Tally Training Course

Tally Training Course

Tally Training

Tally ERP is the largest accounting package. It has grown from basic to mature business management product. Tally.ERP 9 is the most famous software which is more adaptable and can be customized despite the nature of markets. It provides complete works such as accounting, payroll, finance, sales, purchase, etc. They are designed to meet the developing demand of the businesses in different domains.

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Key Features

Customized Syllabus
Customized Syllabus
All Payment Mode Option
Live Project Training
Free Demo Class Available
Industry Expert Faculties
Individual Approach for Every Student
Doubt Clear Session
Course duration- 20 hours
Completed 100+ Batches

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About Tally Course

Tally Training Course

In India, over 90% of the businesses use Tally.ERP 9 to deal their real-life simulations. For the real industrial needs, Zuan education offers Tally Training. We are the notable training institute offers the first Tally.ERP 9 software.

Tally training will be based on 100% practical method with basic of Tally mixed with unique and useful expertise. We confirm the job placement on reliable completion of the training session. So, join Tally today and deal your business accounts to increase your revenue.

Course Objective

You get trained how to plan purchases, handling working capital and money flow of your business. The trainees will be provided to control:

  • Payables & receivables
  • Accounts
  • Cash flow & fund flow
  • Banking
  • Auto or manually configured cheque printing
  • Cost & profit centers
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Interest calculation
  • Flexible classification of chart of accounts
  • Ledgers
  • Budgets & controls view
  • Auto or manual bank reconciliation.

It trains students to analyze payroll management and control employee details and prepare their salaries in an efficient way. Our Tally training course further prepares trainees in tax accounting, inventory, handle financials in a better fashion and manage differences in business methods.

Who should take Tally Course?

Anyone can take Tally training to learn and perform accounting, taxation and inventory work on Tally.

Accountants can take this Tally course like Tax Consultants, Accounting Job Person's, Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, or any other specialist who want to work on Tally Software.

Commerce Students can have the Tally course - Commerce students can learn Tally ERP 9 Online Course with GST because the many Medium and Small Businesses in India use Tally ERP 9 for their everyday accounting work.

Business Owners can take Tally Training - If Business owners don't entry their data in the Tally, then they need to learn Tally Software. So that they can examine fund and cash flows, profits, data, reporting, finance, and other relevant information. It assists them in Decision Making.

Tally Course Syllabus

Session-1: Basics of Accounting
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Golden Rules of Accounting
  • Modes of Accounting
  • Accounting Principles
  • Double Entry System of Book Keeping
Seesion-2: Types of Accounting in Tally
  • Types of Accounts
  • Personal Account
  • Personal Account Rules
  • Real Account Rules
  • Nominal Account Rules
Session-3: Process of Accounting
  • Process of Accounting
  • Life Cyle of Accounting
  • Types of Puchase
  • Types of Sales
Session-4: Accounting Transactions
  • Transactions Overview
  • Handling the Transaction
  • Analyze the Transaction
  • Ledger Overview
  • Voucher Types
  • Uses of Voucher
Session-5: Manual Accounting
  • Rules used in Transactions
  • Manual Accounting Introduction
  • Exercise for Manual Accounting
Session-6: Trading Account
  • Introduction to Trading a/c
  • Uses of Trading a/c
  • Gross Profit
  • Net Profit
  • Examples for Gross Profit & Netprofit
  • Difference between Gross Profit & Netprofit
Session-7: Reports
  • Reports Overview
  • trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Difference between Trail Balance and Balance Sheet
  • Handling Day Book
Session-8: Tally ERP 9 Overview
  • Introduction to Tally ERP9
  • Uses of Tally
  • Features of Tally
  • Creation of Company
Session-9: Tally.net & Remote Capablities
  • Overview of Tally.net
  • Configuring Tally.net Features
  • Connect Company on Tally.net
  • Create Remote Users
  • Authorize Remote Users
  • Remote Access
Session-10: Accounting Masters in Tally ERP9
  • Features of Accounting
  • Configurations
  • Setting up Accounts Heads
Session-11: Bank Reconcilation Statement
  • Brs[Bank Reconcilation Statement]
  • Defnition of brs
  • Uses of brs
  • Reports of Reconcilation
Session-12: Cost Center & Cost Category
  • Overview of Cost Center & Cost Category
  • Uses of Cost Center & Cost Category
  • Creation of Cost Center
  • Creation of Cost Category
  • Creation of Ledger
  • Recording Transactions
  • Cost Category Reports
Session-13: Interest Calculation
  • Overview about Interest Calculation
  • Types of Interest
  • Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Checking Interest Calculation
Session-14: Budgets
  • Budgets Overview
  • Usage of Budgets
  • Types of Budgets
    • Son Net Transaction
    • Closing Balance
  • On Net Transaction Uses
  • Closing Balance Uses
  • Budgets Reports
Session-15: Multicurrency
  • Overview about Currencies
  • Types of Currencies
  • Uses of Multicurrency
  • Creation of Foreign Currency
  • Standard Rate & Selling Rate
  • Currency Reports
Session-16: Bill Wise Details
  • Overview of Billwise Details
  • Related to Customers & Suppliers
  • Maintaining Payments
  • Receivable Bills
  • Pending Bill Status
  • Over due Bill Status
  • Inventory Section
Session-17: Inventory Introduction
  • Overview of Inventory
  • Concepts Involved in Inventory
  • Stocks Overview
  • Stock Groups Overview
  • Units of Measure
Session-18: Actual & Billed Quantity
  • What is actual & Billed Quantity
  • Where it will be used
  • Advantages of Actual & Billed Quantity
  • Creation of Ledgers
  • Voucher Entry
  • Stock Group Creation
  • Stock Item Creation
  • Reports of Actual & Billed Quantity
Session-19: Price List
  • Uses of Price List
  • Types of Price List
  • Whole Sale
  • Retail Sale
  • Export Sale
  • Creation of Price List
  • Adding Stock Items in a Price List
  • Discount Features
  • Adding an Discount Features
  • Reports for Price List
Session-20: bill of material
  • introduction of bill of material
  • usage of bill of material
  • godown handling
  • stock group handling
  • manufacturing journa introduction
  • bill of material reports
Session-21: batch wise details
  • overview of batch wise details
  • uses of batch wise details
  • using mfg date & exp date
  • batch specification
  • voucher entry
  • stock reports
Session-22: Point of Sales [pos]
  • Pos Overview
  • Pos Uses
  • Multimode Payments
  • Billing Entry
  • Voucher Entry
  • Creation of Stock Journal
  • Pos reportsl
  • Taxation
Session-23: Value Added Tax [vat]
  • Tax Overview
  • What is vat?
  • Uses of vat
  • Where it's used?
  • Assessee Involved in tds
  • Who is going to Pay?
  • Tax Related to Stock Items
  • Vat Payments
  • Vat Reports
  • Vat Returns
Session-24: Tax Deducted Source [tds]
  • Introduction to tds
  • Usage of tds
  • Areas where tds used
  • Assessee involved in tds
  • Tds Ledger Creation
  • Tds Deduction
  • Recording Transactions
  • Tds Payments
  • Tds Reports
  • E-tds Returns
Session-25: Service Tax
  • Basics of Service Tax
  • Uses of Service Tax
  • Introduction to Service Tax
  • Areas where Service Tax Used
  • Assessee Involved in Service Tax
  • Recording Transactions
  • Payment of Service Tax
  • Service tax Reports
  • Service tax Returns
Session-26: Tax Collected Source [tcs]
  • Basics of tcs
  • Assessee involved in tcs
  • Areas where tcs Used
  • Recording Rransaction
  • Payment of tcs
  • Tcs Reports
  • Tcs Returns
Session-27: Payroll
  • Overview of Payroll
  • Payroll Masters
  • Creating Payroll Masters
  • Creating Attendance for Employees
  • Recording Transactions
  • Generating Payroll Reports
  • Payslip Details
  • Attendendance Register
Session-28: Backup & Restore
  • Overview of Backup & Restore
  • Uses of backup & Restore Features
  • Steps to make Backup
  • Steps to make Restore
Session-29: Spliting of Company Data
  • Introduction of Spliting an Company Data
  • Uses of Spliting an Company Data
  • How to Split an Company Data
  • Reports
Session-30: Security
  • Security Features Overview
  • Tally Vault
  • Tally Audit
  • Access to the Users
Session-31: Odbc in Tally ERP9
  • What is odbc?
  • Uses of odbcs
  • How to use odbc in tally?
  • Connecting odbc in word & excel
Session-32: Export & Import
  • Export
  • Exporting a File in Other Formats
  • Importing Some Files in Tally
Session-33: Printing
  • Printing Features
  • Printer Configuration
  • Report Printing
  • Cheque Printing
  • Candidates should have some basic understanding of accounting.
  • Must have Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft Excel).
  • Freshers
  • Commerce Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Business Owners
  • Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members
  • Exposure to Live Projects from Day One
  • Periodic Evaluation and Feedback
  • Placement Assistance on Successful Completion
  • 30 Days with Flexible Timing
  • 2 hours/Day for Weekdays Batch
  • 4 hours/Day for Weekend Batch
  • Live Instructor-led Online Training also available via Skype and Teamviewer

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