10 Popular Hacks to Make Learning Android Development easy

Are you passionate about your career in the field of Android development? Here are important hacks that you must follow to enhance your career as a successful Android developer. 

No matter if you really want to create your own project or a student who wants to get employed in a recognized company, make sure to keep in mind all these essential aspects while developing an app.

We have gathered 10 tips and tricks for new Android App Developers from our expert’s insights:

1. Know the latest trends

This is an important step to learn something new, if you’re up to date with the existing new trends then surely you can cope up with the user’s needs. 

As technology advancements are growing possibly every day, make sure to implement all your innovative ideas to win the best idea for mobile app development. You have to learn every new feature of the mobile apps that you’re using today.

In addition to this, make sure to learn the following concepts:

  • Object-oriented fundamentals (e.g. inheritance, class, and static methods)
  • Variables
  • Lists
  • Loops

2. Learn the skill of debugging

To learn android application development, it’s essential to learn the debugging skills for fixing any issue from the root cause. Android Studio provides a debugger that has all the following features,

  • Select a mobile device to debug your app on.
  • Java, Kotlin, and C/C++ code.
  • Examine variable

You can even do debugging using logs. The debugging will turn out to be your best friend and help you to resolve all your bug issues. You can make use of youtube tutorials and read articles to explore in detail the bits of android development easily.


3. Learn to create dynamic app

Challenge your mind with a lot of possibilities like how your data gets loaded, which APIs are used, about the architecture, that will give deep insights for you. Learn to get familiar with a user interface such as See Buttons, Text View, Edit Text, etc. 

Build your screens and know about layouts, once you have a clear understanding of different layouts then go ahead with your screen. If you could build a screen then probably you will know all your strength and weakness regarding layouts. 

In the very beginning, create static screens and then move into creating dynamic ones. Then focus to learn RecyclerViews, Holders, and Adapters. Just taking small steps today can reap huge benefits tomorrow!

You can start learning Android courses including, User Interface, Multiscreen Apps, and Developing Android Apps

These are some important things you should understand,

  • Views, View Groups, and Layouts
  • User input
  • Data from the web
  • Storing data
  • Action bars
  • Adapting apps for different screen sizes

4. Listen to your users

Pay attention to your users, as an android developer you must be able to think from the user perspective. 

Every time you focus to learn the user needs, gradually you are building up the exact app that fits in your customer’s heart. 

You can ask user suggestions at the end a number of times and fix it or do adjustments according to their needs will solve your problems in simple terms. For a creator, every appreciation from the end-user is like an appreciation.

5. Believe in your idea

If you want to become an independent developer, then to believe your ideas is the key to success. 

Your mobile application idea must have revolutionary features or the simple one with proper inbuilt features. 

Do complete research, determine your goals to reach more audiences, and offer the exact solution you have in mind. 

Don’t hesitate to do what you wish, sometimes following what our own perception tells leads to success.

Start learning the following basics to get started with android app development,

  • Using Activities and Activity Life Cycles
  • Building Flexible Interfaces using Fragments
  • Debugging using Android Studio Debugger
  • Handling App Configurations
  • Using Intents and Intent Filters
  • Understand Context
  • Learn about Multithreading
  • Data Privacy
  • Securing Network Data
  • Glide, Retrofit, Crashlytics, GSON
  • RxJava, RxKotlin

6. Be your own critic

Believe in yourself, at the same time make a note of the good and bad thoughts about your own works. Why should users install your app? As an Android developer make sure your app answers this question most relevantly.

Solving the problems of app users and keeping them updated with your app must be your ultimate goal. Identify a niche and take steps forward to reach your goal.

7. Build a portfolio

Whether you like to become a freelancer or work in a reputed company job, especially as an Android developer then you must surely have a portfolio of your works. 

The importance of creating a portfolio is undeniable, here at Zuan education you will learn Android development with practical guidance and ongoing hands-on projects. 

This helps you to showcase your potential as a portfolio to your recruiter and increase the chances of getting hired. 

8. Test easy solutions

To give clear knowledge about easy understanding, for instance, think about Instagram and how it becomes popular over Facebook. Obviously, it’s easy app resolution is one of the major reasons that made the app a sudden hit. 

Here you have to understand that an easy app solution will reach more users and you can get a positive response instantly. Make sure to test your app for easy advancements and keep improving the quality.

To get a clear understanding of easy app solutions learn all this, 

  • Learn the basics of Kotlin and Java programming languages
  • Kotlin Docs and Official Kotlin Tutorials
  • Data Structures and Algorithms. 
  • Kotlin DataStructures
  • Algorithms and data structures in Kotlin

9. Understand the Android Market

You should understand the nature of Android users. Yes, the fact is that Android has more users than all other operating systems. 

While comparing with other platforms,  android gives access to more free apps in the Android play store and that’s the reason it has a wide range of users.

Understand all these elements, plan your strategy, and then finally implement it to create your final product. To learn advanced Android app development in a more creative way, enroll now in Zuan education today.

Here are some of the resources to get you started.

  • Udacity – Version Control with Git
  • GitHub Hello World

10. Study your competition

To gain revenues from your own app idea, make sure to learn more about the apps already successful in the market. 

You can learn from your competitors, analyze their unique features and business models. This will help you to improve your app and at the same time make it successful in the market.

Good-to-Have Non-Technical Skills

  • Communication Skills and Teamwork
  • Passion for Your Work
  • Writing
  • Agile Methodology
  • Business Knowledge of an Industry

How to Become an Android Developer?

If you want to be a freelance Android developer, you can join the following platforms:

  • Upwork
  • Hubstaff
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Outsourcely
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Workhoppers
  • Textbroker

If you are looking to become a full-time Android developer, then try the following job platforms:

  • Dice
  • iCrunchData
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Guru

What are the Android app developer certifications so famous?

  • Mobile Development Institute Certified Developer (MDICD)
  • Logical Operations’ Master Mobile Application Developer (MMAD)
  • formerly Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer (SCMAD)
  • Google Associate Android Developer
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): App Builder
  • OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) : Java ME Mobile App Developer

Average Android developer salary by level in India:

  • Junior Android Developer: INR 182,837 per year
  • Mid-Level Android Developer: INR 336,000 per year
  • Senior Android Developer: INR 810,471 per year

Final thoughts 

Achieving success as an Android App developer is not a one day project, but not very hard either. 

Proper expert guidance and learning the app development processes in a more practical way can help you to achieve your goals. 

To become a successful Android Developer, enroll in our best Android app development training institute in Chennai.

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