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Simple SEO tips to Hunt your Next Job like Never Before

If you are the one who is looking for a job in the current competitive world, it’s quite essential to start your job hunting with a stellar resume. But what makes you stand out from the crowd? It is through search engine optimization (SEO). Take advantage of SEO to ensure you are being visible to your potential employers!!
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Zuan Education – Top Rated IT Courses In Chennai


If you want to uplift your career, Information technology courses become the best choice. Information technology courses help you become a valuable and competitive employee. Zuan Education, having two locations in Chennai is providing both online and classroom programs for various Information Technology courses. Some of the top rated IT courses in Zuan Education are given below.
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The Most Wanted Skills for Marketing in 2021

The Most Wanted Skills for Marketing in 2015

Content Creation Content is the backbone of marketing. If you have the capability to create the content, it will be most useful for your career. Whether it is writing, research or development it should display your content in a magnificent way. Good content will always be helpful for your career success.
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Latest feature to manage Facebook account After death?

Famous social network Facebook has revealed their new feature known as “LEAGACY CONTACT” that permits the user to decide who Should manage their account once they die. These settings will be created via the “Security settings”, were users will assign someone to manage their account once they die. This will make the allotted user can manage the account of the dead person. He can post an obituary massage about the account holder. He may also manage their account by posting, sharing, responding to the friend requests and share the photos and memories of that person.
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Facebook Newly Launches Call-To-Action Button for Business Pages

Call to action for facebook page

One of the famous social media Facebook, who wants to improve the user experience and customer engagement recently announces call to action button for Facebook business pages.Whether the page is about Business or some particular cause, pages are the important destinations for the people on Facebook. So that these call to action button helps to achieve some specific objectives in the business page.
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Twitter Announces Some Major Updates in Their Settings

Twitter updates announcement

Twitter announces few major updates in its service and It will improve the quality of Twitter usage among the people.Reporting Harassment is easier in the way Twitter wants to make its social network very safer by making for their users to compliant about abusive and harassment things. Now users can easily report abusive content and flag accounts by their mobile devices itself. Changes also extended to the people who are witness abuse happening but aren’t being harassed directly.
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Lessons for Brands from a Chief of Facebook Marketing


Even Gary Briggs, a 29 year old marketing examiner and CMO of Facebook has some things to learn. In his speech on the stage of the San Francisco for Ad Age’s Digital Conference, he mentioned following three points he learnt in the social network.
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How to Do SEO Audit for Your Website

It is an essential one to do the regular audition for every website.Here’s the list of technology that helps to make your website more search engine friendly as well as user-friendly. Here’s the list of consecutive methods that involved in site audition.
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How to Write Famous and Awesome Blog Post

Famous article stated that nearly 80% of the internet users read blogs, 7 million people having own blogs and 13 million people blog via their social networks. As a marketer we have to know how to write great and unique blog post for our blogs. We have to give unique and best content to our readers then only we can able to survive in the blogging world.
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How to choose a Best SEO Training Institute in Chennai


After deciding to learn SEO, it is entirely reasonable thinking about where to look for an SEO training course, confusion over SEO training programs, and opting for the best institution to get trained SEO course.
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