How to develop a Content Marketing Strategy?

How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

You will be surprised to know that 63% of businesses don’t have a solid content marketing strategy? According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs.

Now, why should you be bothered about a content marketing strategy? Of course, you need it to propel your business along these lines,

  • Your strategy influences how you reach your audience.
  • It draws people to your business. And gives you the opportunity to convert them.
  • You take steps to research, create, publish, and promote information that’s of value to your audience.
  • Your content should be visible in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • A strategy is important to have lead generation.

Further, let us jump into ways you can come up with a content marketing strategy. And also arrive at a good content marketing plan.

Define Your Mission And Goals

Come up with a content marketing mission statement. Moreover, this should imbibe,

  • The target audience
  • Equally important, the content you will create to reach them and
  • Specifically, what benefits your audience will get out of the content?

On other hand, your business goals pertain to goals such as,

  • Improving revenue out of your strategy
  • Equally, getting more leads and making enough sales
  • For the purpose of increasing traffic to your site
  • Furthermore, becoming a thought leader by gaining influence and authority
  • In effect, for SEO success
  • Moreover, reduced marketing costs and
  • Planned social media engagement.

Determine Your KPIs

Now that you have a well-defined mission and goal, you have to make them specific and measurable.

In light of this, you have to think in terms of revenue, sales, traffic, SEO, traffic. Including aspects of digital marketing like email marketing and social media metrics.

Therefore you focus on,

  • Hitting a certain revenue target
  • Getting more signups and new email subscribers with calls to action
  • Furthermore, increase in site traffic
  • Improve the search ranking of your key pages
  • Importantly, get considerable amount of mentions, shares and comments
  • Equally, get invitations for important industry events.

Study And Understand Your Audience

You have to know who is going to see, hear, or watch the content you create.

Furthermore, effective content focuses on the involvement, feedback and direction of your audience.

Things you have to do for this are,

Look into Demographics

Here you look for age, gender, location, job title, etc of your audience. For example, you want your content to address IT professionals aged 30–45. Or job seekers and freshers.


Here you discover the attitude, belief systems, values and interests of your targeted audience.

Apart from the above two, you should come up with buyer personas. You visualize who exactly the person is. Moreover, you find out your customers’ pain points, challenges, sources of information, and behavioral motivators.

Research Keywords For SEO

Keyword research is really important if you want your content to get found by people. SEO content marketing strategy is vital.

You need not rely on a single keyword. Google will understand your content better if you mix in related target keywords.

Furthermore, you have to optimize your content for high search engine rankings.

To get your content SEO optimized use the Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast SEO makes sure you use your designated keyword enough throughout your content.

Write Understandable And Attractive Content

Your best content writing would include the following pathways,

  • Craft your headline with a good first impression
  • Add an appealing featured image
  • Hook your readers with a catchy introduction.
  • Include a lead in that guides the reader into the main part of your post
  • Write your content in easily scannable sections like small paragraphs, lists, and bullet points.
  • Conclude your article appropriately
  • Have link building
  • Curated content adds more proof to your ideas
  • Invite readers to add their comments and get a dialogue going
  • Place links to related posts and to share your contents on social media.

Select Appropriate Content Marketing Tools

Get a good list of tools to publish your different types of content, promote, and track your content. Your content marketing should help with research, writing, SEO, scheduling, and collaboration.

Your tools should specifically help you to,

  • Organize and manage your content
  • To schedule and publish social media posts
  • To create content and editorial calendars and
  • Equally important, manage and track search engine results


To conclude, your content creation or blog posts should be backed by an applicable and evolving or developing content marketing strategy. Inbound links in your content are important too.

Furthermore, your content can include various types like case studies, interviews, web page content, social media posts, Quora posts etc.

All your contents should go through enough brainstorming before getting published.

Apart from this article, you can still know more about content marketing skills by click on this link.

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