My OCM Journey – from Beginner to Becoming an Oracle Certified Master

Oracle Certified Master

Oracle is almost a buzz word in the IT field. There are so much happening around Oracle training and Oracle certification that the best professionals often tag this as a reliable pick.  Personally, I have gone from the hard work of beginner courses in Oracle to become an Oracle certified master finally. Once I went ahead of OCA, and I turned into Oracle Certified Professional, I developed the best range of skills that such a pro requires. Of course, I have had my bad days too, but then the Oracle certification gave me wings in the IT market of today.

The high demand for certified and Oracle DBA training sanctioned pros is on the rise. With the OCP Certification, I could enhance my visibility while also increasing my access to the most challenging scope at work. This demand experience is coveted among us it workers.

I have gradually realized what skills make me wanted in terms of hiring decisions. I had been expected to fulfill the effective performance criteria that my employee laid out. Oracle certification gave me the capacity to be labeled as horrible. Oracle Certification Program aided the industry set forth a particular parameter of competence for key roles at entry and experienced levels.

For me, the Oracle Certification Program gave a clear advantage. The same Can be said for all my experiences in the journey from fresher to master.

With this Oracle Certification, I got access to proven, valuable and well-recognized credential which points out to a certain level of ability and knowledge that is proven. Each higher notch of Oracle certification gave me a standard of benchmark to set for my skills. Of course, the perks came in the form of better opportunities and more pay. The certification boosted my Oracle expertise, confidence and made me want to recommend it to those in related niches.

The best value or result after earning the credentials came with the enhanced earning. The same has motivated me to do better and be on the lookout for newer learning. The Oracle certifications made me consistently get returns on my skill investments. I have begun to demonstrate an excellent understanding IN terms of my job roles. I could scale up quicker form my entry level offer thanks to the OCP cert.

Learn Oracle DBA

Importance of Oracle:

The Oracle corporation is the leading platform provider for Database Management System. It is utilized by all the best IT giants. Oracle Database Management knowledge support to build the life of a DBA (Database Administrator) easy by giving solutions, investing change growth of the different management infrastructure.

Oracle is entirely scalable and is done by all the leading companies. 80% has increased the productivity of the DBA, and 90% reduces the testing time. Oracle has created a change in the field of DBMS, by forming the industry’s first self-management skills.

What I gained from Oracle training:

This Oracle certification has helped me immensely with its Success Kit. Also, this gave me the benefit of streamlined communications. The membership added-

  • Access to better opportunities
  • More credibility
  • Right to use logo for Oracle Certified Professional
  • Latest offers and discounts
  • Access to OCP members-only site

When I started out with OCP certification and Oracle training, it felt like a huge stress. But then again,  the encouragement and career growth these offered me steered me forward. Oracle Certified Master has been a huge milestone.

In fact, my expertise on the main product comes from all the time spent on preparation and years of hard work. Today, I feel happy and a sense of achievement. Careers can be enhanced much better when the right certification is at hand. This adds better experience as well as more confidence.


The best certifications give you a career boost up. That’s what my journey taught me. I encourage my colleagues to go in for this life-changing cert. Wish you all the best. Try it to see the best change ever and experience the biggest leap ever.

Learn Oracle DBA

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