Why Digital Marketing Course is Essential for MBA Graduates


Your option to study marketing in MBA is actually a highly contended field. Because marketing and sales jobs fetch you 13-45 percentage higher pay compared to other management roles.

Talking of digital marketing, its rules and trends vary a lot from the traditional. You usually learn conventional marketing skills in MBA. Added to this, knowledge of digital marketing skills will place you in better jobs. Doing a specialized course along with your MBA in digital marketing will make you industry-ready.

On the other hand, only a handful of MBA colleges offer a rigorous course in digital marketing. That too, in these colleges, there is a lack of expertise-training in digital marketing. This lack is because most of the digital marketing professionals work in companies and private digital marketing schools. Even an MBA in digital marketing falls short of teaching by industry professionals.

So you have to turn to private digital marketing schools to get better equipped. It will be better if you do job-oriented courses after MBA. Moreover, you get better training from digital marketing professionals who involve in digital marketing alongside being a trainer of digital marketing. Therefore, doing a digital marketing course will be a wise choice for you to choose among many post-MBA courses.

So it turns out that the digital marketing training at a college level is not completely job-oriented. You should know that it has almost become mandatory that you do job oriented courses after MBA. There are many post-MBA courses.

Having a career after MBA in marketing largely depends on your education after MBA. There are many courses after MBA. Rather than doing a degree after MBA you can save time and increase the scope of getting a job by doing a course in digital marketing.


Why is the Digital Marketing course important for MBA graduates?

In such a scenario, you have to remember that companies usually prefer hiring candidates with relevant digital marketing skills. This is an advantage for the companies, as it will help them with their momentum of leads, sales, and earnings.

So, a degree after MBA will just be another racing of characters after your name. Very often MBA graduates are left with two questions after doing their MBA. What to do after MBA marketing? Or What to study after MBA?  

Looking at the wider current scenario, internet culture is booming in India. Online spending is highly facilitated through digital marketing. Digital marketing is all set to be the new-age marketing trend. So you have to make a wise choice in choosing courses after MBA marketing.

So what does this hold for you? A digital marketing certificate along with your MBA in marketing gives you better chances of landing in a prospective job.

A sense of urgency in doing a course in digital marketing

As mentioned already having a job-specific training is the need of the hour. A mere MBA in marketing may not fetch you a good job.

Shockingly, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) says that only 93% of management graduates are employed. This is a deplorable state.

Source:, IndiaToday

Further, let us discuss the positive aspects of having a certificate in digital marketing along with an MBA in marketing.

Digital marketing course is easy to learn

Digital marketing is a 100% non-technical course. It is easy to learn. You have to just be a net-savvy person.

Digital marketing is a lot more science and analytics. And that is why your learning of methodological approach in management studies, will help you to easily absorb digital marketing techniques. Your passion also is a key factor in learning digital marketing.

Your digital marketing course is equal to having a mini MBA

Your mere degree in MBA is not sufficient to fetch you a job. In a fast-changing marketing scenario, your MBA curriculum is not up-to-date. As mentioned earlier, companies seek relevant skills while hiring.

There are many advantages to you learning digital marketing. You learn the skills of content marketing and updated marketing strategies. Digital marketing emphasizes Return On Investment. You advance your knowledge after MBA by learning efficient ways of building your reputation, advertising skills and learn to bring a proper result-driven marketing.

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Adds weight to your resume

There is an ever-increasing need for digital marketing skills. In a traditional career like advertising, you have to wait to get an opportunity as an intern or for a graduate placement and land in a job to create your own portfolio.

Otherwise, in the world of digital marketing, you have ample of chances to even start your own career and later also settle in a proper workplace.

Your primary job may not be digital marketing. But if you know some of the basic skills of digital marketing, companies will be ready to hire you. Businesses demand marketers who can produce more leads and sales.

Your specialized training in digital marketing or some basic skills in digital marketing can be mentioned in your portfolio. Details of a proper digital marketing training added to your resume would scale up the chances of getting a job.

Demand and supply gap

Compared to traditional marketing tools, digital marketing is a proven recession proof marketing strategy.

Diversification and evolving digital marketing trends continue to create good opportunities for trained digital marketing professionals. On the other hand, the supply of quality resources is really less.

Thus your skills got through proper training channels will help meet the demand and supply gap. Digital marketing is generally not given as a training for MBA students.

Many marketers feel that almost 90% of the present workforce lack knowledge in marketing. While 41% of companies find it difficult to get quality talent.

business skill

creative marketing skill

marketing skills

Stay ahead of the competition

As a digital marketing professional, you are expected to help in business development, increase their leads, sales and profit. You cannot achieve this with knowledge of old-style marketing or traditional marketing. Your successful career after MBA in marketing mainly depends on the education after MBA. There are many courses after MBA.

Many colleges offer MBA marketing courses. Career opportunities after MBA in marketing are not an easy come by.

In the race to recruit the best, you can stay ahead of the competition by bringing in more ROI with a minimal company budget. As a digital marketing professional, you are also expected to have good expertise in analysis. This helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

You can attain these skills only if you have a digital marketing-specific training. Digital marketing is one of the courses after MBA finance too. Choosing to learn digital marketing will help you to choose a good career after MBA in marketing.

Source: Times Of India

Growth rate

It is expected that the digital industry will produce 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020. HR specialists are positive about this. The exciting news for you is that as a digital marketing specialist you will get a starting salary of Rs. 4.5-5.5 lakhs, according to Randstad India. This is a promising future scenario.

Apart from this, the growth rate of the digital marketing industry increases year after year. It was 30% in 2015. And it climbed up to 40% in 2016. Meanwhile, other sectors struggled with a growth rate of just 5-10 percentage.

The growth rate of the digital marketing industry is set to show a steady increase in the near future and will not slip back.


Getting a certificate in digital marketing will only boost your scope of getting relevant jobs. Specialized digital marketing training may not be offered as a rigorous module in your MBA marketing courses. Moreover, a certificate proves your achievement in a particular skill.

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If you desire to start your career in the world of digital marketing, then a Digital Marketing Course is the best option for you. Holding a Digital Marketing Certification will support you to get a skilled job in top MNCs. This will help you not break your head regarding career options after MBA in marketing.


In the coming years marketing is largely going to depend on digital marketing. Digital marketing will help industries increase their growth rate by 40%. Mobile phones will play a predominant role is marketing.

Digital marketing ensures vital capabilities like cost-efficiency, flexibility, and convenience. The prevalence and penetration of the internet have become a major source of entertainment, shopping, news etc..

Business, through the digital medium, enables customers to share their views about the company. It is done through the social networking world by comments, shares, likes etc..

Companies in the near future have to use resources like SEO, Google Adwords, and social media to gain potential customers. Moreover, digital marketing consultants are needed to steer the company’s growth.

To be a part of this imminent and happening change an MBA graduate should equip himself with the skills of digital marketing and be future-ready.

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How to learn Digital Marketing Course after MBA

You can:

    • Learn Digital Marketing through YouTube Videos – Step by Step Tutorials
    • Learn Digital Marketing through White Paper, Blogs, PDF
    • Learn Digital Marketing from Top Author Books
    • Learn Digital Marketing from Free Resources Like

Why should you prefer Digital Marketing Training over Free Online Digital Programs stated above?

Free Digital Marketing courses may seem good. But at the end of the day, it is not worth spending time on. However, the truth is you require tremendous commitment and self-interest.

    • One thing is sure; it won’t encourage or reward you for excelling at them.
    • Moreover, those free digital marketing course resources may exist but are not assembled in one place, unlike specialized certifications or degree.
    • You can’t discuss with an expert or class. In free online courses, trainer/speaker may not be available to clarify the doubts or answer your questions like a certificate course professor would do.
    • The uniqueness of a certification in digital marketing to a free online digital marketing course/program would be the career chances.
  • In an online university degree, you can’t perform well without the help of a certification, GPA or professor support. But, with a certification course, you have the ability to show your skill set without any dependency.

Your choice between an online course and regular certification program depends on your goals, financial budget, and self-qualities.

With that being said, the range of growth and progress in digital marketing for MBA professionals is larger than what has been described above. So, do you accept that digital marketing is one of the best career options for MBA Graduates? Your question, what to do after MBA? can find its solution by joining our Digital Marketing Course today!

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