15 powerful tips to success in a digital marketing interview

Do you get nervous about digital marketing job interviews? Yes, many students have this fear, and it’s possible to break those stereotypes and ace your digital marketing job with high pay. Shine as a professional digital marketer today.

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If you’re a fresher and haven’t attended many job interviews before, this uncertainty will give you jitters. 

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With best practices, you can build your confidence, comfortably answer questions, and your job interview will be successful.

Below are the key tips in chronological order to succeed in your digital marketing interview.

1. Do your research

Always do your research on the industry before you attend the interview. This will show up your interest to get hired and help you to discover your workplace even better.

In simple words, research information about your company/industry and your job profile, Google search is enough to find all the current news about the company.

Some important details you can search include the latest projects by the company employers like (successful online marketing campaign), financial stability of the employer in digital marketing, Online marketing events, then how employees treat their employers.

2. Make use of social platforms 

Regarding the interview, search for information about your role and it helps you to convince the interviewer to hire you.

You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn, to find former and current employees and ask your doubts, or else analyze their achievements and review your resume with relevant skills.

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These will help you to create the first best impression during your interview.

Other ways include engaging in blog posts, video content, marketing emails, Social media posts, and YouTube videos.

3. Timing is important 

Plan to attend your digital marketing interview (10-15 minutes) in advance than your scheduled time. Don’t go too early, which sometimes confuses the employer and you may get exhausted in long waiting time. But arriving too late can create a bad first impression and there are high chances of missing out on your interview.

4. Prepare stories to talk 

A successful job interview is all about showing your ability, market experiences, and skills related to the job description such as digital marketing content, digital marketing campaigns, competitive analysis, user testings, website audit, and key performance indicators.

You can tell stories and illustrations from your experience to make your interview successful and get hired.

Stories help you to engage, allow you to exhibit personality and your communication skills.

5. Gather your questions

Most of the recruiters will ask, “do you have any questions?” and people generally reply with a striking “no”. This simple no has a lot to do with it.

Have questions to ask, this attitude shows your interest in the job and will also tell how you prepared for that interview seriously. 

You can analyze sales pages, Webinars, Quizzes, Emails, Downloadable guides / Ebooks for technical related questions. 

You can prepare a list of questions to ask the employer if your questions are sensible and employers will surely answer all your questions.

6. Dress for success

While skill and experience can make you stand out from a crowd, your dressing can also help you to look more professional. I recommend you to dress a level above for the job you’re trying. 

Here it’s not like expensive suits and   Rich outfits, it’s about how you’re presenting yourself with clean and fit clothes.

Some companies have their own dress code, so make sure to check with the dress code of your company. Be comfortable in your clothes while attending interviews. That’s the smart man’s advice.

You can decide all your dresses before night and don’t rush out in a last-minute hurry anytime. Make sure you are clean and comfortable. 

7. Bring what you need

Anyhow you will email your resume to the company in advance, but have a hardcopy of your resume at the time of the interview. 

You can also have other reference lists and certifications to show them if they are interested to see or if they ask you to show. Try to have everything in separate papers, don’t include in your resume.

Take your work portfolio as proof of your skills and achievements. Also, brush up on your skills such as search engine optimization, keyword analysis, web traffic analysis, and digital marketing skills.

This will build your confidence, memory, credibility, and help you to tell your stories.

8. Respect the schedule

Try to know the venue of the digital marketer Interview in advance and make your arrangements perfect for it. If you are not sure about the place, ask them by phone call or email.

All these little things can create great impacts and your recruiter will notice how punctual you’re for the interview. Create your first impression as the best impression and plan for it. 

9. Stay positive throughout

A positive conversation can make your interview successful and job-ready. Employers don’t permit a litany of reasons or apologises for the negative experience, though you have legitimate issues.

If your employer asks about a low-grade job change or your weakness, answer briefly. Focus to tell the facts that tell what you have learned from either good or bad experiences such as your wins (the way you increase site traffic, conversion rates, search engine rankings, etc).

Don’t bad mouth about your past work, digital marketing teams, or employer at any point. As it just gives a bad impression over you.

Tip: The digital marketing industry is changing constantly, with Google search algorithms, content strategies, software tools, and etc. So never stop learning new skills in digital marketing.

10. Watch your body language

Your body language talks more than what you speak actually, especially in job interviews. Understand and maximize your smile, eye contact, handshake, sitting posture, and every nonverbal thing to succeed in your job interview.


11. Be real

Speak clear, be enthusiastic, share your experiences and skills. All this shows that you’re proud of your accomplishments. Be professional and outspoken about your personality.

Employers usually hire like-minded people. Don’t hesitate to pause, sometimes you’ll need time to formulate answers, which is absolutely fine.

Digital marketers most of the time communicate with nonmarketers, digital marketers and clients, employers, and other stakeholders.

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12. Showcase your skills

The job description along with your research must provide the relevant skills that the employer values for your job.

Keep that in mind, showcase all your qualifications and skills, don’t miss out on any of the skills such as managing overall marketing return, Customer conversion rate, Marketing email click-through-rate, and Organic search traffic, etc.

13. Seal the deal

When employers are done with their questions and the interview, ask them when you will get hired or expect an offer letter and follow up with them. 

14. Note important information

After the interview, write down the names of interviewers, your impressions, remaining questions, and key information that you learned. If you had made any promise to the interviewers, like forwarding additional information, note as a reminder. Once after every interview, this process will help you to keep employers and your circumstances well defined.


15. Send a thank you

Follow up your interview with a thank you letter. This is an ideal way to show a strong interest in the company, your sincerity, and your attention to detail. Only 1 out of 50 job seekers will do this, so you could be one of those good digital marketers.


Zuan education can help you get prepped for some of the most common interview questions to expect to get your dream job. 

Check out our Interview Questions and respond in a great way to common, behavioral, and situational interview questions.

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