Web Analytics Training

Web Analytics Training

Web analytics is the study of the impact of a website on its users. Ecommerce companies and all other website publishers often use Web analytics software to measure the traffic in the website.
Web Analytics certification is vital for ambitious professionals who wills to be successful in SEO, online or digital marketer.

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About our Web Analytics Course


You might think that web analytics, like other forms of market research, is useful only for big companies. That isn’t always right. Analytics data is for all companies despite the size. The need of the statistics of the customers’ visit is vital for a small personal website as well as large corporates.

In fact, any website can benefit from knowing more about its visitors.
Websites both large and small can use web analytics to determine where new visitors are coming from and cater the site’s content to genuine sources. Size and amount of traffic have lesser impact on the results that web analytics derive.

Like a four years old, asking WHY is a good way to remind yourself what matters, and where your focus should be. We need analytics in our businesses to keep on track.
We don’t give the time the number of visitors and the performance of our website really deserves. Sadly, these are the reports we should focus to keep our business on track.

More clicks don’t mean more conversions. Our web analytics courses in chennai will help you to produce the best web analytics to solutions to any business. To Enroll, call us.


  • What’s analysis?
  • Is analysis worth the effort?
  • Analysis vs intuition
  • What is web analytics?
  • Getting started with Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics works
  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content
  • Visitors
  • Goals & Ecommerce
  • Actionable Insights and the Big Picture
  • Live Data
  • Demographics



  • Any Graduate with computer background
  • Knowledge in SEO
  • Know in Web Promotion
  • Freshers
  • Job Seekers
  • Working Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Well-Developed, Up-to-Date Course Curriculum Designed by The Experienced Experts
  • Learn from The Tutors having more than 10 years’ Experience
  • Exercises and Worksheets to master the Acquired Skills
  • Certification on Successful Completion
  • 30 Days



Our web analytics training classes helps you to analyze any website and prepare the detailed report regarding, increasing ROI, Conversion rate and brand value

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