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According to a joint report by NASSCOM and AKAMAI Technologies, there will be about 700 million internet users in India by 2020. It is exciting that from Rural India, the users of Internet in the smartphones will reach 75% of growth. Perhaps, this percentage of internet users will make India stay as the fastest growing country continuously.

The growth of digital marketing field goes high due to the existence of e-marketing platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. In the beginning, companies didn’t realize the importance of these platforms, but now they come forward to do excellent digital marketing campaigns to grow themselves on the digital spectrum. As a result, this field now requires professionals who are skilled in the digital marketing. There are three main parts in Digital marketing field such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) & SMM (Social Media Management). In general, Professionals will go for any one of these, but you will ever look for experts in all these three fields.

The tremendous growth of using digital media leads a high demand for digital marketing working professionals. These days the rate of increase in Digital Marketing medium has doubled when compared to conventional media advertising. So, it is the right time for current professionals to make use of the opportunities which are growing in digital marketing.

Primary Reasons why there is a demand for Digital Marketing Courses:

As the proverb says – “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The image below shows a good example.


A half of the world population uses the internet. Using Social media channels are very famous among the web users. Smartphones and low cost internet data packages have been helping the users to remain connected even on the move for 24 hours a day – It has become a necessity in the dynamic market transformation of these times!

  • Selection growth of Digital Media: Joining different digital media like Facebook, LinkedIn has increased gradually. According to Internet World Stats, “Over 40% of world’s population (i.e. 3.3 billion people) today has an Internet connection. It was less than 1% in 1995.” Besides, the spending time on digital media is too increasing. It is exciting that from Asia alone; there is 50% of Internet users.
  • Spend growth in Digital marketing: According to a report by GroupM, digital advertising will account for 12.7% of all ad spending in 2016. In 2015, digital advertising accounted for 9.9% of total advertising budget. Source: LiveMint
  • Talent gap for skilled Digital Marketing Professionals: Educational institutions can’t look after the digital marketing skill creating needs with the current industry and trends. It has led to an enormous gap between demand and supply of skilled digital marketing professionals in beginner-level positions.
  • The rate of change in digital marketing domain: The frequent shifts in the digital media channels leads to having a natural need for constant up-skilling of people who are already working in this field.
  • Hike of Internet-based businesses: Internet-based startups are increasing around the world because of the more depressed barrier. It has placed a further force to deliver digital marketing talent.

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As you can see there are so many reasons why there’s a constant need for professionals in Digital Marketing, here are some advantages based on individual job profiles.


Advantages of Digital Marketing Course for working professionals depending on the Job Profiles:

What be the career profile, Digital Marketing can assist one to enter this profitable field with an advantage over their peers and gain a mass beginning into this industry. Still are you not sure if Digital Marketing is suitable for your career? Based on your profile, here are some essentials on why this field will benefit you.


Business Owners:
The business owners usually give priority to get new customers. So, here, digital media plays a vital role to draw customers. All the business people should get the critical skill of digital marketing in the current digital era.

Marketing Professional:
Digital marketing is the most necessary skill for working professionals who are into the marketing field, as they are always engaged in PR, communication, and media. For a marketing professional; he has to be a strong competitor in the field of digital marketing. Otherwise, he may lose his career. Also, a competent digital marketing professional can demand a salary and his position in the industry. Many people with significant experience in traditional marketing (e.g. brand manager) are worried about their prior experience while thinking of getting digital marketing skills. It is exciting that they are likely to get into the senior marketing roles. It doesn’t mean the digital marketing is going to replace the traditional marketing. But the senior marketing roles include the increase of the budget in the contribution of digital mediums, and marketing becomes combined. To great corporations or high growth startups, the demand is huge for the people who are experts in traditional marketing and also gained some digital marketing skills.

Sales Professional:
Sales professionals also prefer a professional digital marketing course and let’s see the reasons behind their interests:
Change career to Digital Marketing: The beginners in the sales profession can think of changing their career to digital marketing.

Job growth for experienced professionals: An important role of digital marketing for a sales profile draws the senior sales professionals to join a digital marketing course for working professionals and helps them go ahead in their career growth. For instance, a sales professional can hold his presence on mediums like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook for customer engagement or prospect mining.

IT Professional:
A digital marketing course for working professionals doesn’t require technology, but IT/Tech background professionals and students prefer to begin a career in digital marketing industry. Apart from this, in strategizing communication skills and creativity, Analytical skills play a significant role in fulfilling successful digital marketing campaigns. Since Engineers or tech people naturally have the deep analytical skills, they can shine well in the digital marketing field.

On the other hand, if an experienced IT professional who meets the customer can understand digital media, they are more precious for their company. And the most of the large IT solutions are in need of combination with digital media these days. Those senior IT professionals will be good at imagining and if they understand this medium well, they can create such solutions. For these ideas, we realize for conscious participation from IT industry in our digital marketing expert certification course specially tailored for working IT professionals. We’ve further handled customized corporate digital marketing training programs for MNC’s who are offering a significant number of IT services

Business Head:
Be it a whole or a particular unit of business; these are the people are responsible for its continuous growth. For the customer acquisition strategy, these people can work either with their internal digital marketing team or external digital marketing agencies. Though they don’t concentrate in digital marketing, they get involved in identifying a digital marketing strategy, defining and using relevant resources for content work, and reviewing the success metrics that are significant to the success of digital marketing in their business. Therefore, they need to be aware of different sides of digital marketing.

HR or other Professionals:
The growth of digital media crosses the function of the marketing. Therefore, professionals can get its knowledge apart from sales & marketing. For instance, an HR professional can make use of mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn for talent acquisition and employee engagement. Hence, we’ve experienced the involvement of HR professionals in our digital marketing course.


Let’s see three other important advantages on why a professional independent of their job profile has shown interest in a digital marketing course:

Offer digital marketing service as a freelancer:
The service of digital marketing is accessible anywhere. Therefore, it gives a chance to become a freelancer. For this reason, we offer a special topic on ‘Freelance Opportunities’ as part of our digital marketing expert certification course for those who want to serve as a freelancer.

To become an entrepreneur:
Entrepreneurship helps the Indian economy to maintain the development. So, if anybody wants to become an entrepreneur, they can utilize the skill of Digital Marketing.

Earn money via blogging or affiliate marketing:
Some people are exemplary; the way they make significant money or create a full-time career in digital marketing. So, it is possible when we have strong passion and determination in the field of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing professional:
As mentioned above, there are 10-15% of participants who have joined our professional digital marketing course are from digital marketing industry.
The two main reasons which have drawn a digital marketing professional to participate in our program:

  • Develop their skill set:A few persons have the unique skill set experience in digital marketing or (e.g. SEO or SEM) and desire to develop their skill set beyond different fields of digital marketing for professional growth.
  • Create knowledge in digital marketing: A few digital marketers have fundamental knowledge or experience in digital marketing, but they haven’t enough skills to handle challenging or demanding digital marketing campaigns boldly.

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The Demand for Digital Marketing Certification:

Digital marketing shines at its own growth and retains large audience base are the significant advantages over other marketing fields.

The growth of digital marketing enables many companies, institutes, and agencies offer training courses for both academic and professional lessons in this field. Once complete the particular course, these digital marketing institutes rewards with certification which can be mentioned in the CV, and it will show your additional qualification in the digital marketing. It helps people who seek jobs in the digital marketing field.

Except for the professional digital marketing course completion certificates, if you understand the concepts of digital marketing, you can further take the online tests to get rewarded with certifications like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, etc.

So, having said that, does this article about digital marketing courses for working professionals admire you for getting into this field? Are you passionate to create a profession in this industry or hold this medium for your business? If you are among the one who is serious about learning & leveraging digital marketing for your Career or Business Growth, join Zuan Education!

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Why learn digital marketing from Zuan Education:

Zuan Education is one of the reputed Digital Marketing training institutes in Chennai. Our digital marketing courses for working professional is ideal for all professionals who would like to get a career in digital marketing. Our institute trainers are industry experts having 8+ years of expertise in Digital Marketing with real-time working experience.

In this digital marketing courses for working professionals, you will get to know all kinds of techniques and tactics of digital marketing. We also provide online and classroom training for the candidates. Join our institute to learn digital marketing and try to start your career in digital marketing with our digital marketing certifications.


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