12 Web Designer Skills To Turn You Into A Terrific Web Designer!

The web design industry is a fast growing profession and it is attractive for various reasons.

In the modern era, many companies depend on their online presence to grow in business.

Moreover, the needs of individuals who develop, design, and manage their websites are in great demand.

Who is a web designer

Today, companies and organizations prefer to deal with professional web designers who can create and manage their websites.

If you are a beginner in your web design career, you should have some critical skills to thrive in this industry.

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Read on to discover the skills that you need to build a strong web design career in 2020.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the foundation for every website.

In your web design career path, you should definitely learn HTML as it is most important.

That is why HTML is the first step in your learning.

Even if you are planning to use CMS or What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), still you must know HTML.

If you know HTML it will allow you to understand tools’ functions and gives you more control over the work.

Your knowledge will also help you to work outside editors.

HTML5 Programming Language

Simple, if you wish to work as a web designer then you must know how to use HTML.

Even if you don’t have to apply it in your day-to-day job functions, you should still have a strong base in this markup language.

2. CSS

CSS3 Programming

HTML is the governing structure of websites and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will dictate their visual appearance.

CSS is also an equally essential tool that web designers should learn.

Most of the web designers learn HTML and CSS alongside.

These two languages are the ingredients to build the style and structure for any web page.

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3. JavaScript

Along with HTML and CSS, you will also have to learn JavaScript.

JavaScript is the advanced language in programming. It will make a website more functional and interactive.

The web design industry never stopped growing.

With this growth, standards will become even more rigid.

Moreover, as a web developer you must meet your client’s expectations and be perfect in developing their websites.

Java, best programming language to learn web development

JavaScript is enabled in creating improved experiences for web users.

In JavaScript, you can also incorporate special features in your websites.

These include (but are not limited to) videos, search bars, and social media like buttons.

JavaScript serves as a language that makes you excel in HTML.

When HTML dictates the web page structure, JavaScript makes the page more functional.

4. Design Sense

As a web designer, you must have creative designing skills. A web designer must know which colors look good when they get paired.

You should also have solid knowledge in the principles of design, the elements of design, how to use images, layout principles, and typography.

You must also have an idea of how real individuals will interact with a design.

This helps you to make right decisions to meet the website requirements.

5. Design Tools

Have you seen artisans carrying a set of tools?

Likewise a web designer must use multiple design software applications.

Even though if you are designing websites in a standard browser, you can still benefit from the following tools:

  • Photoshop (PS)
  • Adobe After Effects (AE)
  •  Adobe Illustrator (AI)
  •  Mockplus

These tools are used for prototyping, icon design, and image processing.

Ensure to use the right tool at the right design stage to make your work look more professional.

6. WordPress

Approximately 80 million websites run on WordPress.

This is more than 25 per cent of the whole internet usage.

WordPress is a web development framework.

It is a free content management program that allows both established web designers and also beginners to work on.

You can easily run tests for bugs, add plugins, and modify web pages.

WordPress also has a Yoast in function, which is beneficial for SEO optimization.

7. SEO       

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must-have skill for every web designer.

In this technological world, every website needs SEO to secure more leads and attract traffic on their site.

Most of the customers search for services and products by online sources these days.

If your websites do not implement SEO then it will not appear on any search engine’s result pages.

Keyword content, page upload speed, and domain credibility are the important SEO skills that every web designer must learn.

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8. Web Server Administration

The web server in which your website is running on will do three things as follows:

1) It can help you to solve problems

2) It can help you develop useful websites

3) It can make your sites run better

Most of the web designers will give only little attention to the server.

If you have knowledge on how the server will react to specific situations, you can easily develop better sites.

From the performance point of view you can perform better.

9. Mobile Support

The devices and device screen sizes in today’s web really matters a lot.

As a result, your websites must support user devices. For this you have to make your site adaptable to a wide range of devices.

As a web designer, you should design websites that can look great on many ranges of devices.

10. Project Management

Project management is an essential skill for any job, and web design is no exception.

Project management enables you to achieve three things:

1) Will start your project on the right track,

2) Will keep your project on track

3) Also, ensures that your project is successful

If your project management is right, you can easily guide and work with every individual.

Project management can also help you to grow with managerial roles as you advance in your web design career in future.

11. Time Management

You may work for an organization or you may be a freelancer, but time management skills are most essential.

The constant updating of project iterations will urge you to update the design once in a while.

As a web designer, you should manage your schedule and follow up on your project.

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12. Internet Marketing Skills

In previous decades, web designers will just do web designing and he doesn’t know anything outside of his profession.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology, web designers should also include internet marketing to websites. This will help you to improve online visibility.

As a web designer, you should be able to advise your clients about internet marketing techniques such as email marketing and social media uses.

A majority of website owners will always wish to engage with their clients on social media.

So they will ask their web design professionals to help them do this possible.

Bottom Line

Why choose web design as a career?

Well, web design skills are in high demand today and it only gets evolving with time.

Large corporations, government agencies, family-run businesses, schools, and any other kind of corporation or organization will need their own websites.

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