Expert Ideas To Crack an Oracle Non-technical Interview


During an Oracle DBA interview, the candidate has to face many questions from the recruiters, mostly the non-technical interview questions will be based on the following categories. 

As an Oracle DBA job candidate, if you are able to answer these questions effectively, experts say you will ace the interview successfully. In this blog, you will learn the oracle dba non-technical interview tips and tricks to answer effectively most common questions from recruiters.

How Oracle DBAs can validate their skills to recruiters?

According to CompTIA, 92 percent of employers agree that IT certifications do help them to achieve their career goals.

However, according to the Pearson VUE Certification Survey from 2016, 88 percent of IT professionals agree that they recommend certification to a colleague while they are discussing a career advancement in their field. 

Salary of Oracle DBA 

  • An early career Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) – (1-4 years of experience) earns on an average of INR 424,944. 
  • A mid-career Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) – (5-9 years of experience) earns on an average of INR 860,753.

When You Have To Face DBA Non-Technical Interview

Even if you’re not very strong in soft skills, still you can answer the common non-technical interview questions and succeed in your job interview by practicing these behavioral questions. However, you will be facing these type of questions in major three scenarios as follows, 

  • When the Recruiter contact

This is generally your first conversation with the recruiter. This recruiter will try to understand basic things like, “whether or not your background fits in the job role”.

This is also a golden opportunity for job seekers to gain their attention and make them feel you are the right candidate for that role.

Tip: Don’t overwhelm the recruiters with all your technical knowledge.

Pay close attention to every detail, listen to everything carefully, and then answer. As this is your first step, don’t leave your recruiters to think you’re not the potential candidate. 

  • When Hiring Manager Interviews

This interview majorly happens right before the technical focused job interview. In more simple cues, Here the hiring manager will be trying to find a solution for the company’s daily tasks from you. Make sure you could prove your capability of problem-solving skills.

Also, it’s important to get a good impression from your manager. The hiring manager will have clear knowledge about your job role than anyone else.

Tip: Recruiters will analyze your attitude, so it’s important to get an honest opinion about you. Don’t panic, if you don’t have the answer, rather than saying you don’t know, try to tell them how you will find a solution for it.

  • When Another Team Members Interview

Another team, maybe your project manager, developer, boss, or CEO. This is an opportunity to establish your teamwork interests. It will also prove your ability to handle peer groups and team members.

Basically, this interview is to showcase your cultural skills and how you will work with other team members. It will be the final step in your interview process most of the time, so be bold and focus on performing better.

Tip: Ask questions confidently. This will ultimately showcase your job interests towards the company.

What Are Recruiters Looking for?

Getting the job offer is not so simple in this competitive world, every other candidate will have good subject knowledge as well as expertise in your field. Ensure to prove your talents with the help of these 4 P’s that recruiters generally look for in non-technical oracle job interviews.

The 4 P’s of Non Technical interview

  • Problem-Solving Skills – You can establish your problem-solving skills by explaining things you’ve solved. This may be a professional problem or from your personal experience. You can explain about part-time projects also here.
  • Persistent determination – You must show your opinions through knowledgeable questions and enthusiasm in your job during the interview.
  • Passion for Technology  – By stating projects you worked on before or you’re learning additional. 
  • Personality Presentation – Not just looks, but it has to establish your attitude. I’m not saying you have to be an extrovert, just you have to put your best foot forward.

Tip: At the end of the day, you have to communicate the values that you will bring to the company.

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Oracle non-technical Interview Preparation Tips:

  • Research about the company and your role: You need to strongly understand the pros and cons of the company, as well as your job description and get an outlook on how the job will match your career and enhance your skills. Take your own time to research the company completely and your team for which you will be interviewed. Also, you can practice-relevant questions to ask across the recruitment process. 
  • Be punctual: To show you keep uptime, manage to reach the venue well in advance. It shows how you are punctual and respects the time schedule. It also showcases to the recruiter that you’re reliable and trustworthy.
  • Know your recruiter: At each stage of your recruitment, you must ask the recruiters for details about their experience and some common questions like dress code for the office, to well dress accordingly. This will help you to present yourself to face the interview confidently.
  • Observe: At each stage of the interviews, or in between the waiting period of the interviews, develop a habit to observe your company environment and team. It will give you clear insights into every detail that has to be actually covered during your interview process.
  • Body language: It’s the most important thing in communication. Interviewers will observe your body language as soon as they meet you automatically. Your body language, your dressing style, everything will determine your first best impression on your recruiter. Body language is the key to ace interviews successfully.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while attending an oracle non-technical interview:

  • Sit up straight
  • Use hand gestures when you explain/discuss something with the recruiters 
  • Maintain good eye contact (don’t keep staring)
  • Keep calm and be confident 
  • If you’re stuck at any point, just inform them you’re unable to recall politely and you will answer the next question
  • Give a firm handshake
  • Phrase your sentences and communicate well
  • Keep your resume in hand, as hiring managers will be impressed by candidates with professional resumes. 
  • Attend an interview with the following materials: Several copies of your resume, Your business card, pen, and notebook

Post-interview pointers for Non-technical Oracle Administrators:

It’s not an easy task from the time you complete the interview process and waiting for your results. However, you need to give some time to the recruiter and this waiting period will establish your patience.

The next day of your interview, you can write a thanking email, and there you can include your strengths and potential which makes you more suitable for your role.

If you missed hearing back from the interviewer in a week’s time, you can send him another follow-up email, which reaffirms that you are interested in the Oracle DBA position, and this shows your eagerness for the next step.

If you don’t crack the interview, don’t be disheartened. You can ask the recruiter to share their feedback on you. This will tell you more details about what didn’t work out positively for you.

This feedback will also help you to prepare better for the upcoming oracle dba interview. It can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the results didn’t turn out as you expected.

However, you can develop all the skills in the meantime, so it’s important to have a positive attitude and take your rejection well.

Behavioral Interview Questions

You can multiple topics on the internet like “Oracle Top Non-Technical Interview Questions,” try to answer those questions and prepare yourself up for the interview.

To succeed in non-technical job interviews, you must be able to answer the behavioral questions too. 

That’s how CAT comes in your way, CAT stands for Circumstance, Action, and Takeaway.

  • C – Circumstance
  • A – Actions
  • T – Takeaway

During the behavioral question, you must be able to structure your answer using CAT. You can start with the circumstance you have faced, then explain your actions, and describe your final takeaway from that experience.

This will help you to answer those behavioral questions effectively. It also helps a recruiter to find your abilities better.

With this information, recruiters will determine whether your skills meet the company culture, and then you will get high chances of getting hired in a suitable position.

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How do you Prepare for a Non-Technical Oracle DBA Interview? 

For the non-technical aspects of an interview, you need to do three things.

  • Knowledge in your prior projects with examples.
  • Understanding the company and explain how your position will value it.
  • You have to ask some interesting questions that state your interest and passion for that specific company. 

Questions will generally be behavioral in non-technical job interviews, which you can answer using this model.

Using a CAT, you can prepare a few questions beforehand. So try to understand the challenges you’ve faced, how you successfully handled them, and your learnings from them.

Top Oracle Database Administrator Interview Questions 



This will also help the recruiters to assess you at the beginning stage of the interview itself. The better impression you create at the initial stage will more likely help you to get the job. 

Tip: Practise until you find yourself perfect, be clear and loud in your tone.

Marketing yourself is an art. If you are not a master in this art. Don’t worry, anyone can easily learn these non-technical skills in a short time.

Sometimes it is almost impossible for recruiters to find the right candidate who matches the job description perfectly. In such cases, they will hire professionals with the closest knowledge and experience.

This is where it’s your responsibility to convince the recruiters and ace the job interview successfully by taking an extra mile to stand out from the crowd.

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Oracle Database Certification 

Does the certification need to become an Oracle database administrator? It’s a debatable question running in the minds of every aspiring candidate.

Oracle Certification can help you to learn the technical abilities and this gives you an edge over the existing competitions prevailing for the database administration positions in the world. 

Oracle Certified database administrators have the knowledge to run databases both at the beginner and expertise levels, which depends on the type of your certification level.

To gain the position of a successful database administrator, you need certifications that give you a little extra as a certified professional. 

You will be learning theoretical concepts and on hands practical training in the certification courses. However, certification can help a fresher who doesn’t have profit knowledge in the technical competence and help them boost their experience to get qualified in the interview process. 

As an Oracle Certified database administrator, you will be a potential candidate to deal with your clients more easily with the right capabilities in the field. If you are willing to join in our oracle database administrator training course, enroll at the lowest price today!

What is the greatest challenge in the Oracle DBA role?

As technology advancements are complex these days, you need relevant skills to perform a DBA role. The technologies that deal with these roles are exclusively at a DBA level, which is difficult, and will be challenging that every modern DBA needs to face these hurdles at some point in their career.

Both the development as well as DBA teams have to work even more closely than ever and the performance indicator is the foremost key for the customer experience of an application.

If you partner or exchange the knowledge that can be delivered best in performance and opportunities, it will improve the level of overall customer satisfaction.

Therefore, this indicates that it’s important to learn new skills everyday, you can take up the DBA training with a modern DBA institute and enhance your everyday work.

How training will impact the role of an Oracle DBA?

The modern generation of DBAs will have a significant role, which is advanced than in the early days. However, to face all these challenges boldly and conquer the world, these training components with a professional development team will help them to set a successful career.

If you wish to rise above the market demand, business needs to be as effective as possible for enabling their employees to have relevant new skills.

A report by Gartner shows untrained employees take up to 22.5 hours of time, when trained employees took 5 hours to achieve the same work.

As budding DBAs need to focus more on new development and innovation than doing lifeless tasks, whereas proper training can equip students with relevant skills to take an edge over in their profession. 

DBAs have to prepare for a career that involves the Oracle Database – (a complex database that is not easy to learn) and you will need to equip yourself with detailed knowledge to be successful in this particular field.

Our Oracle Database Administrator training is the newest digital training solution that can help DBAs to upgrade with the latest trends effectively. As the existing databases, and also upcoming Oracle Database will continue to evolve in this industry. 

What will recruiters look for in a DBA employee?

It is clear for both companies and employees that it’s essential to acquire new skills, which will boost up your knowledge in various skills and help to ace your next job interview. One out of five IT employees is worrying that their skills may get outdated as noted in the FastCompany publication.

This concern will also help students to arise from the existing competition, as hiring managers will always look for top qualified professionals.

So, it’s important for businesses to demand the right professionals to meet the increases in marketplace value.

Wrapping up

Keep a relaxed attitude throughout the interview. Do not argue and make sure to express all your opinions. Thank the recruiters for their time when you leave the interview room. If you are a perfect match, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get the job. So believe that this job is yours.

If you wish to become an expert Oracle database administrator, join our short term training courses in Chennai. Learn the right skills from the right professionals, and land in your dream career successfully.

Oracle has endless opportunities that help employees to discover and reach their true potential. Explore our non-technical courses to master your skills. 

Best wishes from team Zuan!

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