Oracle DBA Training

Oracle DBA Training

Nowadays, Database Administrators have huge demand in the IT industries as they are liable for implementation, security, support and maintenance of computerized databases in every organization. The work of DBAs (Database Administrators) is to take care of the architecting, scaling and building database of the organization. In addition to it, they will also be responsible for the performance tuning and sharing of data to the users and customer of that firm.

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About Course


There are many leading Database Management Systems out of which Oracle DBA is the most popular and widely used database in the Multi-National Companies (MNCs). In fact, Oracle is termed as a trademark of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

At Zuan Education, you will be provided with hands-on training, instructor-led class which is a real-time job-oriented Oracle DBA training in Chennai. Only very less institutes offer advanced Oracle DBA training, and we are one among the best to offer the course based on customized requirements of the trainee/candidate.

Since Oracle DBA is most demanded skills in the current IT industry, you will be trained by the core industry expert who will deliver strong concepts and ways to handle issues in real-time scenario.

Join our institute to explore the Oracle Database Administration and enrich your knowledge in various aspects. This training will be much useful for the candidates who wish to do certification for Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) or Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and also this would be helpful for those who want to crack the interview in Oracle DBA domain.

Enroll now and become an Oracle DBA professional in just 45 days!


  • Oracle Server
  • Oracle Instance
  • Establishing a Connection and Creating a Session
  • Oracle Database
  • Physical Structure
  • Physical Structure
  • System Global Area (SGA)
  • Shared Pool
  • Library Cache
  • Data Dictionary Cache
  • Database Buffer Cache
  • Redo Log Buffer Cache
  • Large Pool
  • Java Pool
  • User Process
  • Sever Process
  • Background Processes
  • Database Writer
  • Log Writer
  • System Monitor
  • Process Monitor
  • Checkpoint
  • Archiver
  • Manual database creataion
  • Starting UP a Database with different option
  • Opening a Database in Restricted Mode
  • Enabling Archivelog mode
  • Shutting Down the Database
  • Shutdown Options
  • Alert Log and trace files
  • What is meant by Parameter File?
  • What is menay by Server Parameter File
  • Creating Parameter File
  • Migrating to Server Parameter File
  • Changing Initialization Parameter Values
  • Recovering a Lost or Damaged Server Parameter File
  • Viewing Parameter Settings
  • what is database block?
  • Multiple block size
  • Extend and segments
  • Used and Free extend
  • Manual Data Block Management
  • Automatic Segment-Space Management
  • Data Dictionary Views
  • What Is a Control File?
  • How to create control Files?
  • content of control file
  • Multiplexing the Control File Using PFILE
  • Multiplexing the Control File Using SPFILE
  • Backing Up Control Files
  • What is the Redo Log?
  • Creating Redo Log Groups and Members
  • Adding Online Redo Log Groups
  • Adding Online Redo Log Members
  • Relocating and Renaming Redo Log Members
  • Dropping Redo Log Groups and Members
  • Forcing Log Switches
  • Clearing a Redo Log File
  • How to get Group and Member Information
  • Create tablespaces
  • Create datafiles with fixed size and autoextend option
  • Rename and relocating the datafiles
  • Tablespace Offline
  • Read-Only Tablespaces
  • Dropping Tablespaces
  • Resizing a Tablespace
  • Enabling Automatic Extension of Data Files
  • Adding Data files to a Tablespace
  • What is meant by undo tablespace
  • How undo provide read Consistency
  • Types of Undo Segments
  • Altering and UNDO Tablespace
  • Switching UNDO Tablespaces
  • Dropping an UNDO Tablespace
  • How to create database users
  • Changing user's password
  • Unlocking a user account
  • Changing User Quota on Tablespace
  • Dropping a User
  • What is meant Roles
  • Advantages of Roles
  • how to creating Roles
  • prerequest of Roles
  • Modifying Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Removing Roles from Users
  • Displaying Role Information
  • what is Profile
  • Password Management
  • Enabling Password Management
  • Password Account Locking
  • Password Expiration
  • Password Verification
  • Creating a Profile
  • Altering a Profile
  • Oracle DataPump
  • What Is Data Pump?
  • Parameters Available expdp/impdp
  • How to export and import using DATAPUMP
  • Moving data between versions
  • Password Verification
  • Performance tuning
  • Linux commands for oracle DBA



  • Graduates and Post-Graduates with computer background
  • Job seekers looking for career in Database domain
  • Fresh Job Seekers
  • Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members
  • Exposure to Live Projects from Day One
  • Periodic Evaluation and Feedback
  • Placement Assistance on Successful Completion
  • 45 Days



Our Oracle Database Administration Training covers installation of Oracle Database, performance monitoring, database security and Backup/ recovery techniques etc,.

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