Digital Marketing Skill Sets to Mention in Resume

Digital Marketing Skill Sets to Mention in Resume

You are fond of getting a digital marketing job. And you want to apply for one on Naukri, Monster India, Shine, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.. All these job portals ask you to upload your resume. What are the digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume?

What Job Role do you want in Digital Marketing?

As you know digital marketing is propelled by a lot of subfactors. They are,

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics
  • Content Writing
  • Designing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development, etc..

First, you have to confirm which subfactor or job role you want to take up in digital marketing. Or in other words, which type of digital marketing skill sets you have got.

Then you have to mention those particular skill sets in your resume and post it on the job portals. This will help employers find you easily. And you will get a job soon.

Skill Sets to Mention for Various Digital Marketing Roles

Now let us see how you can come up with a pretty good digital marketing resume. What skills have you got that can attract the hiring manager?

Do You Have Experience in Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. And you want a job role in email marketing. Do you have the following email related digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume?

  • Writing high-quality emails that will yield conversions
  • Build huge email lists from scratch and use those lists to achieve a variety of goals.
  • Also, use the list of emails to increase social media following, promote new products and services and drive new sales.
  • Understand the strategy on which email automation is based and knowing where to use it in a funnel.
  • Able to develop appropriate headlines and hooks
  • Knowing to measure and analyze click-through rates, conversions, open rates engagements, deliverability, trends, etc.
  • To coordinate campaign assets and ensure a timely schedule of emails

ADDED ADVANTAGE: An added advantage will be your knowledge of using various email marketing tools such as,

  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • Autoresponse Plus (ARP) etc.

Do You Have Experience in Content Creation, significant among digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume?

Have you written a lot of articles and blogs and published them? Have you used content writing tools before, to rank in the content market space?

If so, you can try for any job role in the Content division of Digital Marketing. What content related skills should you mention in your resume?

  • Ability to compose company releases and stimulate blogger activity
  • Write emails
  • Write effective contents for social media
  • Editing contents
  • Coming up with Digital Marketing proposals for internal and external stakeholders
  • Producing promotional videos
  • The art of storytelling
  • Using Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Writing ad copies and landing pages
  • Have a basic idea of what content marketing is.

ADDED ADVANTAGE: Mentioning the knowledge of using the following Content related tools will be an added advantage,

  • Grammarly
  • SEMrush
  • Evernote
  • Buzzsumo
  • Tweriod
  • Canva
  • Uberflip etc.

Social Media Marketing

Are you interested and have experience using social networks to market products and services? Or for that matter, are you a popular crowd-puller on social media platforms?

Do you want jump on board a digital marketing job that uses social media for marketing? Then check if you have the following skills,

  • Do you know which times of the day to post? Posts that generate the most user engagement? And using each social platform to achieve specific goals.
  • Do you know paid social media marketing?
  • Can you understand copywriting, analytics and visual marketing?

ADDED ADVANTAGE: Having the knowledge of the usage of the following social media tools will boost the richness of your resume,

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Followerwonk
  • Agorapulse
  • Sproutsocial
  • Sendible etc.

Analytics, among important digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume

Analytics helps you to collect data and do market research, to better address the needs of the customers. This is an important skill in the digital marketing career path.

Moreover, this skill is also mentioned in the job description of many digital marketing employers.

Do you have the aptitude for analysis and derive at appropriate results to drive business? Then probably you can apply for a role in market research and other analytical job roles. Some analytics skills worth mentioning in the resume are,

  • Assessing the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns
  • Compiling target lists for email marketing campaigns
  • Controlling costs per lead generated
  • Following emerging trends in digital marketing
  • Using analytics software
  • Industry research
  • Selecting the optimal online media for campaigns and
  • Tailoring marketing pitches towards target demographics

ADDED ADVANTAGE: Mentioning the knowledge of the usage of following analytics tools in digital marketing will add more credit to you,

  • KissMetrics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Moz Pro
  • SEMrush
  • Optimizely etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a kingmaker among digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume

Digital Marketing is dead without SEO. Do you have any knowledge to optimize your content for search engines.

To be successful in online marketing, people should be able to see your brand while searching for your business related query in search engines.

Cross-check if you have the following basic SEO skills,

  • Able to develop an online marketing strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  • Keyword Research
  • Page and Domain Authority
  • Advantages of Backlinks

ADDED ADVANTAGE: Knowledge in any of the SEO tools mentioned below will boost your chances of getting a SEO job role,

  • Google Keyword Planner, Analytics and Search Console
  • Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker
  • Yoast SEO
  • SEMrush
  • SEO Web Page Analyzer
  • LinkMiner
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Portents SERP Preview Tool, etc.

Video Marketing

Are you good at making promotional videos? Do you have the talent of video editing? Then you can mention the below skills in your resume.

Video marketing is important among digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume.

Skills to,

  • Leverage interviews, testimonials, demos, etc. to meet the needs of the target customers
  • Optimize videos for search engines using keyword-enriched descriptions and tags
  • Knowledge of video editing, production, and animation to tell stories in an engaging way.

ADDED ADVANTAGE: Mentioning your knowledge about any of the following video marketing tools in your resume will be a great resume enhancer,

  • Wideo
  • Viewbix
  • Slidely
  • WeVideo
  • Stipeflix
  • VideoScribe
  • Filmora etc.

Soft Skills to Get a Digital Marketing Job

The following soft skills are worth among digital marketing skill sets to mention in resume,

  • Communication, network, and negotiation
  • Critical thinking
  • Project management
  • Sales skills
  • Ability to think objectively
  • Visual storytelling abilities
  • A likable personality
  • Self-promotion savvy
  • Understanding of brevity and
  • Listening skills


I would say that even your cover letter to the employer should reflect your persona as a passion-filled digital marketer.

Your resume will really be valued if you have any potential skills mentioned above.

Let me end the article by naming some of the popular digital marketing job roles that wait for you if you get proper training in digital marketing. They are,

  • Junior SEO Executive
  • SEO Executive/Analyst/Team Lead/
  • Content Writer/Content Manager/Head
  • Social Media Marketer/Community Manager
  • Video Production Specialist/Video Marketing Manager
  • Editor
  • Email Marketing Analyst/Specialist

All the best friends for your interview. I am sure, you will be selected in the interview because there is a growing demand for digital marketing skills.

The report, 2018 Marketing Hiring Trends, says 69% of companies planned to hire more marketers in 2018. And this trend is set to grow in the coming years with every business realizing the importance of digital marketing capability.

Moreover, companies hiring for digital marketing roles in the year 2019 will specifically look for a digital marketing expertise.

Some of the in-demand skills required in the digital marketing space currently are, Content Creation; Mobile; Social; SEO/SEM and Lead Generation.

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