Perks of learning Digital Marketing course for Engineers

What Marketing for Engineering students? Sounds weird, isn’t it? But not really. Because, In India, more number of students are more likely attracted to Engineering career as an option.

Perhaps you would accept this statement; once after completing your schooling, you get into an Engineering college, where an average seat costs  around 10-12 Lacs. But what after striving hard and completing it? To be honest, you would earn an annual salary packages starts at around 3 – 4 Lacs which is much lower than your engineering admission seat.

You may think, this is the fact that’s known to everyone. But why as an Engineering graduate, we into the Marketing field and how does it suits us?

Answer to your question is really simple. We all know that today’s world is driven by internet and we hold it as a solution for unlimited problems starting from big to small things. In this juncture, Engineering has no longer in high demand.

Do you know? Currently, digital marketing is being one of the thriving users of Internet and it’s the hottest and latest trend of the day.

Knowing this before, so far more and more intelligent Engineering students are started to make their way into digital marketing for a career. This is due to the fact that digital marketing professional started to dominate the traditional marketing IT domain. And other indispensable reason for the shift in the workforce from the IT sector to Digital Marketing is higher financial yields along with the excess of supply over demand.

So, if you’re an Engineering student and want to be a part of this digital revolution. Then, this place is even more so made for you.

Reason for choosing Engineering:

Before we understand why as an Engineer you want to switch to Digital marketing career. I thought I should first understand why you pursued engineering in the first place.

1. Compulsion and advice of parents and relatives

This is the fun fact in India, right? If you ask any parent about, what their children wants to become in future? Most of them ends up saying, their children want to become either a doctor or an engineer. But today, the sad fact is they don’t even have a choice of saying a doctor because the cost of education for a doctor today is sky-rocketed then becoming an engineer.

2. No proper guidance/mentor

Everyone of us wish to find someone who could guide us and mentor us to make the right decision at the right time. If you haven’t found the right one, then you would have landed like this.

3. Not sufficient exposure in schools/colleges

Most probably, when we’re doing our schooling, there is no proper teachers to guide us and there isn’t enough exposure to the real world. That’s one of the major reason today we are unaware to go in the right track.

How it suits digital marketing career for engineering students?

However, you’ve chosen an engineering degree after your schooling without proper guidance. But now it’s not like that, you’ve internet and using it, you can find out the industry which is booming today to get highest paying jobs.

Taking advantage of the same Internet, I have found that Digital marketing for engineers as a career option acts as a horizon of change and it has the potential of providing lucrative career opportunities.

Now you may be thinking about how does digital marketing blend with engineering?

Well, this article would be a prelude to showcase you why Digital marketing is doubtlessly to Engineering Students.

1. Creativity & Innovation:

As an Engineers, you always have a logical thinking process. You mostly like to research, experiment, create and innovate.

So, when it comes to Digital Marketing course for college graduates, it would be a perfect platform where as a graduate you can widen your horizon of imagination and creativity.

You may think that Digital Marketing is just marketing products and services online. But Moreover, it involves creativity utmost every level. Thus, here creativity plays a vital role in  Digital Marketing. Since the internet is highly cluttered along with intense competition, creativity is very much essential to stand you out from the crowd.

2. Excellent Salary Packages:

Money, this is one of the best reasons to choose Digital Marketing for Engineers. And do you know? Today, the demand for digital marketing is going through a positive phase and is expected to develop more at a rapid rate in the coming years.

The high digital marketing salary packages, which is widening gap between the demand and supply of the digital marketing professional, where demand exceeds supply.

On the other hand, if we consider the demand and supply of engineers, the supply exceeds the demand. This is the other reason why some of the Engineering graduates opt for MBA after graduation.

So stop thinking to do higher studies to earn more. Instead start a career in digital marketing,  which is a type of internet marketing lets you earn money online legitimately. Though digital marketing jobs don’t have any rigid criteria, and anyone who are interested can start a career in this field regardless of their educational background and age.

And you always have an option to work either as an employee in a top MNC company or as a freelancer in these areas or any of your choice and interest.

3. Demonstration of Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills:

Coming from a highly technical background, Engineers are very proficient in handling data and you have a good problem skills.

Thus, marketing for engineers gives a chance for digital engineers to demonstrate their area of expertise. Do you know? A lot of permutations and combinations of data are involved in Digital Marketing. Hence, as an Engineers, you would be experts in problem-solving and you’ve high analytical skills which are very much required in digital marketing.

4. Sound work profile:

Almost every working professional wants a sound working profile with frequent highs. So, if you need something like one? then Digital Marketing would be the perfect choice for you and it is the currently flourishing industry. Did you know, the growth opportunities in digital marketing field is simply incredible.

We know becoming an engineer is not everyone’s piece of cake. It requires a lot of consistency, hard work and effort. However after putting in so much of effort, engineers do expect a sound & peaceful work profile and today Digital Marketing is there to fulfill this requirement.

5. Job opportunities:

One of the main factors that ensure digital marketing for engineers a great career choice is because of its job stability.

A report by the All India Council for Technical Education, states that 60% of engineering graduates from technical institutions of India are unemployed & 95% of engineers in the country are not fit for software development jobs. These facts clearly indicate that engineering graduates are either jobless or working at positions below their qualifications.

While automation has taken over the IT sector, many number of engineering  jobs are now under threat. Subsequently, Digital Marketing amplify career option along with job stability. Even  more and more businesses are today becoming digital, the demand for certified digital marketing professionals is rapidly increasing

Scope in Digital Marketing for Engineers:

The Scope in Digital Marketing for Engineers are endless. Generally, Digital Marketers are supposed to have competency in three main skills ie. Analytics, Strategy and Competency with Technology.

Thus, the rigorous coursework of an engineering degree helps engineers to excel and develop in all the above three.  Thus, engineering graduates, with their technical know-how, and strong mathematical skills compliment digital marketing in the best possible way.

Final Thoughts:

In today’s digital world, the demand for digital marketing experts are huge. This is  because, almost every business today look for their prospective clients online. For this they require digital marketing techniques to spread the awareness & build the brand image of their products & services among a huge number of audience.

So, why are you waiting still? Does a certification course and start a career in the field of digital marketing. This would be the best option for those students/professionals who have a keen interest in this sector to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Hence, Digital Marketing subject is vast and joining either a digital marketing certification course or training program will be the best way to get a deep understanding of it.

Best wishes Engineers!

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