4 Web Design Tips for Beginners – Do’s and Don’ts

Web Design Tips for Beginners – Do’s and Don’ts

The exact title for this post should be “Why You Should Make a Website Today”. You should know to make a website today because creating a website is an awesome skill that one can have. Today’s market is full of professional website designers and it is difficult to make more income. However, having the ability to create your own website is an invaluable skill. Not just that but Web design is quite fun and also it incorporates many other skills. At the beginning you will be going around with CSS and HTML, Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Google.

Experience is all that Matters the Most

The sooner you start, the sooner you will learn to build a cool website that looks good. Web design is about finding out the good ones and the one that looks like hell. Even though there are few simple tips, but nothing can equal like actually doing it. Experience is all that matters and don’t try to meet all your expectations in your first website.


Four Web design Tips for Newbie Designers:

1] Keep the Color Scheme Simple

You don’t have different colors on your blog. There is no necessity to have even four. Mostly, three colors are sufficient. You can have a lighter color for links. Keep your colors simple so that everything matches perfect and more attractive.

2] Don’t Use Too Many Pictures

Pictures can have a bunch of disadvantages. They cannot be read by search engines and it reduces your Google ranking. Pictures slow down your website that causes your bounce rate to go up. Also they don’t scale well on mobile platform. So when you use pictures, make sure that they scale up correctly and are low sized.

3] Start with a Good Base Theme

When you build a website, you are going to start with a theme and then build on it. Each theme would have a different set of options and you have to pick the theme. You can pick up any theme but you should be aware that it does not look the way it does in demo.

4] Bored Studying?

Throw all your crap things like reading books, watching Youtube videos, etc and try to build your site impressive. You will get to know more things by implementing than reading from a book or tutorial series.

When you are ready to initiate it, then this article would be a good one about how to get started with a WordPress website. Remember that you have to do self hosting. Don’t try to use WordPress hosting as it is for technologically challenged. Pay for your own hosting and you will be on the right track.

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  • Zara

    December 5, 2017

    Greats tips to build website for today’s trends. I am learning web designing and just looking for ideas on how to improve myself as a perfect web designer. Thanks for the tips.


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