How Kabali Visuals helped Brands in Marketing Campaigns?


In spite of the huge fan following who eagerly waited for the Kabali magic, another side we saw how brands were making use of this Kabali fever to leverage their marketing campaigns.

Unlike fans, brands that were associated with Kabali movie took a step forward using Superstar Rajinikanth’s bankability to harness their marketing potentials. According to Hindu, the entire branding for the Kabali film has hooked a whooping amount of Rs.40 crore which was actually got with the pictures of Thalaivar even without his intervention in endorsing the brand!

We would have seen a lot of visual graphics and videos doing rounds in the social media before and after Kalabi release with people using hashtags #Kabali, #KabaiDa, #KabaliArrived, #KabaliDay and more. Fortunately Brands used this as a golden opportunity to cash in on Superstar’s magic that actually gone crazy over the internet!!

Rajinikanth’s charismatic power gave Kabali Trailer with 1 Million views on YouTube in just an hour and soon after the release of movie the box office collection seems to gross 600 crore in just a week!! This happens none other than one and only Thalaivar Superstar Rajinikanth! How brands did make use of this internet phenomenon with #Kabali?

Here is a look at how big brands leveraged Kabali fever in their visual marketing campaigns that had gone viral:


The official airline partner of Kabali, AirAsia India made a special aircraft for the movie promotions before its release. One of the aircraft has been re-branded and designed with Kabali theme for the first time in Indian Cinema history, a dedicated aircraft has been launched only for Thalaivar’s film!

The special flight carried fans from Bangalore to Chennai to watch the first day first show of Kabali with campaign named “Fly Like a Superstar”.

Cafe Coffee Day:

Coffee wakes up people, but who wakes up coffee? And, now you know with this amazing GIF visual by Cafe Coffee Day!


The Indian eCommerce giant cracked this Rajini joke & it was quite a fun!

Amazon India:

This eCommerce store has more to show off buyers with Kabali posters, figurines, T-shirts, audio CDs, mobile cases and more in-store.

Cadbury 5 Star:

When you see this Ramesh and Suresh you will definitely go crazy with Cadbury 5 Star advertisements and this time they ran a commercial ad – #SuperOda5Star meaning Superstar’s 5 Star with the two casts alongside the movie scenes which made it so hilarious to watch!

They also took advantage of Kabali promotions with some offline activities in shopping malls asking fans to sign their wishes to Rajinikanth on giant greeting card to win a chance on movie tickets.


Who make onions cry, tomatoes blush and butter fry? This brand shows you!


This dating app takes the advantage of Rajinikanth fame and cracked jokes on dating and relationships.

Vodafone Zoozoo:

A superman zoozoo mimicking Rajinikanth in the GIF below.


The most listened musical streaming app showcases the characters of Superstar portraying many faces of Thalaivar.

OYO Rooms:

Though Kabali release date has been declared as holiday is few companies, this budget hotel found it to connect with the audience in an innovative way!


The restaurant search app conducted a contest for real Rajini fans and involved food in it! And the best tweets rewarded with 500 Zomato credits.

Emami Fair and Handsome:

Emami’s brand ‘Fair and Handsome’ did its best to cash in on Kabali magic! They created a campaign ‘Men of Fire’ asking fans to celebrate Kabali like a man! Their great visual pictures are sure of a treat watch!

GrabOn India:

This deals and coupons website chosen Kabali promotions to offers some creative juice to its fans base and created #KabaliOnGrabOn content asking fans to tweet creative visual, graphics and dubsmash on Superstar Rajinikanth for availing a chance to win movie tickets! Some posters had Rajini taking over Hollywood fame that gone viral in social media.

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