer holding a degree in computer science and even advertise for a person who is qualified. Because this course teaches the skills which are needed for web development such are: programming, web design, database management, networking, and mathematics. Instead of a degree, You can more likely take a professional holder on web development through community colleges, education services, and IT companies.

Web developer should know how does a web work? And how to program? And a web developer should be aware of different programming languages and how to code for them and when to use them. You have to be in updates of new programming languages and interfaces. Touch with the trends in technology to go up in this field.

Obtain the Knowledge:

Programming languages are driving the web to work properly. They help the developers to create applications, scripts, or other sets of instructions for computers. A lot of different programming languages are there. Each prefers either a different platform or program to write scripts and instructions.

Front-end Development Programming:

HTML 4 and HTML 5:

HTML5Among programming languages, the HTML is the easiest and used for websites. Through online tutorials, the basics of this language can be learned.Multiple shortcodes in a text document are its specialty. It is also having grammar and syntax like other languages. On the internet the method Hypertext is helpful.

Clicking on a link, Hypertext leads you from one page to another.Using a series of tags are called the written form of HTML. Here the tickets order text what to do next. Once you write HTML in a text file, it is saved as an HTML file. Then a user can open the file through Chrome or Firefox. To make use of the HTML, editing tools like a simple text editor and HTML kit will help you.

HTML 5 is a markup language. This language is to build and present content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth evolution of HTML. HTML5 keeps the current standard away from the problem of compatibility. Learn HTML5 Training in Chennai with guaranteed job assistance to boost your career.



The latest evolution of Cascading Style Sheets is CSS 3. It targets at enhancing CSS 2.1. New features assist developers to finish a lot of problems not using non-semantic markup, complex scripting or new images. CSS3 supports for new selectors, multiple backgrounds, rounded corners, animation, drop shadows and transparency.



Java-ScriptJavaScript is an interactive coding language. There are two reasons why it is liked to learn:

  • It does not want installation.
  • It favors for HTML and CSS websites.

There are many possibilities with this language so once you learn it you can become a coder quickly. Then you can create your app with JavaScript.


J-QueryIt is described as a small, a light-weight, and a fast JavaScript library. “Write less, Do more” is the motto of Jquery. On your website, it is very easier to use JavaScript. That is the purpose of jQuery.

Many lines of JavaScript code is required, so jQuery engages with lots of general tasks to complete it and cover them into the methods that you can call with a single line of code.

jQuery also makes understand lots of hard things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.


BootstrapBootstrap helps you to develop the web with quicker and easier. It is a useful front-end web framework. It enables HTML, and CSS based design models use for buttons, forms, typography, navigation, and other interface components, as well as extending optional JavaScript. It is not like other web frameworks. It cares itself with front-end development only.

Bootstrap also enables you to make a responsive layout with much fewer efforts.


Media Query:

Media QueryMedia Query is a CSS3 module. It lets content rendering to accept the conditions. That is screen resolution. (e.g. smartphone screen or computer screen) W3C candidate recommends Media Query. Browser vendors are ready to implement this widely reviewed document.

The essence of media query – a media type and an expression are to search for limited conditions of a particular media future. Mostly used media feature is “width.”

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AngulalJSThe intention of the development of AngularJS is to be open source for dynamic web apps. Google maintains AngularJS and its latest version is 2 after 1.4.3. Whole Angular JS is based on HTML and JavaScript. So need not to learn another syntax or language. It allows you to use HTML as your template language.

It removes a lot of code which you have to write at present through Angular’s data binding and dependency injection. These are all happening within the browser and possibility of becoming friendly with any server technology.

Check out our AngularJS 2 training course and get to know more details on what you will learn in AngularJS.



Back-end Development Programming:

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor):

PHPPHP language is a commonly used for a scripting language. Quick writing and flexible than others are PHP language’s significant. Platforms like: Facebook, Tumblr, and Wikipedia use PHP language for their program. This PHP is famous for back-end development and more friendly for beginners.

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mysqlBased on Structured Query Language, MySQL is an open source Relational Database Management System(RDMS). MySQL almost works on all platforms; it includes Linux, Unix, and Windows. Though you can use it in a broad range of applications, MySQL is frequently associated with web-based applications and online publishing.

MySQL is a particular component of LAMP which is a web development platform makes use of Linux as the operating system whereas Apache the web server.


Content Management System:


WordPressIt is described that WordPress is an online, an open source website creation tool. In the beginning, it was a blogging system, but later it has become a full content management system. Your imagination bounds WordPress. With a single bit of code, it develops the typography of everyday writing. Billions of people work on it daily.

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magentoIt is an eCommerce platform made on open source technology. It helps online business individuals with a standard shopping cart system, control over the look, content, and usage of their online store. Magento provides a strong marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

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joomlaTo publish a web content, Joomla CMS is a free and open source. It is made on a model- view-controller web application framework. Hundreds of free extensions are written for Joomla and lets users to extend its usages, and customize it to their goals. An enormous friendly society supports Joomla CMS. In 2012, Joomla counted more than 30 million downloads, and its growth is gradual.
If you want to start a website on Joomla CMS, you will be on the right track!

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Build an own website:

build own website

Before contacting a web app or a local business, first, create a personal website and have a trial on it. Then you can decide whether you want to be a developer or a designer. It tells that you are in need of a portfolio of work. If there is nothing to put in your portfolio, just leave it or use it with related content.

Build a website or a web app for your friends or neighbors:

After having created your site, next, you can approach your friends or neighbors who are doing business and in need of a website. To them, you can offer your skills and talk to them tactfully. Through them, you can get multiple chances of creating websites or web apps for their marketings and creating for them a freelance contract with free of cost or charging a small fee. Here you get a lot of experiences that how to develop a website or a web app.

Let the experience create a Web App:

Based on your past experiences, you can go for a bigger or a greater business to build a website or a web app with confidence. For hotels, theaters, supermarkets, travels, clubs, companies, and TV channels, you can create different and multiple sites or apps. So the experiences which you gain from your works on developing sites or apps manifests your abilities to potential employers. Therefore the experiences are considerably precious.

Create a Skillful Resume:

Writing a resume for a web developer is a challenging task. You need to convey your past experiences and your creativity and knowledge of web development with a beautiful looking presentation to an employer or an interviewer.

Here are some guidelines for preparing a resume of a web developer:

  • You can add any experiences which are relevant to having developed websites or apps.
  • Be genuine when you prepare a resume.
  • Do not exaggerate anything in your resume.
  • Add a formal written statement of your work.
  • Add links which you have developed to code or websites.
  • Before applying for jobs; have a review with your friend or colleague.
  • After updating your resume put it online. you can try sites like LinkedIn or Career 2.0.
  • You should be clear enough to the industry jargon and buzzwords.
  • Your resume should sound what you experienced.
  • Your resume should be legible and avoid using words–“creative” or “synergy.”

Show off your skills:

Creating your personal websites draw the attention of clients who could enable you to load with tasks. So you should create different types of websites: for displaying images, for a business and another for hobby, blog, and interest. Work with many languages will give you a good result.

Through business card (visiting card), you can show that you have a personal or business websites for web development with contact details on that.

Appear on social medias—create a Facebook page for your business, on Twitter account give updates and sites where you are working. On Google+ create a page or a blog about what works you are doing on and with web development. Use LinkedIn with professionals, working in industries.

Using LinkedIn is a great opportunity for a web developer to keep in touch with industry professionals. LinkedIn profile is a powerful tool. It learns about you deeply, and you can put your resume on it then your resume will highlight your career at a quick look. Through a blank slate, it shows your skills.So LinkedIn should be your right choice of showing off your skills.

Ready for any interviews:

  • You learn about the company climate by yourself.
  • Knowing the business code is good.
  • Reaching the meeting place 15 minutes early impress an employer that you are punctual and having time management skills.
  •  It is good to ask some questions regarding the company culture, the kinds of works you are going to work on, and the work environment.
  • Asking a few questions about the job is intellectually a healthy shine that you are much careful about the interview and the job.
  • Have no fear about the interview.
  • Avoid backbiting about your past employers and colleagues.
    about salary.
  • You do not ask about salary.
  •  When you explain about projects which you have done, be honest and do not exaggerate
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  • Reena

    September 11, 2017

    Can I learn back-end web development without learning front-end designing?

    • Zuan Education

      October 7, 2017

      Hi Reena, Back-end development is about programming on the server side and you also have to deal with frond-end at some point. So it is always better to start with HTML, CSS, JS unless you are familiar with it in order to become a full stack web developer.

  • Farook

    December 18, 2017

    Thanks for the great tips! I do have a question however that I think you could probably answer.
    I was wondering, I want to learn web design to do freelance work online. Where can I get free and up to date information about it?
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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