Guide To Manage Successful Facebook Campaigns

Guide To Manage Successful Facebook Campaigns

At first, people thought that Facebook and other social medias are mainly for getting connected with friends and others. The whole world started using it, and the world gets reduced to a small village by the easier way of communication all over the world. Later on, some peoples started using this for their marketing their business. Since then, social media marketing headed and tremendously increased the sales of the firm.

Explicating the business through Facebook is easy, as well getting traffic is much more natural, but you need to concentrate in conversion which is not so easy. So, if you are in need of a platform which is a readymade market with billion of active monthly users, then the best choice would be Facebook. According to B2C, it is considered as the best platform to reach customers.
But most of the people think that Facebook has been dull after everyone’s parents using it or some believe that Instagram is better than Facebook whereas others say that Email lets the Facebook down. In this case, how it is bringing revenue to the businesses. Yes, Facebook revenue in billions.

“The revenue of Facebook in 2010 is 1.974 billion whereas, in 2014, it is 12.466 billion.”

Driving customers to the landing pages acts as the excellent way in generating sales, in fact, the great way to begin the conversion based Facebook Ad Campaign. The further introduction to Facebook is not necessary, let’s see how can we run the successful ad campaign that helps in growing the revenue and targeting the ultimate consumers.

Driving customers to the landing pages acts as the excellent way in generating sales, in fact, the great way to begin the conversion based Facebook Ad Campaign. The further introduction to Facebook is not necessary, let’s see how can we run the successful ad campaign that helps in growing the revenue and targeting the ultimate consumers.

Web Based Targeting

Web Based TargetingThe versatility of the Facebook for ads is unsurpassed. This gives the opportunity for the business peoples to target the users based on the location, age, gender, education, work status and more.

For instance, during the 2010 world cup held in South Africa, Adidas launched a campaign related to soccer. At that time, they targeted the peoples by targeting their interest in sports which helped them to reach one million fans, and as well the brand awareness had raised from 8 to 21% all over the world.

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So, if you are targeting the peoples based on their interest, then likely you’ll get enhanced email subscribers, brand buyers, Facebook fans and more. So using this technique, you will be able to convert most of the visitors into customers.

The fundamental step behind this targeting is first to select the objective of the ad, and then it is necessary to find the audience based on interest, but it is already pre-qualified leads as they are already interested in the related topics. So, this type of targeting is mainly to increase the fan base for any business page. So, if you want to maximize your leads, then the only best way would be making them know about you.

Gripping lead crowd-puller

Gripping lead crowd-pullerIt is a principled bribe. Yes, it is the one that you give to your leads to having a touch with your businesses such as Email address, phone numbers and more. You can opt your choice from multiple options.

For instance, The founder of Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss introduced an option of “The ultimate social media Swipe File” on their website. This had collected around 28,500 leads within 45 days. Some of the other ways for pulling the crowd towards you is to ask for email address while starting the free trial.
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Other than this, if you own an online store, then you can make use of discount coupons or other free offerings and shipping for your customers. In fact, this helps highly for pulling the customers. The other lead magnets are Ebook and articles, video training, free tools, checklists and more.

High-converting Ad campaigns

High-converting Ad campaignsAfter creating a landing page, your mind may shift towards the conversion rate, but all that matters once when you start attracting your Facebook clicks and visitors. The landing page should comprise of
# Headline
# Subtitle
# Tempting CTA button
# Tested and Approved pages

But all the above are just a starting point for high converting landing pages rather it should focus on itself for quick conversions.

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Whatever may be the strategy that you are following in digital marketing whether SEO/SEM, PPC, AdWords, etc., you are subjected to have high converting landing page. If you think that, you don’t have anything specially to share with them, then you can’t expect the possible conversions to your business.

According to Jayson DeMers, if you have proper landing pages, then there are lots of chances for you to get increased SEO benefits.

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Most of the targeted customers may look forward to mature practices and guidance, and they may even need it in a trouble-free, attention-grabbing and uncomplicated way. So, how you are going to make them engaged with your landing page?

# Borrow Credibility – Achieving credibility will be the most important task for any website. If you don’t own much credibility, then you may not know how they perceive about your brand or product. For instance, Neil Patel is an expert in digital marketing techniques and strategies. So some are trusting his recommendations for doing SEO, link building and for other related works. If you think that you don’t have, then let’s create it.

The best way is to borrow credibility from trusted sources by following these simple tips,

# Boost your customer badges
# Show off yourself through detailed testimonials
# Create landing pages for single purpose
# Landing pages – optimize it for conversions (Do what works and quit what doesn’t work)

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Qualified traffic to landing page from Facebook

landing page from FacebookPPC advertising, the greatest source of traffic for landing pages in Facebook. If you are a smart content marketer, then it is for sure that you will generate high-quality content in the largest social media platforms and convert those visitors into customers.

Glen Allsopp, the founder of Viper cell, received more than thousand competent clicks through Facebook paid ads instead of Google Adwords. For this, he had spent $2 on Facebook whereas $40 on Google for getting the same client.

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Another most important thing is, Facebook usually approved the ad within 15 minutes and started sending qualified traffic to the landing page whereas Google passes after 10 to 15 hours. Other than this, you need to know about the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), which means how much a click will cost you.

So, if you have a higher converting landing page, clickable Facebook ad, and compelling offer, then it is for sure that you will get four times better traffic through PPC.

Now let’s look at the simple steps for setting up a Facebook conversion tracking,

# To know the conversion pixel, click the conversion tracking tab on the side and know about your campaign’s website click, reach, frequency, the total amount that you have spent and as well the average cost per click.

# Then make use of the drop down menu available and change the name of your conversion pixel in a way you quickly remember and as well select the type of action that you wish to measure.

# Then click create pixel and copy the code which is available and paste it over your top and end tags of your web page.

# Just like this, you can also use Power Editor for bringing this conversion pixel.

The main work of landing pages and Facebook ads are not only for converting clicks into leads, but they play a vital role in this part.

But surprisingly, throwing money onto the Facebook cannot bring success as many of them have lost in this, the only thing that you need to be careful is you should work smarter enough to generate the best results. While writing your Facebook ads, you need to concentrate on the following elements such as,

Visual information – Brain processes 60,000 times faster than to visual information than plain texts. But be sure that visuals that you provide are clear and relevant.

Relevant ad – Make sure that headline, ad copy, CTA, and visuals are 100% relevant.
Value Propositions – Set product or offer apart from the competition that is to give value to your ad
Include CTA – There is no shortcut other than this to get the attraction of peoples.

Low-Friction Conversions

The primary intention of every PPC campaign is to improve the conversion rate of every business. It expected that most of the SEM experts might pay attention towards CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). Most of the peoples are utilizing the Facebook ad in a wrong way and waste loads of money instead of capturing and nurturing the audience.

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To become the smart PPC advertiser in Facebook, you need not wait to make sales here rather you need to make use of the high-quality lead magnet to grab customers towards you and get them subscribed to your email list.

So, if you have decided to set up the Facebook ad page, then net some system to review and analyze your ads. By this, you can check out how your campaign works for you. As we already discussed, exclusive offers, landing pages, ad copy, images and CTA play a vital role in reaching the targeted audience.



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