Benefits of Learning Appium Course for College Graduates to Get a Job Easily!

Benefits of Appium course for freshers

So, you just completed your Graduation and struggle for high paying jobs? or do you still Pursuing your last year of college and looking for internships and job offers that readily help you to start a secure career that pays you high? Then, you’ve landed in the right place, as this blog is entirely for you to guide you in the right direction to get a job easily in this digital world.

So, first, think of what currently made you struggle to get a high paying job? In short, computerization and automation. Yes, the world today has changed rapidly and it’s time for you also to change and equip yourself with the updated skills and technologies that are in-demand.

But when we talk about changes – one thing that comes in everyone’s mind is Mobile Phones. Yes, with the increasing number of Mobile phone users and their demands on a daily basis, at present; Mobile Device Apps are available for almost all kinds of purposes starting from cooking, Shopping, Communication, Matrimonial, Education to Business, etc. 

As a result, the Mobile Market became very competitive, every mobile company thinks that how do we ensure to the consumers that we are delivering the best quality app in the market?

Simultaneously testing the quality of  Mobile Apps manually is also more complex due to the addition of more functionalities. In this Juncture, vendors thought of using Mobile automation testing tools that fit to test the quality of the mobile applications that work on multiple device models and multiple platforms like Android and iOs.  

Owing to this, many vendors have also introduced new tools, open-source tools for the ultimate solution for Quality. But nothing has proved to be the great and advantageous than the Appium Mobile Automation Testing tool. 

I hope, now you’ve understood what Appium is? Appium is nothing but an open-source Automation Testing tool designed to develop and test the quality of mobile applications.

As, Appium helps the user in testing three different types of mobile applications – native, hybrid and mobile web. Moreover, many mobile application development companies today are using Appium Framework for testing their programming languages. This is the main reason for College graduates to learn the Appium course in Chennai to get a job easily in the market that is filled with opportunities for Appium testers.

The Reasons Why Companies Prefer Appium testing in Today’s Market:

  • Appium is completely free and open-source and it can be easily downloaded from GitHub.
  • This is entirely designed for Testing mobile and only mobile.
  • With this  Automation framework, you can test native, hybrid and web applications on a real device, a simulator, or an emulator.
  • The test script can use ANY LANGUAGE that APPIUM supports (Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, etc.).
  • Appium drives GUI-related widgets and controls, that allow the same test scripts to run for various Mobile software versions of different apps.
  • Appium integrates with continuous integration servers to ensure great results.
  • Appium also supports various Internet browsers like Safari on iOS and Chrome or the built-in ‘Browser’ app on Android.
  • Using Appium libraries, it is quite easy to develop test scripts and it also helps in developing or testing mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • Moreover, Appium is the only automation testing tool that helps users to perform testing on mobile applications without learning any developing skills.

Benefits of Learning Appium Course as a fresher:

From the above reasons mentioned, you can understand the power of Appium- the Mobile automation testing Framework and why companies do prefer using it. Moreover, the future of Appium is quite bright for freshers to start their career in Appium software tester by considering the following benefits and facts,

Apps account for 89% of mobile media time by people,  whereas only 11% is spent on websites.

A report by Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site if they had trouble accessing. Alternatively, 40% would visit a competitor’s site instead.

Hence, by using Appium testing application development, agencies can deliver business with quality applications with the right tool that would help them better interact with their potential customers.

So, once you’ve completed learning your Appium testing course in a reputed training institute, you soon land to some of the in-demand job roles with your skills in Appium Mobile app testing. This include,

  • Mobile Automation Test Engineer- Appium
  • Automation Test Engineer-Selenium/Appium
  • Mobile IOS Tester
  • Web Automation Test Engineer- Selenium/Appium
  • QA Appium
  • Mobile App Tester
  • Senior Mobile Test Engineer
  • Appium Testing Lead/Appium Testing Architect and Automation Engineer

The average salary of an iOS Mobile Tester is INR 379,473 per year. The average salary of a Senior Quality Assurance/Test Automation Engineer in India is INR 730,303 per year.  The average salary of a Mobile App Tester is INR 330,857. The average salary of a Senior Mobile Test Engineer is INR 632,746 per year.

Future Scope of Appium:

To your understanding- As we all know, in the past few decades alone, there is a drastic increase in the number of smartphone users. This has made many companies to target smartphone users to enhance their sales and revenue, for which they required effective sales and growth-oriented flexible mobile applications.

Moreover, a large number of smartphone users belong in the category of  Android and ios. At this juncture, Appium Framework testing is considered to be the most groundbreaking and significant way to ensure the developed mobile application is worthy and meet all the requirements of the client.

Hence, Appium helps the company to identify possible bugs and errors in the Mobile applications and fix them completely before handing it over to the client. This, in turn, improves the quality and user experience, allowing the company to enhance its reputation and brand and increase its sales to grow in the market.

I hope this would act as strong evidence for you to showcase – how there is a huge scope for Appium testing in today’s business market and how it is growing on a daily basis.

Take Over:

If you are smart enough and willing to start your career in Appium, then learn Appium testing and take advantage of this incredible field. But before that, it is highly important for you to quickly join a well-recognized Appium training center in Chennai that would help you gain all the knowledge and skills regarding the testing framework and encourages you to land a good job.

Zuan Education, Chennai is a well known Institute to provide the best Appium testing training course to college students who are either graduated in the IT field or Pursuing their last year of college.

At Zuan, you learn very in-depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic along with its solutions. This would even benefit working professionals who want to enhance their expertise further.

All the best for Starting Your Career in Appium!

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