Why learn Digital Media Marketing Courses?

Digital Media Marketing Course

In the year 2016, there were 2.34 billion people involved in various digital media marketing networks like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. The amount is expected to extend into 2.95 billion within 4 years.

This digital media marketing strategy indicates that the overall advertisements mix is going to move from being essential or even as a single traditional advertising campaign. And, now it’s feature going to increased interaction and digital media, as the developing use of mobile marketing, digital marketing, increased usage of new media marketing strategies is not limited to social media.

This Digital media network possess a tremendous potential when considering organizations’ marketing products or services. The latest period digital media marketing will get within the conventional modern technology media, and corporations are heavily investing in online marketing and promotions.

Whether you prefer to start your enterprise or work for a larger company, you would learn valuable skills to grab your audience. And, you will know how to convert your visitors online through this digital marketing training course.

Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing mainly applies to advertising business online through many channels.

Different kinds of Media in Digital Marketing:

Paid Media:–

Each of your paid media will make up everything that all of you effectively pay for. Therefore this will include channels, like AdWords, Facebook paid ads, and display marketing.

Owned Media:–

It will encompass channels including your website, your group of potential clients. From these, you can utilize to send emails and a blog page which has an active readership.

Earned Media:–

Earned media would be the world of organic and natural press. Your desired social media accounts, mentions on various website, and the article content written about you make up at the medium inside earned media.

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Do you know how Digital media courses have an impact on your career?

Digital marketing has become the biggest marketing channel by spend. For the first time, it challenges marketers, platforms, and businesses to improve the interactive experience customized for consumers and various delivery mechanisms or risk frittering away their investment.

Since digital media platforms keep changing, there’s a constant demand for the skill set up for people who are already in this digital media industry. Selecting Digital Media Marketing as a career is the best decision to survive in this 21st decade. You will have great benefits in choosing it as your career in 2017. The following statistics will show you about its impact and demand.

Digital Marketing Growth Trends for 2017:

Top Rated Digital Marketing Techniques 2017

Digital Marketing Media knowledge has led the pack in 2016 for the most required skill and is expected to keep on in 2017 as well. As enterprises are putting efforts to enter new digital media channels of engagement, the demand for digital marketing experts is pouring up. Now, it’s your turn to play your way to the peak to win the digital giveaways.


Digital Mobile Internet Ad Spending in India 2013 2019
Total Media ad, Digital ad and Mobile Internet Ad Spending details in India (2013-2019)
A report from the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation exposed that “India is starting to see the golden time in the Internet sector between 2013 to 2018 with unbelievable growth opportunities and secular growth adoption for Online Content, E-Commerce, Social Media, Search, Internet Advertising, and Services relevant digital marketing, it’s eminent that Digital is the future”.



Career option is rising at a dramatical value for Digital Marketer. Following is the pay package for Digital Marketers in India.

Digital Marketing Manager – The digital marketing media experts salary ranges from 15-20 lacs per annum. Depending upon experiences, it may go up to 40 lacs.

Digital Marketing Salary in India 2017

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As per the studies, the initial salary for digital marketing experts at various levels will see a range of:

Job Title Experience in Years Salary (INR in Lacs Yearly)
Executive 0 – 1 1.5 – 3.0
Specialist 1 – 3 2.0 – 4.0
Team Lead 2 – 4 2.5 – 5.50
Analyst 3.5 – 5 5.0 – 9.0
Digital Marketing Head 5 – 10 10.0 – 40.0


Are you planning to work on a digital media marketing field? There are a few points you will need to boost your knowledge on before making this change.


Think about the type of digital media marketing you have an interest in. Is it online advertising? Email marketing? Social media marketing? There are many areas of digital media that you’ll be able to work within. Carry out some analysis on what would require fancy, and then focus on taking the next steps.

So, if you are considering to set a career in digital media marketing, we’re sure you won’t be upset. Get to know why it may be the best decision for you!


Using Digital Media courses, you’ll be capable of taking and choosing your job. Many famous companies like Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft is regularly hiring for digital marketers throughout the year.

You’d not be in a scarcity of jobs if you are certified with a digital media course. There are different job roles and career paths that you’ll explore using this digital media courses.


Experts have predicted that there will be a shortage of skills when it comes to digital jobs in the upcoming years. So if you are learning digital marketing, you get an additional advantage of being an in-demand digital marketing professional. The demanding job will overtake the supply, and you’ll be in a position to negotiate for higher pay scales from the companies ready to hire you.


It’s time to take the next step in your career. Digital media marketing courses will assist you to start building your career. And, it also bags the preferred position you always wanted. You can behave as a consultant and create campaigns and strategies to make organizations without joining their payroll.

All these media overlap, such as a user is going to overlap as they connect to everyone. And together, these create the foundation of online marketing. So, in the end, online marketing will be the strategy of making your business successful.

There are many options to learn best digital marketing courses from any reputed institute like Zuan Education. It will gear you up to meet the developing and future needs of digital media marketing training.

digital marketing training courses

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