4 Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand Right Now [2021]

Digital Marketing Skills 2018

Today we live in a digitalized world, So the growth of digital marketing is increased day by day. So Industries needs a Digital marketing Experts to improve marketing strategies for the business.  Particularly, Digital Marketing skills are technology-based skills. Present days few digital marketing skills are high demand.

Nowadays 4 Digital marketing skills are high demand.

  •    MarTech & Marketing Automation
  •    SEO
  •    Social media marketing
  •    Data analysis

MarTech & Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the best Digital Marketing skills in Industries.  Marketing technology are basic tools, and stages for marketers use to all the more effectively total finish their task.

Future of digital marketing is change to B2B Marketing Automation platforms like Marketo etc. And demand for marketing automation platforms is CRM integration, inbound marketing, e-mail marketing. However, specific ability gives the skill expected to explore these devices successfully to meet business objectives. An average salary is $80,000 and $130,000 for full-time openings. But salary differs from based requirements and top of the marketing automation aptitudes are pay large scale.

 Marketing Automation Skills

  •     Data analysis
  •     Strategic thinker and hands-on executor
  •     Creativity to Your Work


SEO stands for search engine optimization. A process of SEO is traffic on the website and place rank on top of search engine. Companies search anytime for how to top rank on search engine. Difficult to get top rank in Google, because of Google update algorithm changes in every time. 80% of users are organic click results, So you have potential to generate high traffic and conversions result.

SEO experts master to creating quality content and blogging.  You should remain over changes in the SEO businesses. You should know the latest updates of Digital Marketing Skills on these progressions will help ensure the business. An average salary for SEO specialist is RS 183,601 per year.

 SEO Skills

  • Research keyword
  • Build organic links
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Expert to use CMS
  • Improve your ranking strategies
  • Know the latest update on SEO
  • Get traffic to your site

Social Media Marketing

In the marketing world, social media is the important platform for promoting products. Over the previous decade, social media are faster than the Internet! Present days close to 33% of the population is at present utilizing some social media platform.  Present days an average person spends 2 hours per day on social media platforms.

A conclusion of social media is a necessary part of digital marketing. Digital marketers target social media an easy way to communicate target audience. Marketers know the power of social media, So easy to promote their brands and target marketing goals. Expert Digital marketers apply the quality content on social media platforms. So Learn Marketing Skills and the average salary for SMM specialist is RS 192,701 per year.

Social Media Marketing Skills

  •  Use MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  •  Experience in social media advertising platforms
  •  Expert to use website analysis tools.
  •  Knowledge of HTML/CSS, WordPress
  •  Link social profiles with website
  •  Use keywords
  •  Stay active and be social
  •  Choose a cover image smartly


Data Analysis

Data analysis means analysis of data. It is a process of reviewing, and displaying information with the objective of finding valuable data, proposing conclusions, and supporting basic leadership. Data analysis is most important part of digital marketing. You won’t learn data analysis later you will regularly fight with your results. All marketing campaign necessary to check run tests, analyze data to compare previous one. An expert marketer should know how to analyze your data based on your marketing efforts.  

If you ready to get a strong data analyst, and get a good knowledge of mathematics and Learn Marketing Skills. An average salary for a data analyst is RS 349,284 per year. One of the highest pay jobs in India.

Data Analysis Skills

  • Basic knowledge of statistics
  • Know Scripting Languages
  • Computer expertise
  • Business expertise


The demand for digital marketers has higher, yet the digital aptitudes hole has never been more extensive.  Every Digital Markers should know the major Digital Marketing Skills.


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