Benefits of Oracle Certification in Today’s 2021 Fresher’s Career Resume!

Benefits of Oracle Certification in 2020

Oracle is almost a buzz word in today’s IT field. Moreover, the implementation of Oracle technology is a highly profitable one and it forms the lucrative career option for every modern IT professionals. So, it’s mandatory for every fresher to know the benefits of Oracle Certification in 2020.

However, knowing about the benefits that you would leverage through Oracle Certification in 2020. If you’re a fresher and wish to start your career in Oracle. Then, you must know the following:

  1. What is Oracle?
  2. What are the advantages of Oracle?
  3. Why should you do Oracle certification?

What is Oracle?

Oracle database is a relational database management system (RDMS), which is a type of database. To put in simple terms, a database is computer structures that save, organize, protect, and deliver data to the user and the system that contains those databases is called a database management system, or DBM. Hence, it is known as Oracle database, OracleDB or simply Oracle. It is produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation.

Moreover, the Oracle database is the first database that is designed for enterprise grid computing. Thus, the IT systems that are designed and implemented with the grid style delivers a higher quality of service, lower cost and greater flexibility to manage information and applications compared to other models of computing.

What are the advantages of Oracle?

So, now you’ve understood what Oracle database is – the database management system. But, what actually makes Oracle database the most popular one in the business world? Those are nothing but the extraordinary features that Oracle databases offered to businesses and corporations.

Also, you know? Oracle has taken a leading role within a software industry due to its persistence to provide the perfect databases. Hence, it offers a number of advantages that are associated with using Oracle databases. This include:

1. Customer satisfaction:

One of the most important reasons and advantages of using Oracle databases in today’s business is due to Oracle’s belief in customer satisfaction. 

2. Functionality:

Do you know? Oracle databases are today used for practically all corporation level applications to hold huge amounts of data to store and access. For this reason, one in ten of the world’s top banks uses Oracle databases to conduct their business.

3. Reliability:

The other important advantage offered by Oracle databases is their reliability.  As Oracle database delivers excellent performance even challenged with demanding tasks.

4. Flashback Technology:

The most significant advantage of the Oracle database is its Flashback technology. This allows efficient recovery of data, even if it is incorrectly deleted or lost. Moreover, Flashback technology essentially removes human error and increases database recovery time.

Why should you do Oracle certification?

Yes, it’s a good question. Oracle database- a good database management system and it offers several advantages; but why should you need to do an oracle certification and become an Oracle certified in 2020?

As we all know, today the Internet and e-commerce are multiplying. As a result, many organizations today are moving their services offline to online in order to increase revenue, which in turn increases the volume of data.

Therefore the company to efficiently, effectively and securely manage those large volumes of data, they require Database administrators. 

Hence, Database management is one of the most lucrative fields in IT.  In the end, the reasonability rests on the arms of a database system administrator to assure that the business administrators, the salespersons or the engineers have entrance to the right kind of data and retaining those data safe from the hackers and from other outside elements.

Hence, having an Oracle DBA certification makes you qualified to work in the IT industry, as well as helps you to gain large skillsets which leads you to a list of amazing job opportunities in IT. However, this certification not only provides a bright future for you but it also has some added benefits that will enhance your career at every step of your professional life.

Levels of Oracle Certification and its benefits to the Businessperson:

The Oracle Certification Program features three levels of Oracle credentials in several disciplines, such as database administration and application development.

Starting from lowest to highest, the 3 main levels of Oracle certification include,

  1. Oracle Certified Associate/ entry-level (OCA)
  2. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  3. Oracle Certified Master (OCM). 

The other certification like Oracle Specialist (OCS) and Expert-level (OCE) are also available for select Oracle technologies.

Perhaps, if you’re a business person reading this article, then you must also know the worth of learning the Oracle database. This adds up:

  • Approximately 4,30,000 customers in 175 countries have already implemented Oracle and are successfully meeting business opportunities by solving real and tangible challenges.
  • Moreover, Oracle is providing customers a roadmap in a strategic manner and moving their way ahead into the Oracle cloud.
  • The approach of the oracle is helping the customers in each and every step of their digital energy. Thus, enabling clients to expand their service[s] easily as the business grows. As it serves the business units like education, hospitality, retail, financial services, public sector, health sciences, utility industries, and so forth.
  • Also, Oracle is leveraging all the latest and emerging technologies as well. It includes Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning or the Internet of Things and acts as the business differentiator.

Let’s get into the point and further know the Benefits of Oracle Certification in 2020 one-by-one!

Benefits of Oracle DBA certifications to Employers/Business:

  1. Improves job satisfaction
  2. Increase staff retention
  3. Improves Job performance
  4. Increase the system performance
  5. Increase the productivity level
  6. Increases the credibility with customers

As per the survey report of 3000 employees states that:

  • 89% of OCP’s said that the certification has improved their job productivity.
  • 91% of the OCP’s agreed that being an OCP has increased their professional credibility.

Benefits of Oracle DBA certifications to Professional Employees:

  1. Improve credibility
  2. A better understanding of technology stack
  3. Improves customer service
  4. Improve the skill of current role or future role
  5. Promotion prospects and job requirements in the current role or future role.

As per the survey report taken, states that

  • 97% of employees have benefited from certification
  • 89% of employees have gained more confidence in their Oracle expertise after becoming certified
  • 96% of employees said that they would recommend the program to a professional colleague

Benefits of Oracle DBA Certifications to fresher’s who start their career:

  1. It is a Stepping stone to a successful career
  2. There is a growing demand in the industry.
  3. It increases the job opportunities
  4. It helps you to stay distinct
  5. It Increases your visibility in the organization
  6. Better ROI with better performance and loyalty
  7. Oracle DBA certification course promises you a better pay

As per the survey report taken states that,

  • Gaining the Oracle certification from a reputed Oracle training institute helped them to efficiently accomplish complex tasks.
  • Oracle certifications have helped them a  lot to accomplish management responsibilities.
  • More than 84% of the surveyed students reported that their career prospects got enhanced.

Job opportunities with Salary for Oracle Certified professional:

Being one of the best IT certification courses, it should always be your priority as it will help you to secure one of the best jobs in the future.

So, once you complete the Oracle DBA course training,  the benefits of an Oracle Database Administrator may depend on various factors such as skills, experience, expertise in Database Administration, communications proficiency, qualification, etc.

According to, the average salary as per the OCP job postings is depicted below.

  • Senior Software Engineer/Developer/Engineer – $85070
  • Computer Programmer- $69410
  • Systems Engineer-$68500
  • Database Administrator-$65245
  • Information Technology Architect-$130000
  • Information Technology Manager-$108000


To the end, it is Proved that the Oracle database is the most widely used database around the globe. Most of the dynamic applications used today by different organizations are run on the Oracle database. 

Moreover, today more than 4,30.000 customers are using Oracle technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges.

In a nutshell, earning the highly-recognized Oracle certification from a reputed training institute will help you to build your skills and enhances the job prospects and its stability to work in oracle. 

Thus, pursuing an Oracle DBA certification exam course will add to the assets and will promise you a better future.

So, what are you waiting for?  Join Zuan’s Oracle DBA course and build the essential skills required to take up jobs as Database Administrators in the top organizations for high salaries.

Grab the Benefits of Oracle Certification through Zuan Education!
Grab the Benefits of Oracle Certification through Zuan Education!

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