31 fantastic jobs for arrears students to (Get Shine)

Are you seeking a high-paying job, but still have standing arrears? There are jobs that need skill over the educational background. No more worries, you can build the most promising careers by doing short term professional courses and land in your desired position.

Experts define this as “New collar jobs” or “middle-skill jobs” that don’t require 3 years or 4-year degrees. As these jobs require hard skills, you will need to enroll in certificate programs, vocational training, and skill development courses.

According to statistics, people with a bachelor’s degree earn INR 4503883, while people without degrees earn INR 2731863. 

Read this article full of opportunities and choose the right new-collar job for you.

Prepping for Jobs Where a Degree is not Needed

There are many high-paying and high-tech jobs today that need the right skills training only. Here are things for a successful career:

  • Use blended learning.

Unlike face-to-face classroom courses or online courses, a training program that follows a blended learning methodology will do the best work for you to compete in these worlds.

Blended learning has a live instructor and in-classroom training with online content. At Zuan education, we have given live practical training for students with Hands-on projects and more in a professional way. 

Our students can interact with mentors and clear their doubts about industry problems.

  • Get certified. 

Without a degree, a certification from a reputed institute can help you to launch your tech career with proof that you have taken the required training for jobs.

  • Develop projects.

 Hands-on practice is the best way to reinforce learning. It provides you with projects and applications to show your employers as examples of your development skills.

Here is a list of the top 31 new-collar jobs. These jobs don’t require a four-year bachelor’s degree but do offer a good salary package and in high demand among students.

1. Computer security analyst

A computer security analyst (also known as an information security analyst) helps in protecting an organization’s computer networks and systems.

Some employers may ask for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and sometimes they hire candidates with certifications in information systems.

The average salary of a Computer Security Analyst is INR 5,70,967 in India.

2. Database manager

A database manager (also known as a database administrator) stores and organizes data with specialized software.

Secure the data and make it available for people who need it. Database managers will be seen in every industry, especially the work in computer systems design and support companies.

Some database manager jobs require a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree in management information systems, and some employers hire database managers having strong knowledge in database languages, like Structures Query Language (SQL).

The average salary of the Database Manager is INR 1415614 in India.

3. Computer programmers

A computer programmer can create, write, and test code that allows programs and applications to function. They must have knowledge of computer languages, including Java and C++.

They will get work in a computer systems design company, or software publishers and financial companies. As this work is done on computers, programmers telecommute easily.

The computer programmers will have a bachelor’s degree, some will look for extensive experience in coding. Programmers can become certified in programming languages, the certificates can help a candidate to get hired easily.

The average salary of a Computer Programmer is INR 490321.

4. Network and computer systems administrators

The network and computer administrators work is to install and operate companies’ computer systems. Almost all the industry will have a network and computer systems, therefore administrators will work from IT, finance, and education.

While some network and computer systems administrator profiles require a bachelor’s degree, more job openings require a certificate and strong computer skills.

A Network and Computer Systems Administrator average salary is INR 4,07,698 in India.

5. Computer support specialist

A computer support specialist provides help companies with computer equipment and software. Then help IT employees, organizations, or non-IT users with their computer operations.

Computer support specialists generally don’t require a college degree. They need computer knowledge and skills. However, they need a computer or IT course. 

Some companies will need their computer support and specialists to have a certification program.

The average salary of a Customer Support specialist is INR 2,92,889 in India.

6. Professional YouTuber

To become a YouTube star, you don’t need any college degree. A creative mind and proper technical skills are more than enough.

You can do a short term course on Youtube training and specialize in technical skills such as YouTube Search Engine Optimization and YouTube Analytics etc.

Top YouTubers are making about 3,00,000 INR per month in India. 

Here are some skills you will need to master,

  • They must create the best quality video.
  • Upload video regularly with updated knowledge.
  • Make attractive topics and thumbnails.
  • Be connected to social media, websites, and blogs.
  • They spent time sharing more than video making time.

7. Web designer

To succeed as a web designer, you need full-stack designers skills like graphic design, proprietary software, UX/UI, SEO, code writing, and etc.

In other words, web designers need both front-end and back-end designing skills. However, you need basic web design skills as follows,

  • Imagination.
  • Creativity.
  • Patience.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Technical ability.
  • Excellent IT skills.

The average web designer salary is INR 285,645 per annum in India.

8. Software developer

A software developer will be generally a graduate and college dropout. Some software developer roles need degrees in computer science, software development, or similar degrees. 

A handful of employers look for employees with relevant certifications and prior knowledge in the field. Some basic skills are,

  • Mathematical aptitude.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Programming languages
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

The average salary of a Software Developer is INR 494703 in India.

9. Mobile app developers

Mobile app developers need hard skills to learn and with expert mentors, it’s possible to become a successful developer in 1 month.

In the course, you will learn the tools/languages used for the project. For example, HTML/CSS is great for browser apps. Objective C is great for iOS work and not good for Android work. 

The key skills for mobile app developers are,

  • Analytical Skills.
  • Communication.
  • Creativity.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Programming Languages.

The average salary for a Mobile App Developer is INR 418625.


10. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analysts need to have work experience, so look for internships. Microsoft’s Certifications can prove that you have the necessary skills. You need the string to excel knowledge and learn SQL courses to grow exponentially better. 

BI professionals are in high demand and get attractive packages. A Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst earns an average of INR 512,991. Your basic job role is,

  • Meet with clients in interviews or meetings 
  • Gather information from clients and customers.
  • Analyze data with software applications.
  • Create summary reports of the company.
  • Present recommendations to senior management.


11. Cloud Administrator

The job responsibilities of the cloud administrator are to develop and support cloud, windows, or Unix infrastructure.

The cloud administrator must have knowledge of Code Green, Proofpoint, Active Directory, Exchange, Office 365, Azure, AWS, and GCP.

Anyone interested in a cloud administrator position must be from a computer science, information technology, electronics, or telecommunications background.

The average salary for a Cloud Administrator is INR 8,00,589. 

12. Computer Network Architect

The demand for computer network architects will grow 5 percent from 2018 to 2028, and its fastest. The need for computer network architects will increase as companies continue to grow information technology (IT) networks.

Most computer network architects are studied or experienced in computer-related fields.

Computer network architects generally do the following:

  •  Create plans and layouts.
  •  Present plans to management.
  •  Consider information security.
  •  Upgrade hardware, like routers or adaptors, and software.
  •  Research new networking technologies and support their organization.

The average salary of a Computer Network Architect is INR 4,00,000 per annum.

13. Computer Systems Engineer

Computer systems engineering is a popular field with many professionals. Computer engineering jobs are open for everyone with the required knowledge and salaries are also lucrative. 

The biggest benefit of computer systems engineering jobs is that you can perform online. That is many professionals work all around the world.

Computer system engineer jobs are expected to rise by 17% by 2024.

A Computer Systems Engineer earns an average of INR 308,281 in India.

14. Computer user support specialist

Provide technical assistance, answer questions, and resolve computer problems of users. Provide assistance in hardware and software operating systems.

Job Duties of “Computer User Support Specialist” are,

  •  Inspect equipment and read order sheets.
  •  Modify and customize commercial programs.
  •  Prepare evaluations of software or hardware.
  •  Answer user inquiries.
  •  Oversee the daily performance of computer systems.

Computer User Support Specialist earns an average of INR 296,128.

15. Cyber Security Architect

A good cybersecurity architect needs knowledge of Windows,UNIX, Linux, ISO 27001/27002, ITIL, and COBIT frameworks. A grasp controls of firewalls, IDS/IPS, network access controls, and network segmentation.

You earn certification by doing courses, it’s crucial because it provides proof that you have the relevant knowledge.

Cybersecurity architect roles and responsibilities include:

  • Gaining a total understanding of the organization.
  • Planning, researching, and designing reliable, and powerful architecture IT projects.
  •  Researching new security systems, and updating authentication protocols.
  •  Defining, creating, implementing, and maintaining corporate security policies and procedures.

The average salary of a Cyber Security Architect is INR 21,27,509 in India.

16. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst Skills are,

  • Analytical ability.
  • Administering Information Security Software.
  • Communicating Across the Organization.
  • Communication.

Career opportunities in this field will grow by 32% by 2028.

The average salary of an Information Security Analyst is INR 5, 56,043 per annum.

17. Network Support

Network Support Analysts are responsible for local area networks, wide area networks, and Internet systems support.

They should have knowledge in programming languages, such as Perl, Python, or Bash, and have experience in network management systems. 

The basic skills are MS-Office (Excel, Word, Exchange, and Outlook).  

Network Support Engineer earns an average of INR 239,971.

18. Service Delivery Analyst

Service Delivery Analysts, as name says deals with service delivery to clients in a company. The basic skills are,

  • Good computer skills. 
  • Expert knowledge of ITIL disciplines.
  • Managing company budget and finances.
  • Manage conflict and offer suitable resolutions.

The average salary of a Service Delivery Analyst is INR 5,41,194.

19. Server Technician

The job responsibilities are,

  • Monitor and oversee various components and logs.
  • Respond to calls for support through email, and phone.
  • Make physical visits to server stations to detect problems and provide the required solutions.

Between 2018 and 2028, career opportunities will grow by about 5%.

The required Knowledge is to use TCP/IP and associated protocols and tools (DNS, DHCP, PING, etc). An understanding of general management concepts, customer care, and project management.

The average salary for a Server Engineer is INR 20,851 per month. 

20. Software Engineer

Most employers look for hands-on knowledge and experienced candidates. Plus, internships can help you to shape up goals. 

According to Forbes Magazine, software engineering is the best entry-level job.

As a software engineer, acquire knowledge in JavaScript, Linux/Unix, Perl, Shell, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Hands-On SQL, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Node.js

Here are some common skills of a software engineer:

  •  Communication.
  •  Teamwork.
  •  Computer programming and coding.
  •  Problem-solving.
  •  Multitasking.
  •  Attention to detail.

The average salary of a Software Engineer is INR 529763 in India.


21. Software Quality Assurance Analyst

A software quality assurance (QA) engineer monitors every process in design and software to satisfy the company standards. 

Responsibilities of QA Analysts are,  

  •  Develop test plans and scripts.
  •  Perform testing on various software, telecom, and systems.
  •  Validate that user expectation during the testing process.
  •  Review user requirements to ensure that are testable.

The average salary of a Software Quality Assurance Analyst is INR 5,62,100.

22. Software Quality Assurance Tester

QA testers should have complete knowledge of management tools like Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and JIRA

The basic knowledge of programming languages, such as C# and Java is mandatory.

QA testers have a 24% employment growth increase from 2016-2026.

The average salary of a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Tester is INR 335499. 

23. Systems Support

System Support Specialists require discipline in computer science, engineering, or related streams. If you have proven work experience and certifications, it’s an added advantage to get hired. 

They should have knowledge of operating systems, such as Windows, Unix, Linux, or macOS.

Job opportunities for computer Support Specialists will increase by 11% between 2016-2026.

The average salary of a Systems Support Engineer is INR 5,55,462. 

24. Technical Sales Assistant

With the right skills, experience, and knowledge, one can enter this profession without a degree. 

The basic skills are,

  •  personal characteristics.
  •  basic literacy and numeracy.
  •  customer service skills.
  •  selling skills.
  •  computer literacy.
  •  product knowledge.

The average salary for Technical Sales assistant jobs is INR 3,71,380.

25. Web developer

Web developers need both graphic design skills and technical computer skills. Job opportunities for web developers will grow 13% more in 2028.

Certifications in areas such as JavaScript or SQL courses are beneficial for job seekers.

The basic job skills are,

  •  HTML/CSS skills.
  •  Analytical skills.
  •  Responsive design skills.
  •  JavaScript skills.
  •  Interpersonal skills.
  •  Testing and debugging skills.
  •  Back-end basics.
  •  Search engine optimization.

The average salary of a Web Developer is around INR 232,074 per annum.

26. Marketing manager

The marketing manager job description varies for every company. They need to use multiple channels to promote businesses. 

Applicants with these degree fields have better chances in this job category, 

  •  Marketing
  •  Communications
  •  Public relations
  •  Accounting and finance
  •  Business management

The average salary of the Marketing Manager is INR 695755.

27. Junior data analyst

The junior data analyst performs data collection and analysis. He/ she will provide relevant information to management.

Most of the employers recruit data analysts without a degree and they look for extensive work experience.

Irrespective of their educational background, candidates must have advanced computer skills, knowledge of SQL Server, and MySQL. 

The average salary of a Junior Data Analyst is INR 3,23,379 per annum.

28. Digital marketer

The basic job skills of digital marketers are, 

The demand for Digital Marketers professionals will rise by about 20 lakh by 2020.

The Digital Marketer pays can earn from INR 15,000 -2,50,000 per month in India.

29. Operation technician

Operations Technician has great opportunities in Organizations. The candidates with relevant course knowledge can shine in this field. 

The basic skills are, 

  •  Facility, 11%
  •  Preventative Maintenance, 6%
  •  Customer Service, 6%
  •  Hand Tools, 5%
  • Technical Support, 4%
  •  PPE, 4%
  •  Other Skills, 64%

The average salary of an Operations Technician is INR 17,950 per month in India.

30. DevOps engineer

A DevOps Engineer must have proficiency in code management tools (version control system) like Git. Companies hire professionals having experience and knowledge of Git.

The job skills of a DevOps Engineer are, 

  •  Collaboration.
  •  Scripting skills.
  •  Decision-making. 
  •  Infrastructure Knowledge.
  •  Soft Skills.

More than 50% of businesses are using DevOps services. DevOps keeps rising till now as it was 17% in 2018 and 10% in 2017. 

The average DevOps salary is INR 674,202 per year.

31. Information technology manager

IT managers may do the following roles:

  • assess and recommend computer and information systems.
  • prepare budgets and reports.
  • plan information technology equipment.
  • supervise the installation.
  • manage helpdesk support teams.

The average salary of a Technology Manager is INR 2494059 in India.

Wrapping up

While this list of higher salary jobs without a degree or don’t require a traditional education is good news for job seekers, the truth is you will get more job opportunities than white-collar or blue-collar jobs.  

The demand for new collar opportunities and collar workers is high in the labor market.

This collar position difference is there annually. The career path is bright for arrear students too, don’t lose hope. 

Establish a promising career today. Enroll in the job oriented courses at Zuan education.

Rise and Shine!

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