Benefits of learning Data Science for students in the 21st century!

Benefits of learning data Science

Do you Know? Data Science- hailed as the “sexiest job of 21st Century” in 2012 by Harvard Business Review. But what makes Data Science so important today? what are the benefits of learning data science? And most importantly, is there scope for Data Scientist? Yes, there is a huge.

Keep reading on to find answers to all your questions. Here, we will come across some of the main benefits of learning Data Science for your secure future and the best ways you can start learning Data Science. And it’s scope in India. But before moving on, let’s know what data science is:

What is Data Science?

To put in simple terms, Data Science is the study of data. Here it uses some advanced algorithms and scientific methods to collect, store and analyze a large set of data to effectively extract useful information- both structured and unstructured.

Say for example you type, “cute puppy video” in Google. Immediately as you search in google’s search engine, Google collects for you the best results in the search engine results page.

Furthermore, how is this list really developed by Google? Here is what, data science comes into the picture. Google makes use of some advanced data science algorithms to give you the best of search results (i.e useful information). Therefore, you can now watch cute puppy videos! Thanks to Data Science.

So why not, you become part of this wonderful technology? Learn Data Science Course that brings along numerous benefits with it. Curious to know what they are? Let us go down to see one by one.

Top 10 Benefits of Learning Data Science:

1. Data Scientists are in demand

As I started searching for data science Jobs – Recruitment – Job Search – Employment – Job Vacancies in some popular job portals like- one of the top Indian Job seeking sites. This says more than 25,000+ jobs are vacant in India just for Data Scientists. Furthermore, I also checked LinkedIn, one of the top jobs finding a site in the whole world, where I found more than 14,000+ jobs are there in India for skilled Data Scientists.

I hope this would act as great evidence that demonstrates Data Science is a highly employable job sector and there is a great demand for data scientists.

2. Data Science as an abundance of job Positions

Learn data science from a reputed institute or start learning data science online today. Because enriching you with the required data science skill-sets can help you to land in plenty of job positions in Data Science. Including Data Scientist, Data Administrator, Data Architect,  Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data/Analytics Manager, Business Intelligence Manager and so on.

According to IBM, it is claimed that the number of jobs for data professionals in the U.S will increase to 2,720,000 by 2020.

So, no doubt, data science is a vast abundant field with a lot of job opportunities. Grab your skills today for a secure job tomorrow. Because in the field of Data Science, demand is higher than supply.

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3. Data Science, a Highly Paid lucrative Career

If you have the knowledge of data analytics, then there are many leading IT organizations in India hiring a skilled individual like you to pay high.  It is declared that Data Science jobs are the highest paid job in the IT industry.

According to Glassdoor, it is reported that Data scientists earn an average of $116,100 per year. This showcases Data Science as a highly lucrative career option.

4. Data Science is Versatile

Data Science is widely used in various industries including health-care, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries. There are enormous applications of data science. Thus, Data Science is considered to be a very versatile field.

So. don’t worry. If you learn a data science course from a reputed data science training institute, you will have the opportunity to work in various fields.

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5. Data Science is changing the world

Do you know? The data generated on a per-day basis is too huge to handle by many companies. This makes 77% of the top IT Companies to search for a skilled data analyst to process and analyze their data.

As Data Scientists, you not only analyze the data but you also improve its quality. Therefore, Data Science is changing the world and making it better than before.

6. Data Scientists are sought-after career

According to Bloomberg, the data scientist is the highest-paying job for new graduates at the top of the list.

This demonstrates Data Scientists are considered as prestigious in a company and sought-after careers on the earth right now. Data Scientists also allow companies to make smarter business decisions.

7. Data Scientists never get boring tasks

If you are a person who is more enthusiastic and loves to learn new things on a daily basis. Then, the data scientist job is for you. Because Data Science has helped various industries to automate unnecessary tasks. Moreover, Companies are also using historical data in a way to train machines in order to perform repetitive tasks.

This, in turn, paved a way to simplify the difficult jobs undertaken by humans before. So, today humans with data science skills are busy in new establishments.

8. Data Science Makes Products Smarter

As data science involves machine learning. It enables many industries to create better products that are easy to use and enjoyable by their customers.

For instance, consider Recommendation Systems that are used by e-commerce websites to provide personalized insights to users based on their historical purchases.

This has enabled systems to understand human behavior and make data-driven decisions.

9. Data Science can Save Lives

As I said before, data science is used in healthcare industries. With the advent of machine learning, data science has improved the healthcare industry and made it easier to detect early-stage tumors.

Also, today many other health-care industries are started using Data Science to help their clients.

10. Data Science helps in personal growth

Learning Data Science will not only benefit you in offering a great career path but will also help you in personal growth. Here, you will be able to develop a problem-solving attitude. Since many Data Science roles bridge Management and IT. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Knowing the benefits, if you are interested in starting a career in data science? Don’t rush, begin it in the best way. Basically start doing Projects on data Science. This will help in showcasing your skills to your hiring manager with a portfolio of data science projects. Moreover, portfolios help you to stand out from the crowd and in turn, help you to land in a challenging data science job easily.

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How to start learning  Data Science?

Knowing these many benefits, how can you stop yourself from learning data science? Yes, not alone you are asking the question, how to start learning data science to kickstart your career? Data science is a newly evolving field and there are many competing for these jobs.

Here are my 7 tips for you to remember while starting your career in Data Science.

  • Choose The Right Role
  • Select Data Science certification Course And Finish It
  • Join In a Peer Group
  • Give Importance To Practical Applications Than Theory
  • Keep A Track Of The Right Resources and Read Them
  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills
  • Attend Events And Meetups

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Future Scope of Data Science:

Radha Binod Burman, the National Statistical Commission chairman of India, has cited a shortage of data scientists in India.

Furthermore, Burman says that people in the field of data science use conventional tools, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This paving the way for fertile research.

He also continued his speech, saying research leads to having a deeper insight into the market microstructure culled out from huge transactional data of customers.

Moreover, Burman points out the awareness that is growing about Data Science and this, in turn, increased the demand for institutes that train people in data science.

So, choosing data science as your career option has a lot of career scope and this will also remain so in the near future.

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Final words:

I hope, now you’ve understood the benefits of learning Data Science.  You have a very good future by learning data science.  Moreover, in this modern age, there is nothing to fear in learning things like data analysis, machine learning, etc. Because this is going to become the future as soon as possible.

Markedly, prior little knowledge of computer science is adequate to start a career in data science jobs. Further, data science teams in organizations will train you to master data science skills.

Significantly, the first step you have to do after knowing the benefits of learning data science is to enroll yourself for a short term course in private professional institutions in your city or town.

Zuan Education Data Science Training
Zuan Education Data Science Training

While few cities offer courses in data science if you are put up in or around Chennai. You are lucky, you got to learn Data Science course in Chennai from reputed IT institutions like Zuan.

All the best!

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