Seminar on Facebook Marketing For Startups

Zuan's successful Seminar on Facebook for Startups

We at Zuan Education are happy to have conducted a successful seminar on the title, “Facebook Marketing for Startups”.

The practical Seminar was deployed on December 21st of Saturday, 2019, between  3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The seminar was conducted at the Zuan Education premises itself.

The seminar was attended by Thirteen enthusiastic aspirants who actively participated in all the key topics of discussion at the seminar.

The Speaker of the Seminar Mr. Gilbert deliberated on how Startup owners should utilize the other side of Facebook to target the wider Facebook audience group in order to promote and sell their products or services. 

The Facebook seminar conducted was completely Practical and taught a lot to improve their business. Some of the key points the speaker touched upon and discussed were,

Successful Seminar on Facebook Marketing for Startups

  1. Introduction to Facebook

At the beginning of the Seminar, he gave a brief outline of Facebook Marketing to the professionals and Startup owners. First, he started with “Value Marketing” i.e the way to gain more insight through value-based marketing and it’s a kind of customer loyalty marketing.

Besides, his introduction created more eagerness for marketers who are looking to improve long-term growth strategies beyond customer acquisition.

  2. Purpose of creating Fb page

  • Engage with the Target Audience
  • Collect Testimonials and Reviews
  • Ask for Audience Opinions
  • Combat Negative Results On Search Engines

  3. Consumer Journey Understanding

  • Different activity on Facebook where is their prospective audience is
  • Facebook user active time 
  • How do the audience Navigate 
  • In what kind of posts most of the audience engage with?
  • Understanding the Mentality of the target audience when they are in Facebook 
  • The content format which will help them to convince themselves 

  4. Facebook Branding Formula

Facebook Branding Formula=Connect + identifying prospects+ Conversion+ Sales

Here, he taught about how to connect with their target audience through identifying their needs and finally how to turn those leads into sales using systems like E-Mail marketing, SMS Marketing, Watsapp Marketing, etc. 

His detailed explanation created a path for every attendee, the way how to achieve success in branding their product to customers.

  5. Facebook Lead Campaign 

Here, he explained how to generate leads and the way to create a campaign by using a Lead Generation objective like consumer demographics, behavior, Interest, educational qualification, emotions, etc.

To the whole, the seminar also proved useful for every business owner as well as digital marketers and gave a thorough orientation to what advertising on Facebook to the absolute beginners.

We would also like to thank every hand that cooperated in making this seminar a successful event.

Be on the lookout for furthermore Robust seminars that are on the way to equip you to do successful business.

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