7 Guaranteed Method to Pursue Affiliate Marketing For Novice

Have you ever earned money while referencing friends in shopping apps like Snapdeal, Flipkart, or Amazon? That’s how an organized marketing system works, people can earn passive income in this competitive world.

It’s not magic or trick, it’s called Affiliate Marketing and in this blog, you’ll learn how to start doing as a novice. 

7 Steps To Learn Affiliate Marketing

1. Know the Difference between Affiliate Marketing Merchant and Affiliate Marketer

First, you have to learn how to start affiliate marketing, for that you have to understand the difference between Affiliate marketing Merchant and Affiliate Marketer. 

The creator or seller of the products in Affiliate Marketing is called an Affiliate Marketing Merchant, whereas Affiliate Marketers are the ones who market those products in the various online marketplace.

  • If you have products or services and want to sell to more customers and to do it, you will need publishers/promoters/advertisers and you can ask them for doing via an affiliate program – probably you are an Affiliate Marketing Merchant.
  • If you want to earn extra passive income and you have marketing skills then you can join with an Affiliate Merchant and you can promote his/her products.
  • This will give you the opportunity to earn. All you have to do promotion for your Affiliate Merchant products through an associate/affiliate system.
  • If customers purchase the product through your promotion and then you’ll get a commission as an Affiliate Marketer.

2. Know The Trends in Affiliate Marketing

After analyzing the difference between Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Merchant, you have to know the important terms in Affiliate Marketing.

  • Affiliates – Affiliates are the promoters or Affiliate Marketers who do promotions for products and services through affiliate program links.
  • Affiliate Marketplace – Affiliate marketplaces like Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank perform as the databases for affiliate programs in specific niches are called Affiliate Marketing Places.
  • Affiliate Software – Companies use software and tools to create an affiliate program which includes, iDevaffiliate are Affiliate Software.
  • Affiliate Link – This link tracks your affiliate program to check the progress of your Affiliate Ad. 
  • Affiliate ID – You can add this unique identification number to any of your product sites or the product page.
  •  Payment Mode – The various types of payment methods in Affiliate Marketing includes Cheque, PayPal, wire transfer, and others.
  • Commission Percentage/Amount – This amount is what you will receive as an affiliate commission from your sale.
  • 2-Tier Affiliate Marketing – In this Affiliate Marketing program, you can ask others to join in your affiliate programs and for this, you will get a commission when your sub-affiliate makes sales and which is called a sub-affiliate commission.
  • Landing Pages – The product sales or demo page is the main advantage to increase sales.
  • Link Cloaking – These are called URL shorteners, so you can turn lengthy URLs into readable URLs.

3. Choose Your Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Now you have to pick the niche products that you wish to promote in Affiliate Marketing. You can choose from the category on the Amazon site and find the best one. You can choose the products on Amazon or Flipkart for affiliate sales you are interested in.

  • When you choose a specific product to promote in Affiliate Marketing then you have to target specific audiences for your affiliate marketing campaign.
  • In Affiliate Marketing, choose your niche product type. 
  • You can check platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or other sites to find your commission rates for their different products.
  • You can find product commission rates at official websites.

4. Join An Affiliate Program

The next step in learning Affiliate Marketing is to know how to start affiliate marketing and find your website to channelize Affiliate Marketing Campaign. 

Create powerful strategies to promote your affiliate links on websites. You must choose a website that only targets audiences and also helps you to make credible profits.

  • Establish a relationship that will help you to create anticipation in your audience’s mind regarding the products and services. Based on that customers will choose the products and services you recommend them for buying.
  • After finding a website, you have to sign up for the affiliate program. Then choose an Affiliate Program that offers higher commissions for your selected product category.
  • You can sign up for multiple programs like Amazon Affiliate Program, and Flipkart.

5. Learn Affiliate Link Building Techniques 

Ensure to sign up for an Affiliate Program that is best suitable for you, also you can learn Affiliate Marketing in digital marketing institutes to become an expert in affiliate marketing. You can also add your affiliate link to various social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

  • First, you need to Sign in to an Affiliate Program. For example, Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Then you need to search for your niche categories using keywords, search terms, or simple product names.
  • You can also use the ‘Links and Banners’ menu and then choose ‘Product Link’ to sell a product. Now you can start searching for products you wish to promote.
  • If you find the product of your interest, you can click on the ‘Get Link’ button and you will find a link to the affiliate product.
  • If you are posting in Text Only Amazon add, you can copy the link and paste it into the HTML editor of your website.

6. Write Product Content

You can also do promotions for the product through successful Affiliate Marketing by providing product information in content writing. For this, you need to understand the various types of content that you need to learn for doing Affiliate network Marketing.

  • “How to” articles & tutorials
  • Review articles
  • Comparison articles
  • Content Curation
  • Offer or Discount articles

7. Learn Different Types of Advertising 

This step is most essential in learning Affiliate Management, you must know different ways to build strong relationships with your audiences. You must follow them with patience before generating money. 

Create and maintain relationships with your audience and partners who help to drive traffic in your marketing campaign. You can follow the methods mentioned below to attract a potential audience for your Affiliate Campaign.

  • Free Advertising – You can share ads and links on free advertising websites to drive traffic to your site. This benefits you and also the free site from  Affiliate Marketing when customers purchase from your ads
  • Paid Advertising – You can run visual ads that get high click-through rates and you can use Google AdSense for this. PPC Ads can help Affiliate Marketing to a great extent and you have to create powerful Ads that can generate sales and increase your ROI.
  • Email Marketing – This helps marketers to gain customers via email subscription from the website visitors. You get the customer’s name and email list ID using it, you can maintain a long-term relationship.
  • Article Marketing – To learn how Affiliate Marketing works, first you have to start doing Article Marketing which gets you a high ranking in search engine results. You can use various sites like Ezine Articles, HubPages for publishing your articles.

Final Words

Therefore, now you know how to start doing affiliate marketing, how to set up your Affiliate Marketing campaign in India, how to promote products via the affiliate link, and how affiliate marketing works. 

Make sure to generate quality traffic using your affiliate link, which is most essential while sharing affiliate links.

You can use affiliate platforms like Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart Affiliate Marketing, and more.

I hope this post helps you to know the basics in Affiliate Marketing and kickstart your own career in affiliate marketing campaigns. To know how exactly you can attract traffic and generate more conversion rates, join our Affiliate marketing training program

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