Oracle DBA Training Course

Oracle DBA Training Course

Oracle DBA Training

Holding records is essential for all business. Keeping a record of all the consumers, workers, and other data can be difficult and create disorder. It takes a lot of time, and in some cases, it isn't reliable. So, if you have a lot of data, and can't keep in order; finding the central piece of data can take time and trial. It is how the concepts of Databases come into the picture. Database software program enables you to store and retrieve a useful and valuable Data.

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Key Features

Course Duration - 60 hours
Live Project Training
100% job placement & Certification training
Industry Expert Faculties
Customized Syllabus
Individual Approach for Every Student
All Payment Mode Option
Doubt Clarification Session
Free Demo Class Available
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About Oracle DBA Course

Oracle DBA Training Course

Our Oracle DBA Training intends to train freshers and workers. The term "Oracle" defines - a trademark of RDBMS. Our Institute provides the best syllabus and expert teaching on Oracle DBA Training. Oracle gathers all IT needed solutions like middleware, storage, and OS by obtaining and driving center pioneers and technology players in the market. It offers high and concrete supports to clients. Oracle DBA is an advanced and required skill-sets in IT. It is high paid jobs due to the role demands to manage the firmness of organization’s active data managements at grand scale.

The Oracle DBA Training Course aims to offer you a profound knowledge of the Oracle Database Administration. You will get trained on

  • Oracle DBA Architecture
  • Memory and process architecture
  • Security
  • Various concepts
  • Database structures
  • Schema objects
  • Recovery
  • Data backup

Why is Oracle DBA Important?

The Oracle Corporation is the prime platform provider for Database Management System. All the leading IT companies use it. Oracle Database Management skills support to make the life of a DBA (Database Administrator) easy by giving solutions, including development growth of the single management support. Oracle database implements a broad range of Database management skills in the industry. Oracle Database is one of the most granted and full used relational Database engines. The creation of system is a relational Database management framework in which the users may access data objects through Structured Query Language. Oracle is scalable, and all the leading companies in the world and automatic tuning, configuration management, performance management, patching, provisioning, testing, and subsetting use Oracle.Oracle has built a change in the field of Database Management System, by creating the industry’s first self-management skills.

What will you learn from the Oracle DBA training?

In Oracle Database Administration, you will learn about:

  • Core database concepts
  • Role of database administrator
  • Physical and logical structure of database
  • The introduction to table space
  • Configuring and maintaining the Oracle Network
  • Database configuration and programming
  • Installation, harnessing cloud, storage management
  • Database best practices and scripts

Who should take this Oracle DBA course?

  • Software developers and IT experts
  • Database analysts and administrators
  • SQL programmers and architects
  • Those aiming for a career in Oracle DBA

Oracle DBA Course Syllabus

Part 1: Oracle Database Architecture
  • Oracle Server
  • Oracle Instance
  • Establishing a Connection and Creating a Session
  • Oracle Database
  • Physical Structure
  • Physical Structure
  • System Global Area (SGA)
  • Shared Pool
  • Library Cache
  • Data Dictionary Cache
  • Database Buffer Cache
  • Redo Log Buffer Cache
  • Large Pool
  • Java Pool
  • User Process
  • Sever Process
  • Background Processes
  • Database Writer
  • Log Writer
  • System Monitor
  • Process Monitor
  • Checkpoint
  • Archiver
Part 2: Database creation
  • Manual database creataion
  • Starting UP a Database with different option
  • Opening a Database in Restricted Mode
  • Enabling Archivelog mode
  • Shutting Down the Database
  • Shutdown Options
  • Alert Log and trace files
Part 3: Parameter file management
  • What is meant by Parameter File?
  • What is menay by Server Parameter File
  • Creating Parameter File
  • Migrating to Server Parameter File
  • Changing Initialization Parameter Values
  • Recovering a Lost or Damaged Server Parameter File
  • Viewing Parameter Settings
Part 4: Storage structure and its relationships
  • what is database block?
  • Multiple block size
  • Extend and segments
  • Used and Free extend
  • Manual Data Block Management
  • Automatic Segment-Space Management
  • Data Dictionary Views
Part 5: Managing controlfiles
  • What Is a Control File?
  • How to create control Files?
  • content of control file
  • Multiplexing the Control File Using PFILE
  • Multiplexing the Control File Using SPFILE
  • Backing Up Control Files
Part 6: Redo log files maintenance
  • What is the Redo Log?
  • Creating Redo Log Groups and Members
  • Adding Online Redo Log Groups
  • Adding Online Redo Log Members
  • Relocating and Renaming Redo Log Members
  • Dropping Redo Log Groups and Members
  • Forcing Log Switches
  • Clearing a Redo Log File
  • How to get Group and Member Information
Part 7: Managing tablespace and datafiles
  • Create tablespaces
  • Create datafiles with fixed size and autoextend option
  • Rename and relocating the datafiles
  • Tablespace Offline
  • Read-Only Tablespaces
  • Dropping Tablespaces
  • Resizing a Tablespace
  • Enabling Automatic Extension of Data Files
  • Adding Data files to a Tablespace
Part 8: Undo tablespace Management
  • What is meant by undo tablespace
  • How undo provide read Consistency
  • Types of Undo Segments
  • Altering and UNDO Tablespace
  • Switching UNDO Tablespaces
  • Dropping an UNDO Tablespace
Part 9: Managing Database Users
  • How to create database users
  • Changing user's password
  • Unlocking a user account
  • Changing User Quota on Tablespace
  • Dropping a User
Part 10: Managing Database Roles
  • What is meant Roles
  • Advantages of Roles
  • how to creating Roles
  • prerequest of Roles
  • Modifying Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Removing Roles from Users
  • Displaying Role Information
Part 11: Managing Database Profiles
  • what is Profile
  • Password Management
  • Enabling Password Management
  • Password Account Locking
  • Password Expiration
  • Password Verification
  • Creating a Profile
  • Altering a Profile
Part 12: Loading data into db using sql loader
  • Oracle DataPump
  • What Is Data Pump?
  • Parameters Available expdp/impdp
  • How to export and import using DATAPUMP
  • Moving data between versions
  • Password Verification
  • Performance tuning
  • Linux commands for oracle DBA

Oracle DBA Course Certification

This certification is a wonderful start to getting your career growth to shine. It shows you’ve got sufficient skills in Oracle Database Administration. We will provide an authorized Certificate in Oracle DBA Training.

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More Details

  • Any Graduate / Diploma / ITI course
  • Basic Computer Skill
  • Basic Internet Knowledge
  • Fresh Job Seekers
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • 30 to 40 Days with Flexible timing
  • 2 hours/Day for Weekdays Batch
  • 4 hours/Day for Weekend Batch
  • Live Instructor-led Online Training also available via Skype and Teamviewer
  • Well-Structured and Industry-Relevant Course Curriculum
  • Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members
  • Exposure to Live Projects from Day One
  • Periodic Evaluation and Feedback
  • Placement Assistance on Successful Completion

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Build your career with our Oracle DBA Certification. Our online and classroom training course will motivate you to get a good position in leading IT companies.