How Learning Digital Marketing Course gave me a great career start- Zuan Education Review!

How learning Digital Marketing course gave me a great career start

Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank you for making the move to come to this blog post to learn something ! Am Adheena Mohamed came to Chennai to learn digital Marketing. Becoming a digital marketer was something entirely new to me when I joined Zuan Education back in December 2019.

But, before joining Zuan Education, I began looking for a good digital Marketing Training institute in Chennai on google. I eventually zeroed down upon a few institutes and started reading reviews, in particular, Zuan Education reviews. To be honest, Zuan Education is the best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Chennai compared to other training institutes.

How Zuan Education Course Reviews Lead me to Enroll

Zuan Education reviews really fascinated me to visit the institute directly. Furthermore, to learn over here, I asked for a demo class to know their teaching method. The experienced staff over here stole the deal and it was a really good way of teaching compared to other training institutes and I decided to enroll in the Digital Marketing Course at Zuan Education. 

I always trust other humans when they share their experiences after trying something. And actually, we all do. The perception of a thing is very different from the first-hand experience. And when I read other people writing their review of the Zuan Education Digital Marketing course, I gained a lot of confidence in the course. And to my favor, it paid off well.

Experience with Zuan Education Digital Marketing Course

Moreover, in the beginning, I was pretty nervous and I was not aware of digital marketing courses and the things that were happening digitally. However, after attending a Demo class at Zuan Education from an experienced faculty, my worries were entirely gone. He inspired me to work on developing my basic skills and learn more about the Digital Marketing Course. Fortunately, Zuan Education saw my eagerness to learn something new and included me in their community and trained me in the Digital Marketing course.

Then, I started my journey as a trainee in a digital marketing course at Zuan Education with the support of 10+ years of experienced faculty members. After joining here, my mentor treated me very well and answered all my questions on the digital marketing course patiently.

Furthermore, the highlighting point at Zuan Education is that rather than providing theory classes they also offered me hands-on training experience throughout my training period.

Their innovative teaching method in digital marketing courses along with my interest, I have equipped my Digital Marketing skills efficiently. To be mentioned, some of them are,

  •  They helped me to strategize, design, and execute marketing campaigns.
  • They also taught me to design marketing campaigns based on customer demographic and product type in order to reach a wider audience.
  • Later, they also taught me to effectively use mobile, email, SEO, web analytics, and other methods to promote a brand online and convert customers.
  • The highlighting point is, they also helped me to run ad copy on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels to reach out to customers and to increase my own web traffic.

In my very first project, they taught me how to run Google Adwords for my own website. For this, they helped me to create an Adwords account of my own and the way to create a catchy ad copy that would tempt a larger audience to buy my product.

Unexpectedly I have got a lot of leads. Maybe, I think it’s all because I did it right with the support of my staff. Following this, they also assisted me in analyzing the performance of my ad copy in real-time. 

With more exposure to the practical session of the Digital Marketing field, there was a completely new set of Marketing skills that I suddenly started to acquire without even realizing it myself from Zuan Education.

Frankly speaking, the digital skills that I acquired today through Zuan Education, I am more confident enough to attend digital marketing interviews in top IT companies like Accenture, Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, ZOHO, Cognizant, Capgemini and so on.

On the whole, the digital marketing course is something that I thought was more difficult to learn without knowing anything. But Zuan Education is the place where I learned the skills I have today to explore and I also recommend Zuan Education to others who are very new to the field of digital marketing. 

My Concluding Notes about an Overall ‘Zuan Education Digital Marketing Course Review’

I always wanted to join a Digital Marketing Course that imparted both theoretical and practical knowledge to implement digital marketing strategies in a real-world scenario. However, after going through various digital marketing training institutes, I realized that the course structure of the Zuan Education Digital Marketing course was the most comprehensive one.

I was extremely impressed with the structure of the Zuan Education job-oriented Digital Marketing course curriculum that gets updated on regular intervals to keep pace with the Digital Marketing Industry trends. And while in the course, I saw its benefits. We were informed about the latest tricks of the trade, which saved a lot of time.

Whenever I implemented those learnings from the course, I immediately saw some benefits. That kept me going. 

Furthermore, at Zuan Education, digital marketing students have had a great experience where they always respected and all the issues that a student faces are taken very seriously. Sometimes the course coordinators go out of their way to help a candidate. You can also watch Zuan education other Digital Marketing course Reviews on Youtube, or read Zuan Education Reviews on Google elsewhere. All the aspirants have the same thing to say.

Professionalism at Zuan Education is something that should be highly appreciated. The Business development professionals and the Support Team are always ready to help in any situation. Whenever I used to get stuck with my assignments or have any query related to the course, I would just connect with my Course Coordinator and receive a proactive & prompt response. I have to say that their support structure is pretty sorted.

The other valuable asset of Zuan Education is that after completing my Digital Marketing Course, they offered me a course completion certificate that helps me in showcasing my digital marketing skills to the employers that others lack. Additionally, based on the student needs, they also provide 100% placement assistance in small and middle-level companies to get placed.

Why did I write this Zuan Education Digital Marketing course Review?

The reason behind writing this Zuan Education Digital Marketing course review is to help the newcomers to make the right decision while choosing amongst various digital marketing institutes in Chennai. This particular review not only focusses on my experience with Zuan Education, but it also highlights the salient features of the Zuan Education Digital Marketing Course.

If I were to recommend Zuan Education to the other aspirants, I would do it any day and anytime because Zuan Education is always the best to learn the Digital Marketing course in Chennai. They have helped me in becoming one of the skilled Digital Marketers today to pursue for the future.

Thank You!

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