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digital marketing free webinar 2021

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When: 17th July, 2021 (05.00 P.M to 06.00 P.M – 1 hour)

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Speaker: Mr. Gilbert Raj, Digital marketer. You can follow him on YouTube @digitalgilbert

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Zuan Education is happy to invite young minds and new age entrepreneurs to attend a Free Webinar On Digital Marketing for Career Growth and Business.

Digital Marketing is currently booming with the end number of opportunities in this evolving IT sector. Digital Marketing has the full potential to improve your business via online mediums and latest techniques using growth hacking strategies. Also, individuals looking for great career growth and high paid jobs with six figure salaries must opt for Digital Marketing to achieve a milestone. 

So far so cool! Isn’t it? Learning and Earning is constant in the Digital Marketing field. So no one can stop you from living your dream for real. Just Learn, Earn, Repeat!

Additionally, you must be aware of current Digital Marketing trends and ever-evolving Technologies to achieve your goal. That’s the reason behind conducting our free webinar on Digital Marketing. This webinar will help you to understand the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The webinar will be headed by the top Digital marketing specialist from Zuan Education.

Why is a digital marketing career so famous? 

A career in digital marketing can be the most promising choice in this fast paced world. Actually, there are so many opportunities; companies across the world are struggling to find “Digital Marketers”. Even in top companies there is a huge demand for professionals with extraordinary talent.

But why is the digital marketing career so popular across the world? Because we are living in a world where our time and attention is spent with the Internet. 


  • Throughout this global pandemic, there’s a huge demand for digital marketing jobs that help organisations to transform and grow.
  • Businesses are searching for talented professionals in the digital marketing field that help organisations to connect with the right consumers.

The digital marketing industry recorded a market size of approximately 199 billion last year, which is expected to reach 539 billion by 2024. 

Today, generations including gen Z, and millennials are online 24/7 and to engage them, competitors are experimenting with digital media. There were around 2 lakh job postings for digital marketing in 2016, and the demand has increased 10x within the recent years. From Top Fortune 500 companies to startups, the demand for digital presence is tremendous. 

Report estimates by 2021, you can expect 635.8 million internet users in India. According to McKinsey, the number of smartphone users will double by 2023.

Digital marketing has similar objectives when compared to traditional marketing tools. You can promote your Business through advanced digital media and increase quantifiable ROI.

Get Higher compensation as Freshers 

Are you curious to know What’s fascinating and advantageous about the digital marketing experts? This implies that people with high abilities can get higher compensations. The Digital Marketing field has extraordinary perks for the right professionals and you can make a rewarding career path. 

One Role, too many hats for Professionals 

Another explanation says that the digital marketing field will be among the top career pathways in 2021. Digital marketing professionals represent authority across different zones, contingent enthusiasm and extraordinary positions.

This webinar on Digital Marketing will definitely give hands to non-employable students/graduates to get best self-employment opportunities. Also, this will give various strategies and ideas to the business officials to improve.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity! So Just give it a try! Who knows what the future holds, as great opportunities don’t happen twice!
Get ideas worth executing! Join our Free Webinar on Digital Marketing today! It’s your time to level up & rule the digital space!

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