7 High-Salary IT Jobs that are Hot Right Now to Start from Home!

7 High salary IT jobs to start from home

IT Jobs are on the rise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), computer and information technology (IT) occupations are expected to grow by about 12% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Some specific IT jobs will see even greater growth, as high as 32%.

So, if you enjoy technology and have a strong knack for computer operations and networks, these 7 high-salary IT jobs provide you a great future without leaving your living room. 

Although it goes by many names-telecommuting, telework, working from home, working remotely, -more people want it, no matter what we call it.

However, working at home becoming more and more common nowadays especially for IT jobs. So, here are some 7 high- salary IT jobs that are hot right now to do at home—including some you might not expect.

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If you’d like to skip the travel time, work-free off the many distractions of the busy office environment, be able to work during your most productive hours, be that early in the morning, at mid-day or late at night. Take a look at seven of the surprising high salary IT jobs that are hot right now to start from home–and how you can get started in these careers.

7 High- Salary IT Jobs that are Hot Right Now to Start From Home

Many articles that list the number of high paying jobs to do from home. But all those aren’t necessarily high-paying jobs, nor jobs with the potential career advancement, because they tend to be self-employment options.

Hence, we did the research in the corona lockdown and found out the best high salary IT jobs you can start at home. So, you can feel confident you’ll be looking at a lucrative and rewarding career after graduation. 

The following list includes the seven high-salary IT jobs that are hot right now for any freshers and working professionals to start from home and earn a lot. 

1. Solutions architect, among the high-salary IT job that is hot right now to start from home

The median salary: $102,000 per year

Job growth: 30% 

As a solutions architect, you will be typically a part of the software development team. Further, you also “build” but your job doesn’t necessarily revolve around data. Instead, you will be responsible for designing, describing, and managing one or more applications or services within an organization. 

Solution architects usually need a bachelor’s degree related to information technology, software engineering or computer science.

This can be in any number of software domains, including a specific area like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure or IBM or a broader category like cloud computing. 

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2. Data architect, among the in-demand high-salary IT job that is hot right now to start from home

Median salary: $101,000 per year

Job growth: 9%

Like the architects, data architects also build and maintain complex computer database systems for companies, either for the general public or for individual companies.

Data architects work as part of a team to make sure data is readily available and carefully maintained. 

Becoming a data architect usually requires a bachelor’s degree and experience in IT. Although certification is not required, it can help. 

Zuan Education offers a Data Architect Masters Program that helps you to gain a solid foundation in data architecting.

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3. Software Applications Developer manager, credibly among the high-salary IT job that is hot right now to start from home

Median salary: $109,000 per year

Job Growth: 21%

Software developer, who is responsible for the whole development process that satisfies customer needs. 

Further, your daily responsibilities include Researching, designing, implementing, testing and managing software programs.

As with the managing role above, you probably don’t have to take on a leadership role to work remotely in software development.

Plus, you have several areas you can choose from, including Full Stack Web Developer and AWS Developer, to name only two.

Becoming a software developer requires a bachelor’s degree and experience in IT or computer science in software engineering.  

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4. Web developer

Median annual salary: $69,430 per year

Job growth: 5%

The work of a web developer is somewhat similar to a software developer, but, as the name suggests, they only work on websites. So, you will responsible for coding, design, and layout of a website according to a company’s specifications.

Whether you want to create the look and feel of a site or its hidden functions between servers and databases, web development offers an inside look into your favorite places on the internet.

To become a web developer requires a bachelor’s degree that is related to computer science.

Zuan Education provides online web development training due to the corona lockdown that helps you to gain basic level to advanced level training. Furthermore, it will help you to reach your career goal as a professional web developer.

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5. Digital marketing specialist has great scope among the high-salary IT job that is hot right now to start from home

Median salary: $39,281 per year

Job growth: 10%

With more and more marketing efforts moving to the web, the importance of digital marketing is increasing exponentially.

As a specialist in this domain, you’ll work to initiate effective marketing campaigns online and to translate business goals into successful marketing campaigns by executing different digital marketing via email, mobile and social media campaigns and improve SEO and work with CRMs. 

This wide-ranging and always interesting work can be done from home and is sure to keep you on the pulse of the digital world.  It doesn’t require any formal university degree to become a digital marketer. 

At Zuan education, we provide digital marketing training that helps you to equip you with the skills and tools required to shape your online marketing goals.

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 6. Software quality assurance engineer

Median salary: $90,270 per year

Job growth: 3.67 %

This is one of the important high-salary IT Jobs that is hot right now to start from home and is also called a QA engineer.   

Further, it is one of the most important roles in the software development process where you will be responsible to run tests on software or applications and analyze defects to improve products.

Additionally, you will run manual and automated tests on code to determine things like whether or not a web application will hold up under user traffic. 

To become a software quality assurance engineer, you need a Bachelor’s degree in software design, engineering, or computer science.

At Zuan education, we provide software testing training that helps you to equip you with the skills and tools required to shape you as a professional software quality assurance engineer.

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7. Information security analysts, among the high-salary IT job that is hot right now to start from home

Median annual salary: $98,350 per year

Job growth: 32 %

Today a very big part is played by information security analysts and that role is projected to see massive growth in the coming days.

In the digital age, more and more devices are connected to the internet and gathering valuable information that criminal hackers would love to access. 

So, as an information security analyst, you assess the ability of their organization (or a client’s) IT infrastructure to ward off breaches. 

You routinely perform security tests, keep up on new threats and their countermeasures, and work to minimize damage in the event of a security failure.

To become an Information security analyst/cybersecurity engineer, you require a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security or another computer-related field is expected, though some roles may call for a master’s degree.

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And Best of all, Learning can be done from Home!

This article has been about high salary IT  jobs that you can work from home, but there’s another critical piece to this: Much of these learning you can do at home on your own time to earn a certification to get into one of these High-salary IT jobs.

Technology not only enables working remotely but learning remotely too, with self-paced learning that can be fit in as needed to help maintain the work/life balance you’re probably trying to achieve by working remotely part of the time. 

And Zuan Education in consideration of Coronavirus Lockdown offers hundreds of online IT courses that are available anywhere, at any time.

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So, Jump-start your education and launch a profitable and rewarding career with a computer-related degree. With a high-salary IT job, the future is looking bright!

Getting training on these HIgh salary IT jobs, you can:

  • Advance your career
  • Open up new industries and jobs
  • Increase your earnings
  • Open up high-growth job sectors
  • Provide you with a foundation for future educational pursuits

Check out our High salary IT courses and if you’re interested, get enrolled in our online training program to gain the tech skills you need for a great work-at-home career.

Zuan Education Online Live training
Zuan Education Online Live training

All the best for your career!

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