Top 15 Serious Tips for Who Want to Become a Successful Content Marketer!

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As years ago in the early 2000s, Content Marketing as a career was not something people would consider as a mainstream option for their career. But today, the world has advanced so much with the internet, awareness for Content Marketing as a career option has increased tremendously. Moreover, Ninety-one percent of business-to-business (B2B) professionals/ B2B marketers leverage content marketing for generating business leads. Knowing its importance, today I’ll be sharing the top 15 Serious tips for those who want to become a Successful Content Marketer in the coming years and stay ahead in the competitive edge.

As the growth of Content Marketing has been increasing enormously in popularity. Today there are over 500 million blogs on the Internet. One in three bloggers monetizes her or his online activity, and about 10% are making over $10,000 per year. Awesome right?

Without Getting delayed, Let’s dive into the Content Marketing pool and become a Successful Content Marketer to always exist Evergreen in the market.

1. Defining Objective of the Content is the first tip to Become a Successful Content Marketer

The first and foremost important thing a Content Marketer must identify before they touch the keyboard with their fingers is to define the objective of their content.

This is because, if you don’t have a definite goal for your content, not only you will likely write an incoherent piece, but you will also likely have difficulty in marketing it in the proper channels.

Content Marketers should know the goal of writing Content
Content Marketers should define their Objective

So, before starting to write good content, Keep things as simple as possible, and you’re more likely to succeed. This includes,

  1. Know your audience
  2. Identify your Competitors
  3. Know your Message

2. Become a Successful Content Marketer by focusing more on Headline

“Headline”- which tempts the audience to click on.

So, no matter whether you are creating videos, e-mail, blogs, or podcasts, the enticing headline that you create is what makes your target audience to make it open.

Therefore, the headline is the most important aspect of successfully getting your content in front of your target audience and this skyrockets your conversion rates.

Content Marketer should know to use Catchy headline
Content Marketer focus more on creating powerful catchy Headline

In fact, there is also a simple formula to create a compelling headline.

It is the Number+ Adjective (attribute of Noun)+ Keyword(focusing word)+ Rationale(reason)+ Promise(assurance)= The Powerful Headline (20 Outstanding Content Marketing Tips that helps You)

3. To be a Successful Content Marketer, your content should be super actionable

Actionable is nothing but writing an informative article to your audience and making them take action immediately at the end of the reading.

Here, as a content marketer, you must know that people who are visiting your informative article, don’t want theory or conjecture. They just need concrete steps/ actional steps they can act on right away.

Content should be super actionable
Content Marketers should make their audience to take action at the End.

Therefore don’t go out of topic and provide concrete steps that lure them to take action at the end of reading your article. To entice your audience to act immediately, here are some steps you can follow.

  • create value and fix the pain of your audience
  • Build  a relationship and
  • Start Earning trust

If you do all this together in your article, it eventually makes them take action at the end of the reading.

4. Become a successful Content Marketer by creating original and Engaging Content

What does the original mean? The internet offers a lot of information and articles for people’s search queries in the search engine results page. Moreover, those appeared content seems to be the same with the same generic headlines.

So if you want to be a good content creator, your Content ad headline must be original (i.e different from others). This eventually increases engagement.

Content Marketers delivers original and engaging content
Content Marketer Research information but always delivers original and engaging content

We all know, if something happens differently on the roadside, we stop and look there for a minute. Right? Same here too. A different way of showcasing your content to the people in the platform increases your visitors count.

Hence, don’t be very generic like others. Be different and increase social sharing.

5. A successful Content Marketer won’t make any grammatical Errors

Today, Google started to deliver only the most valuable content to its users by better understanding their queries.

So, don’t make you look less productive in the market by having misspellings and grammatical errors throughout your content.

Content Markets never make grammatical errors
Content Marketers are fluent in English with no grammatical errors

These silly spelling mistakes can lead to losing your potential customers.

Therefore, before posting from Word and Google docs to WordPress. Try to install Grammarly, a tool that will help you with everything from email marketing to blog writing, guest posting, newsletters and so on.

6. A Successful Content Marketer never fails to create Content with appealing Videos and Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why? Because if this 2,000+ word blog posts had no images, you probably wouldn’t read it. Moreover, it seems to be bla..bla… bla…even if it is very informative.

You know, even I love to look at the blog, if it has some attractive pictures denoting the headline and sub-headline of the content. This makes me stay on the page for a while and helps to understand what the content is all about.

Content becomes more attractive if you add pictures and videos
Content Marketers know to make their audience to enjoy reading the blog

So, if you want to increase the number of user responses and social media shares. Try to add attractive images and videos in the middle for better visual appearance.

Moreover, it is important to realize humans are visual creatures and we process images much faster than text.

7. A successful Content Marketer engages their audience by providing social Proof of great Content Marketer tips

We all know the power of social proof. This power is even doubled when you prove it with the help of industry experts.

Therefore, if you have created some epic content, try to add some industry leaders tips, views, and statistics about the niche that you’re talking about. This is a great way to improve your content marketing through social proof and get your name associated with A+ players.

Content Marketer should use statistics and Great Marketing leader quotes as social proof to their audience
Content Marketer should use an Influencer as a social proof

Do you know? Jeff is a living legend in the digital marketing industry says content marketing is the effective use of content that informs, educates (and sometimes entertains and inspires) customers to discover you, trust you and buy from you.

8. A successful Content Marketer always tries to educate their audience more than focusing on Sale

Content is an indirect way of online marketing. And not direct marketing.

The indirect way of content marketing strategy includes free content (blog posts, guest posts, newsletters, social media posts). All of this free content should have a defining goal.

For example: If you are releasing a new app or website, the best content marketing technique is to submit guest posts to technology blogs accepting guest posts that link to your app. So by doing this, you can drive potential leads that visit their website and convert them into your customers.

What I am saying is, the Content Marketer goal of writing compelling content should bring the prospects from point A (not interested) to point B (very interested) to do something/get a problem solved (become a customer).

Content Marketers focus More on educating audience more than focusing on selling
Content Marketers will educate the audience more than focusing on selling

And the best way to make it happen is, the content that you produce to your audience should be high-quality and it must educate your prospects.

As for reading your content, the prospects must start to trust you and accept the suggestion you provide about the service or product and take them to the next step of the sales funnel.

9. To become a Successful Content Marketer, you must have hands-on experience in Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important factor to be considered for any Digital Marketing Specialist.

Do you want to be a familiar content Marketer? Better you rank for specific keywords of your user’s search in the SERPs. As more number of times, you appear for audience search keywords, you better increase your ranking in the search engine.

You may have written more compelling high-quality original content with pictures, videos that others lack. But how would your audience actually find and recognize you? This is why you need Keywords and you must know how to do Keyword Research before writing a Content.

You know this is the common mistake that most of the marketers make: they mostly neglect the keyword research process. This is what makes them unfamiliar in the digital world.

Content Marketer should do keyword research
Keyword Research is more important for a Content Marketer

Therefore, to become a great content marketer. Consider these factors while doing a keyword research process using SEO keyword research tools like Semrush, Google search console, Google keyword planner and so many available in the market.

Who is your audience, what are they interested/looking for in your niche?

What questions do they have?

What do they like to read?

For what topic do they need the information to get benefitted?

All this research could propel your content marketing strategy into the largest driver of new customers for your business.

The ultimate goal of this keyword research process is to see what your audience wants and then providing it.”

10. A Successful Content Marketer Knows What Form of Content Each Social Platform Is Best For

There are different social Channels like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, and so on.

All these social media channels vary slightly in their preferred form of content.

Content Marketers have the adaptability skill to write different forms of content
Content Marketers should easily adapt to write different forms of content

For example, YouTube is obviously the best platform for video content whereas Twitter is great for a one-sentence teaser and a link back to your blog. On the other hand, Instagram and Pinterest are great for visual content.

Therefore, to be a great content marketer, you must have the adaptability skill to write different forms of content that fits each social platform.

11. A great Content Marketer can act both as a Marketer as well as Readers

One of the good habits for a Content Marketer is, once you have completed creating your content, you must start to review it from the reader’s point of view on a regular basis.

Content Marketers will always proofread
Content Marketers can act both as Marketer and Reader

So, to become a successful Content Marketer in the market. You need to think about a reader identifying mistakes in content. By doing this, you end up with error-free content not just from a grammatical standpoint, but also from ideas one as well.

This is also called proofreading your content before publishing universally.

12. A Good Content Marketer knows when to update/revamp the Old Content

In this rapidly changing industry, Google started to update its algorithm more frequently for users’ search queries. Therefore, a year or two is all it takes for your content to become outdated.

Being a great content marketer, you must know to revamp your post whenever required to stay in the competitive edge.

Content Markter never fails to revamp the old posts
Content Marketers never fails to Revamp/update the old Content

Rather than going through the hassle of writing an entirely new post, a better idea is to just update/revamp your older post according to Google SEO trends 2020. That way you don’t lose any SEO juice on the original URL and it also helps increase your ranking in the SERP page.

Top SEO trends for 2020 to keep your content updated for Search Engine Ranking

For updating older, well-performing Keyword content involves:

  • Performing some research to see what has changed on the specific blog post or topic
  • Try to rewrite the sentence of the article that reflects those updates
  • Making sure that all the external/outbound links are working in the article.
  • Replace outdated images and try to add newly designed images from the designer to your article or you can even use Canva to make images.
  • Refresh your intro and conclusion paragraph.

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13. A Successful Content Marketer always ends with  Strong Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

CTAs (Call-to-action) is essential for every article you write.

Why do we write content? To create brand awareness and to educate our target audience.

A great Content Marketer knows to end Content with strong Call-to-action
A great Content Marketer Ends with Strong Call-to-Action

So by next time you want your audience to like or visit your social media page, ask them for a page like, share and comment. But when you need more subscribers, create a strong call-to-action that encourages sign-ups.

Here are some great examples of irresistible call-to-action ideas for your inspiration.

14. Become a Great Content Marketer by knowing content marketing tools and SEO

Don’t panic, to become a Content marketer as a fresher, you must at least need to know the basics. There are a variety of WordPress themes available with default automated functions. Here you only need to install a plug-in ( to fulfill your needs.

However, you must also know the crucial SEO basics if you intend to be a star content marketer and writer. As I said above, the google algorithms that determine how search engines work are constantly being updated and the best content marketers and writers need to understand them in order to successfully take advantage of them.

Become a Successful content Marketer by knowing Marketing tools and SEO
A successful Content Marketer should know to use Marketing Tools and SEO

The main and one focus that remains always consistent is writing high-quality content to your audience’s needs.

Here are some 19 best Content Marketing tools for your understanding.

15. Become a Successful Content Marketer by developing Content that is more Conversational and in Simple Language

Last but not least, a great content marketer always delivers information to their audience in a crispy manner i.e understandable and simple. So avoid writing complicated content.

Do you know? Most people don’t get excited about reading a textbook, but they do get excited about having a conversation with a friend. So to become a Successful content Marketer, write content with a conversational tone, not a monotone.

Content Marketer makes complicated text into simple one
A Successful Content Marketer Knows to deliver information to their audience in a simple manner

This is also a great opportunity for you to leverage your brand by creating a unique voice. If you’re a funky startup, you can “chat” with your readers and use casual jargon. If you’re an accounting firm, you’ll want to sound professional, but you can make the topic more palatable with cool examples and easy-to-understand language.

Final words for Future Content Marketers

Content marketing really works and a Custom Content Council study found that 72% of businesses think content marketing is more effective than advertising in a magazine. That’s why so many people are using it today. Just imagine it… If there was no content, what would happen to all the websites on the web? What if marketing campaigns were running without content?

What if the newspapers started coming out with visual news only? And, most importantly, on what would Google assess the legitimacy of the websites? I know it is hard to digest…yes, it is.

If you feel that you’re lacking to become a Successful Content Marketer, then why wait? Get going and search for the best content marketing Institute and develop your Essential Content Marketing Skills.

If you’re a Chennaite, you are all the luckier. Content Marketing Training in Chennai is offered by several Private Content Marketing institutes.

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